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inkpop Fundamentals: October 21, 2010

Posted by cat eyes & skinny jeans on October 21, 2010

Halloween…literary style! Halloween is right around the corner, and what better way to pay tribute to our love of reading than by dressing up as your favorite literary characters? There is, of course, the infamous Man in the Yellow Hat from the Curious George stories; Laura Ingalls Wilder from the Little House books; Harry Potter and Severus Snape from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, and many more! MediaBistro.

Judy Blume’s ‘Tiger Eyes’ to hit the big screen Though first published in 1981; Judy Blume’s bestselling Tiger Eyes has yet to see any type of entertainment treatment…until now! The first feature film to ever be created from one of Blume’s works; the Tiger Eyes screenplay was written by Blume herself, and will be directed by her son, Lawrence Blume – making the entire project a family affair. Willa Holland – of The O.C. and Gossip Girl fame – will take on the role of Davey, the female protagonist. The Hollywood Reporter.

Tattoos take a turn for the literary Bikers, soldiers, sailors…it’s no surprise to see any of these individuals sporting the moniker via tattoo of their troop, or closest pals. But bookworms? Apparently, yes! In The World Made Flesh: Literary Tattoos from Bookworms Worldwide, authors Eva Talmadge and Justin Taylor explore the phenomenon that is bookish tattoos. Featuring over 150 full-color photographs of everything from tattoos illustrating favored quotes from novels to those showcasing the portraits of Dickens, Shakespeare, Plath…The World Made Flesh… tells of the personal significance of each of these works of art; while giving readers the lowdown on the literary tattoos subculture. GalleyCat.

Over to you…what will you be dressing up as for Halloween 2010? Have you ever dressed up as a literary character for Halloween; if so, who was it? Are you excited for the big screen adaptation of Tiger Eyes? Are you more willing to see a film adaptation of a book if the author has had some sort of hand in bringing it to the big screen – why or why not? What do you think of literary tattoos – yay or nay? Would you ever get a literary tattoo? If so, what would it depict and why?

Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Erika (aka inkpoperika)

4 Responses to “inkpop Fundamentals: October 21, 2010”

  1. Anneliese said

    I am being Katniss Everdeen!!!

  2. Nella said

    I’ll be dressing up as Calypso and she was in the Oddyssey and PJO 😀
    so yes, I’m going to be a literary character.

  3. drsheridan said

    halloween! my favorite holiday! mainly because it’s my birthday, but also for the free candy and stuff. 🙂 I’m a flapper this year (I guess I could use a Great Gatsby spin), and a few years ago I was Hermione. 🙂

    Literary tattoos… I love it. I plan on getting a tattoo someday (when I’m older and responsible, of course), and I love the idea of getting a book quote…. now I just have to find a good one! haha.

  4. akumaxkami said

    Literary tattoos is such a great idea. I would love to get quotes from Secret Garden or Alice in Wonderland tattooed on me somewhere. So elegant, yet edgy!

    I’m unfortunately not dressing up as any book characters this year. The most I’m doing is a witchified Gothic Lolita coordinate.

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