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inkpop Redesign: Welcome Home

Posted by inkpopbecki on October 15, 2010

As you know, we are hard at work on the redesign of inkpop. We wanted you the users to have the first sneak peek at what the redesigned site will look like. We also want to hear from you. If you have any thoughts or ideas, please post on our dedicated forum page, Change Coming to inkpop in December.

51 Responses to “inkpop Redesign: Welcome Home”

  1. Cara said

    It actually looks really cool. I’m excited. 🙂

  2. Laura said

    It looks nice, but I’ll miss all the green!

  3. Nella said

    It looks good but at the same time it looks a bit crowded with so much stuff.

  4. HobbitFeet said

    Hey hey, Carrie and Mic!!! Been forever since I’ve seen them!!! Haha. And I didn’t know Carrie was a top trendsetter AND critiquer! Wow, she is such an achiever!

    Anyway, I do think that this is a pretty good design. I’ll miss the old design, but this one isn’t bad and I don’t have any complaints about it.

  5. Michelle said

    Pretty cool, but I have to agree with Nella that it does seem a tad overcrowded, especially for having virtually all the same things as the current homepage with only a few additions.

    Not to keen on the idea of everyone vying to earn “badges”, though. :/

    • Nella said

      I thought they were getting rids of the badges.
      Yeah, not keen of badges either…too much competition.

      • Michelle said

        Yeah, that’s really my only issue. Don’t see it as necessary. The new design does look cleaner though; pretty groovy.

      • Laura said

        What’s the purpose of the badges anyways?
        I’d like it more if it wasn’t so busy…

      • HobbitFeet said

        I agree. I do not like the idea of badges at all. As in, I’m less than not too keen about the idea. I simply dislike the idea to start with.

      • Laura said

        @Hobbit, I’m on twitter trying to sway them into dumping some of the stuff on the design, it’s just too much!

  6. Rosiee said

    I agree. It looks pretty cool, but a bit crowded. I’m not sure how you’d fix it, though, so maybe it’s just something we’ll deal with. I like the turquoise, but I’ll miss the green a bit. Anyway, looks good so far.

  7. Rue said

    It looks really crowded. Very crowded. Kind of cool too, but the way it looks right now is much better if you ask me.

    OMG! Henry’s up there! Meaning Peyton’s up there too! *waves*

  8. kbj said

    I’m gona miss the green. It is also so colorful and happy. But the new one is pretty cool. Badges?? *Looks around confused*

  9. LilyJane said

    It looks too commercial, sort of like a kid’s website. It’s not at all appealing. In fact, the design seems to restrict users of browsing and everything. It also does not convice me to be more willing in spending time here anymore. In fact, the theme colour was one of the Inkpop’s trademarks. I object to the changes but like a person with no authority, I guess I am forced to no compromise but to fall into the hands of the great ‘big brother’.

  10. drsheridan said

    It does look kinda crowded, but i like the color scheme–a lot more lighthearted. The green is nice but all the gray and black makes it look a little depressing. I like the light blue.

  11. HoodedEmo said

    …Kinda looks Nickelodeon-ish. I don’t know how to feel about it.

  12. Peyton said


    NUUUUUUU!! It looks like all the other Book-writing websites…

  13. klmay34 said

    It looks pretty cool but it’s gonna be weird with the whole new design!!!

  14. tipperx1 said

    Wow, that actually looks really cool. It looks a lot sharper, and a lot easier to navigate. Great job, guys, can’t wait for the update!

  15. sneaky.sound.system said

    im partial to this change.

    surely aint love at first “site”

    too much stuff going on to me

  16. Quitespazzy said

    I loveeeeeeeeeeee it. XD
    I just don’t like the badge thing and the double Top Trendsetters/Top Critiquers thing. That’s about it. But it looks pretty sweet!

  17. Narnia Fan said

    Wowww… that’ll take some getting used to!

  18. Ellen said

    It looks awesome, I’ll admit, even if it is a tab bit overcrowded.

    And I don’t want badges. There’s already enough competition with getting to the Top 5 and getting higher up the trendsetters bar.

  19. ohemgee! This is so much better. I love all the blue. I’m making Inkpop my home page . . . if that’s possible. c: I love all of it.

    Lots of l♥ve,
    (aka Beatrix)

  20. theliving said

    I dislike the thought o’ badges ;c They’ll only make competition worse 😮

  21. HoodedEmo said

    It looks more non-professional and non-serious about writing. If you know what I mean. I think this is a step backwards for Inkpop…

    If the badges come in this site will only be about competing and winning.

  22. Harley said

    It looks realy modern. Good job

  23. Here’s my list of likes and dislikes and what I would suggest:

    It is more colorful, not the drab green and gray the old site is now.
    I like the “happening now” section.
    The “inkpop feature” should be about a featured inkpopper, not a contest.
    the blog section is okay, although I think it could probably be moved somewhere else.

    Why the badges? I dislike the badges and suggest you take them down per all the people that replied to this blog. I don’t think this is a competition to see who can get the most badges.

    The ads on the “main page” should be in the blue on the sidebar. I don’t want to have to scroll down a full page to see what’s going on.

    I do not like the “top critiquers”. You’ll go there and ask them to critique your story, poem, etc, expecting something in return, but they might have too many to reply back to anyway and you might be thinking that they will but they really probably will not.

    No ads on the main section- should be on the side or at the bottom like the old site.


    The “Follow us” section at the bottom and the “spread the word” section at the top should be together.

    I do agree with some of the replies on here that there IS too much going on on the site.

  24. Michelle said

    The more I look at it, the more I prefer it to the current homepage, actually. Still don’t think we need any badges, especially when there will already be more competition with the top critic thing, too.

  25. Dain said

    Well I like it. It is a little overwhelming, to be frank. Top Critics (agree with whoever said it should be critics) and Top Trendsetters and Top Projects all on one page? That’s 3 lists, and there are tabs for even more.

    Individually, I like each of the “boxes”. Design-wise, they’re pretty hip and happenin’, I say. Good fonts, refreshing colour scheme, nice layout within each box.

    But, when you put all…7 “boxes” together on one page, some with multiple tabs within, it all becomes a bit much. To simplify, I would take out a few of the boxes, namely the “Inkpop Superstar” box (which I don’t see the point of.. you already have a Top Trendsetters list and a Top Critics list) and the “Earn This Badge” box, which would work better on the profile page. Earning badges is a personal thing, only done by individuals that have already joined the site. It makes more sense that it would be in an area where all of their personal information on the site is.

    From the very top of the page to the bottom of the Top Projects box, I like a lot. I like the new addition in the top right-hand corner of the site (is that going to be a constant throughout the browsing experience? like, will I be able to see it no matter what section of the website I’m on?). Then, after that, it becomes too busy with all of the lists and the constantly updating “Happening Now” box, which I think should have a more prominent position.

    I do like the new emphasis on critiquing, though. That’s a step in the right direction. Honestly I never got the point of trendsetting, but critiquing I do get. I just don’t like the fact that they are both there on the front page. Too much going on. Maybe you could make them collapsible? But who knows, maybe by taking out the boxes that I suggested, it would look less crowded, and the two lists wouldn’t be overpowering anymore.

    One last thing. I liked the “Inkpop Feature” when it was a banner more. Maybe you could use it as a runner at the bottom of the page instead of a box.. I don’t know.

    Well, I feel like I ought to give you my opinion, although chances are that you won’t listen at all because you are adults doing your jobs and I’m just one of the stupid brats that you have to cater to, so obviously you know how things should be run and I don’t.

  26. Cara said

    I don’t know if I really like the whole “Non fiction” part b/c very few write nonfiction on here. Maybe instead short stories? Like one for books, one for poems, one for short stories…? Just a thought.

  27. Dain said

    ^That is the best I could do.

  28. Ash said

    The badge thing is going to be the end of inkpop. Seeing that on the front page would probably have me running a mile. If you insist on having it and making us feel like Habbo, I would suggest it is kept off the front page, as not to scare anyone away.

    • Blackhills said

      Ah, Habbo. All the days I wasted on that site >.<

      But yes, I agree.

    • There seems to be a lot of contention around badges. You’ll obviously get to read more about the badges when we post our blog post explaining them, but really badges are not a competitive thing on the site. It’s not like trendsetter status or top five where you have to “beat” other users to “win” the badges. Badges are more a representation of what you’re into. So if you read more fiction than nonfiction, other users will be able to tell because of your badges. If you’re an excellent reviewer of poetry, users will be able to find you through your badges. It’s just one more way to help you all socialize around the things you’re really into. We definitely don’t want it to divide you guys in anyway.

      • Laura said

        Or could you guys listen to us and just not have the badges? No one actually sees the need for them besides y’all, and we’re the ones who have to live with the desicions y’all make.

      • You know that’s a lot like saying you don’t like broccoli when you’ve never even tried broccoli.
        You haven’t seen how badges even work yet. We’ve explained that we did everything to make sure that they didn’t create competition on the site (we realize this is a community and want to maintain that atmosphere).
        We have listened to your wants and desires for months and tried to determine the best way to fulfill them. Many people working on this redesign have a great deal of professional experiences creating community websites. Just as we trust you to create a cooperative and supportive community of writers, we hope that you would trust us to never create features that would harm the community.
        So until you see how badges work and how they fit the emerging and growing culture of inkpop, we would not pass judgment on them.
        Just try the broccoli! You may discover you actually like it.

  29. Shock! said


    That… is a lot to take in all at once. Can you imagine someone coming to this site for the first time, being bombarded by all that? If it were me, I’d back away and look for something less confusing.

    Nonfiction? If you take a look at the nonfiction category, most of it isn’t even nonfiction. You’ll have a bunch of books in the top five, so it’s just going to become a top ten instead. Why not short stories, which have a much larger base? And the stories highest up in rankings are generally… well… STORIES, not just books in disguise.

    Badges… I don’t even know what to say to that. I thought this was a writing site? Because what badges look like to me is… a game. Competition to get the most badges, or get them the fastest, or whatever. That’s something I’d expect on a virtual pet site, not a writing site.

    • Michelle said

      That’s a good point. There are a lot of stories marked non-fiction that aren’t actually non-fiction. That won’t be fair to those who really write honest non-fiction but never make the top five because a story someone just tagged non-fiction outranks them. :/

    • Good point. We’ll make sure to watch for that when we’re converting the projects over to the new site. We realize there isn’t a huge population of nonfiction right now, but we really want to build it out. There are not a ton of opportunities for those who write nonfiction like news or reviews to really publish their stuff. We wanted to give them a platform as well.
      Since our company has editors of all types–including editors from places like the Wall Street Journal–we thought it would be a great opportunity to help grow and support a more diverse community of writers.
      So I concur, while there are not a lot of nonfiction writers/projects now, there could be in the future. We want to expand to all types of writers. Eventually we’d like to grow inkpop to a platform for self expression so artist and film makers could come on and display their work as well.

      • Alexia said

        Yeah that would be cool. Like a site for those who create!

      • Shock! said

        That’s great that you’re trying to expand for more writers. (: But my complaint is mostly the miscategorization; most of the projects submitted to nonfiction are actually fiction(many of them are categorized as nonfiction and paranormal or sci-fi/fantasy! Which obviously doesn’t work). So something would have to be done about that, otherwise people could simply categorize their book as ‘nonfiction’ and get into the Top 5 easier.

        Also, if you’re trying to encompass more types of writers, why can’t there be a short story Top Five as well? It has very large community, however, they aren’t noticed as much as the overwhelming books. It is very hard for a short story to get in the Top Five; they get less exposure overall. Many people have asked for this improvement; is there some reason why you feel a nonfiction Top Five is acceptable but not a short story one?

  30. Alexia said

    Awesomeness. Also you should have top rated short stories or a recommended for you. Its hard to fish out the good stuff for us on inkpop these days. I mean the top picks help but that stuff isn’t really for us. Also you should let younger kids on this site. My friend who’s 11 ( we met through charity work) is dying to get on this site, but she can’t. Whats up with the age limit. Her writing rocks! Also I don’t see much bad stuff on here.

  31. Briony. said

    I think it’s very nice. Maybe make a few things collapsible so it doesn’t look daunting for new-comers.

  32. Alexia said

    Okay now I filed some stuff that needs fixing I would like to give you my opipion on this. I think it urban and upbeat. I love it. But truth be told you need to take away the badges and add a a writng tip of the day thing. You could get siet memebers, HC authors and more to write the tips. I really wish we got to see the changes sooner but oh well. Also to make it more up beat you should let inkpop member design their profile or pick from like 3 designs. You should sldo when you go to differrent places, every now and then make the color different. Thats my input.

  33. Britt said

    I really like the new website. It has a real nice artistic feel that draws you in. It’s not too crowded but just right. I would like to see this up on Inkpop. I think it would make me feel more grown up with the site. I like this change a lot. I love change. I always think it is good thing to have in life.

    Oh, one thing. Contests have been kind of dormant for a while and I was wondering if they would be coming back.

    Well that’s my input for the subject matter. Keep up the good work and can’t wait to see the changes. When will they be up by in December?

    love britt

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