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inkpopper of the Week: Littlun

Posted by cat eyes & skinny jeans on October 18, 2010

“A junior in high school, I live in the wonderful state of PA, a place that can grow boring if one does not seek out some of the many little treasures PA has to offer (such as the crepes place near my house! *sigh* Sooo yummy!) In short, there is more to us than just Amish Country.

“I have two dogs, one a huge mastiff weighing over 200 pounds (he’s my baby, believe it or not) and a pesky little beagle (he’s the devil you can’t help but love). I play soccer with my friends and I am the President of my school’s volunteering club with my best friend, Saba (phoenixrising). I make jewelry and scrapbook, write and read like crazy, and hang out with my friends, and, of course, go on inkpop as though my life depends on it. My life is crazy busy with activities; I honestly don’t know how it is I find the time to come on here and spend so much time with all of you wonderful people (but I’m glad I do!).”

We’re glad that Kelseyleigh (aka Littlun) makes the time, as well; because since her inkpop arrival on January 26, 2010, Kelseyleigh has done everything she can to foster participating in the inkpop community by creating, and participating with, various inkpop-based groups – all while doing her best to stay on top of her own writing, which includes the ever-popular inkpop project If I Fall.

You are one of inkpop’s most active users; participating in numerous inkpop-related organizations. Most recently you established inkpop’s Weekly Challenges. Can you provide us with more information regarding this?

Kelseyleigh: Ah, yes. The inkpop Weekly Challenges is a fun new opportunity that ANY and EVERY inkpopper can and should participate in. Each week (starting on Sunday and ending on Saturday), we post a challenge geared towards improving the inkpop community/environment. Our first Challenge was focused on supporting poems and short stories by commenting on only them for an entire week. Other Challenges can range anywhere from Create a Promotional Thread for Your Favorite Story to Write five 500+ Word Comments. Every Challenge challenges the participants to do something they perhaps would not normally do (like the samples above). At the end of every week, theiInkpop Weekly Challenges Committee, consisting of a few awesome dedicated Inkies and myself, picks a winner. This winner then receives a long helpful and encouraging comment from the IWC. It’s a fun way to become a better Inkie, as well as engage in some friendly competition; not to mention, it is a truly great prize! =D

What gave you the idea to start inkpop’s Weekly Challenges?

Kelseyleigh: To be honest, I was sitting in bed reading when the idea just sort of popped into my head. I thought about the Writing Challenges inkpop produces and thought that if we did the same thing, but focused more on the community and helping other inkies (as well as some writing, of course!), it could be a truly amazing thing; and it is! Already, we have spread the love to many fellow inkies through our comment Challenges and I can only hope that more and more people decide to join in on the fun. The IWC is the perfect chance to improve our inner-inkpopperness!

You have two book projects currently in process on inkpop – If I Fall and The Sentry. Both fall under the genres of science fiction/fantasy and romance. Are these your favorite genres to write? Why or why not?

Kelseyleigh: I love writing science fiction/fantasy. When it comes to reading stories, I find the most enjoyable ones have realistic emotions and characters, but with a hint of the fantastical unknown. It may be fantasy/science fiction, but I consider it realistic fiction while I am writing it because that is, after all, the point: to immerse yourself so fully into the world that it does seem real. Hopefully, it instills in my readers that same sense of reality, despite the Marks in If I Fall and the futuristic setting in The Sentry. As for romance, though I never make it the most important aspect of a novel, my books will always have a touch of romance in them. I enjoy reading about the ups and downs of relationships and likewise, greatly enjoy writing it. Plus, every girl needs a crush-worthy book boy!

Now, for the matter of these being my favorite? Yes, though historical fiction must also be mentioned here for If I Fall would be nothing without its wondrous setting of 1901. Getting to do the research and creating a world out of that research is more fun than it would seem. What better way is there to learn about history than through a story? People tend to give this genre the stereotype of boring, but that isn’t always the case!

You are also the founder of inkpop’s End the Animosity Pledge. Can you give us more insight on what this pledge is about? Where did you come up with the idea for it?

Kelseyleigh: This pledge, much like the IWC, is about improving the inkpop community. There came a point on inkpop where you could not visit the forums without seeing someone bashing another inkpopper or complaining about the CCs. The sole point of this Pledge was to end the hate. inkpop and writing are supposed to be about being positive, loving, and encouraging, but these traits were being paralyzed by all of the animosity. I sought to end this and created the pledge. Though certainly not only by my actions, I do believe inkpop is slowly but surely returning to the peaceful environment I once knew it to be.

Who is your favorite character(s) in any of your work and why?

Kelseyleigh: Oh, dear me. Such good questions! Well, by far, my favorite character is Elvira from If I Fall. She is a dreamer inside and out. She loses herself in her imagination even as the realities of her world clasp onto her from all sides. Her love for her sister is so irrevocable and true. She sees the best in almost everyone, believing that somewhere even in the souls of those who hunt her is a touch of goodness. Elvira appreciates the little things in life; her love for stargazing and gardening being two of her most potent attributes. Overall, she is a character of great courage, compassion, and love who I believe many of my readers will be able to relate to on some level as she struggles through pain, confusion, loss, and love. I hope everyone gets the chance to meet her at some point.

Adam, the cocky charming boy and Dela, the wise endearing sister are also characters I hold very dear to my heart.

If you could have a dinner party with five of your favorite authors who would they be and why?

Kelseyleigh: Ahh!!!…I always saw this question on the inkpopper of the Week interviews and feared the time where I might have to answer it, and now it has come! There are just sooo sooo many! Okay, here we go…this is so hard, but if I could pick only five, I would invite James Patterson because he is a writing god! He publishes a new book practically every week! Not to mention, he’s written more #1 Bestsellers than anyone and I’d love to know his secret! J.K. Rowling, because she is a master storyteller! The way she weaves her stories together just puts me in utter awe. Cassandra Clare because she is just a fabulous writer! Suzanne Collins because of how deeply she is able to delve into human nature and without any reserve. And lastly, Harper Lee, for I have never known a character as wise as Atticus Finch. We would sit in my library (because I will have a library when I am older, complete with a ladder!), sipping hot chocolate and eating brownies as we trade our writing stories and techniques. We would also analyze our favorite works in depth, as well as each other’s stories, and discuss the inner workings of the writing world. It would then turn into a sleepover because if possible, I would hold them hostage in that library forever.

What is your favorite place for thinking and why?

Kelseyleigh: Oh, I love this question! I do my best thinking on long car rides, but I also enjoy taking my quilt outside when it is warm and spreading out in the green grass with the sun beating down on my back and a slight breeze ruffling my hair. *sigh* Sounds wonderful, does it not? I do some great thinking on those days. The beach is a great place, as well. My room also has a lot of inspirational quotes written all over the walls, which makes it a good place for thinking. Basically, I’m always stuck in a daydream so put me any place and I’ll be thinking, most likely about writing.

Pop, Pop, Pop! Rapid Fire Questions:

Favorite quote? “If you want to get to the top in life, you have to take the stairs.”
What’s on your iPod? To be honest, I haven’t updated my iPod in years and only pull it out for long road trips. Although I do enjoy listening to music (mostly on the radio or in movies or on GLEE!), I’m actually not a huge music person. *dodges projectile tomatoes*
London or Paris? London, all the way!
Favorite pizza topping? Pepperoni—sometimes simple is better.
If you were granted three wishes from a genie what would you ask for? An endless supply of books for free, to have all my dreams come true, and 3 more wishes because that’s just the logical thing to wish for. 😛 haha.

Over to you…who do you think should be the next inkpopper of the Week?

Erika (aka inkpoperika)

7 Responses to “inkpopper of the Week: Littlun”

  1. kbj said

    Congratz!! Good interview. 🙂 JKR is awesome, as is James Patterson. 😀

  2. katharine said

    QT ❤
    Great interview, darlin' c;

  3. Lycanthrope said

    Congrats on inkpopper of the week!

  4. The Beaver said

    Kelseyleigh! 😀 Great interview, I loved it.
    And WOOHOO, everyone participate in the IWC, come on!

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