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Changing Features: inkpop Redesign

Posted by inkpopbecki on October 22, 2010

So as you know we are in the last stages of our inkpop redesign and we want to keep you up to date on all the upcoming new features and functionality you will see on inkpop when it is live in December. As well as some changes to the site. We want to hear your feedback. Any thoughts, let us know on our Changes Forum.

Swap Box: Now you will officially know who is and is not open for swaps.

Categories:  As you guys saw from last week’s reveal of the new homepage, we are breaking up writing into three categories: Fiction, Poetry, Nonfiction. Each category will have its own Top Picks List.

Rating Comments: You will now be able to rate one another’s comments. This feature will be open to everyone—not just the author of the project—so that you can judge who writes good reviews. If the author gives a critic five stars for saying, “Loved your work.” You can counter that by giving the review one star for not being specific enough. The more you rate the more accurate the ratings will become, which will lead to…

Critics Leader Board: We are going to start a new leader board for critics much like trendsetters. So now people can find others who are really good at reviewing and ask them for honest feedback.  Ranks will be a cumulative score based on the ratings of all a user’s reviews.

Badges: We’ll discuss this more in next week’s blog post. Stay tuned!

Bookmark: Ever had to stop a project mid-chapter because you had to go to dinner or do some homework? Many of you said you wished there was a way that you could pick up where you left off. Well now you’ll be able to. Every project is now going to have a bookmarking feature, so you can actually return directly to the page you were on the next time you come back a project.

Watch List: The watch list as we know it will be going away. Instead we will have the book mark, so you can keep track of projects as you are reading them.

Character Chats: Character chats will not be going away, but they will be given their own section in the forum. Character Chats post outside the delegated area will be moved. So those who want to participate have a defined location and those who do not can avoid that section.

26 Responses to “Changing Features: inkpop Redesign”

  1. Briony. said

    Okay – so HC will be reviewing poetry?

  2. Gamayun said

    Wait, you’re getting rid of the watch list???? A lot of people don’t use it to find projects they’re reading at the time, they use it to keep track of projects they intend to read in the future. There are a bunch of different ways people use the watch list, from showing support without giving up valuable pick space to keeping organised. I fail to see how book marking would fulfil those uses. Can you even book mark things without selecting a page? If you had to do that it would be so irritating if you hadn’t started the book, you’d have to scroll down through a huge wall of text to check for authors notes. Give us bookmarking by all means, it sounds useful, but DON’T TAKE THE WATCH LIST!!!!

    Ahem. I’m done freaking out now.

    • Cati said

      I agree!!!!!!!!! Please don’t take it out. I use it to keep track of what I need to read next. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it!

  3. Quitespazzy said

    I really don’t think you should be getting rid of the Watch List. I find it really handy whenever I don’t have time to read the actual story, but when I stumble upon a book that sounds good, I can keep on my Watch List so I can read it sometime.

  4. Laura said

    I agree with Quitespazzy. Getting rid of the watch list is not gonna be a good idea.
    Will we be able to have a list of projects with a bookmark? Because if not, I don’t know how efficient this bookmark thing will be. If you can’t remember the book title, how are you supposed to go back and pick up where you left off?
    And at this point, I’m not quite sure why we need a new section for the CCs. A new site was made, and while it isn’t endorsed here, most of the CCs have moved there. There’s only one or two left here.
    Also, when it comes to the top Critics, is there a way you can combine that board with the top trendsetters and have them be interchangable? The preview you showed us last week was really busy.
    And I still think short stories should have their own top five.

  5. Shock! said

    I still want to know why poetry and nonfiction deserve Top 5’s, but short stories don’t. =/ I posted on the other Inkpop Redesign post, but my question wasn’t answered.

    Swap Box: THANK YOU. Where will this be, though? Hopefully it’s in an obvious enough place, otherwise people will just blissfully send messages to random people without even looking–the way they don’t look at people’s profiles to check if they’ve said “NOT SWAPPING”.

    Categories: Great, but I still want to know why short stories are being neglected.

    Rating Comments: Eh. I like the idea of it, I just don’t think people are going to go through and rate other people’s comments. And honestly, it’s going to make me not want to review projects with a lot of errors(or any story that I would leave a lot of critique/suggestions on) because I’m afraid of them giving me a one star just because I didn’t like their story. Maybe if you made it like the pick system, so that you can only give a positive(or not give one if you don’t think it deserves it) and not a negative? Like a modification of the cherrypick thing.

    Critics Leader Board: -sigh- More competition. And the people who are at the top are going to be bombarded with read requests; is there going to be any way to make it so you don’t show up in the Critics board? Because that’s going to really discourage people from commenting a lot if it’s just going to get them a ton of messages saying, “Will you plz read my story?!?!” Like I said before–I like the idea, but there are some flaws.

    Bookmark: I really like this. But why are watch lists going away? I put books that I want to read in the future but haven’t started yet on my watchlist; will I be able to easily do this with the bookmark? Like, will I have a list of books I’ve bookmarked, or will I have to remember the titles of everything I’m reading?

    Character chats: It’s nice that you’re giving them their own section, but honestly, what people are complaining about is the news feed/Latest Threads box and how C.C.’s clog them up. This isn’t going to help, it’s just going to make it worse(because you’re condoning their creation–“We have our own section! That means we can create as many as we want!”)

    So yeah. Some great improvements, but there are still things I think need work. But of course, that’s just my opinion. (:

    • xalliestarx said

      Ugh…kind of agree with you with the “I still want to know why poetry and nonfiction deserve Top 5′s, but short stories don’t.”

      I totally love the idea that poetry will get the Top 5 thingy but I think that short stories deserve that as well. 😦

      Swap Box–good idea.

      Rating Comments–not a good idea. A little bit unfair to me because each people have different ways of commenting.

      Critics Leader Board–agree with you on this. More competition and plus I don’t think the TOP critiques might want to have a dozen requests since they are TOP and it would be unfair to those that are not in the TOP.Its like forcing to comment long-good-one on others stories just to be on the TOP.

      Bookmark–see first but I still love Watch List though its only fit for 30 projects.

      Just my opinions.

  6. The Beaver said

    Watch lists really help me. I can keep track of the Need to Reads more efficiently.
    Also, short stories really do deserve their own Top 5 column.

  7. Sakira said

    I hope we can bookmark more than one work and can find them easy (like a “My Bookmarks” page). If so, I won’t mind having no watch lists.

  8. Tiny1 said

    I like the improvments apart from one.

  9. Narnia Fan said

    Cool! 🙂 I’m so excited!! I’ll miss my watch list, but other than that… I can’t wait! Thank you for all of your time and hard work for this site… we appreciate it!

  10. Cati said

    Please keep the watchlist!!! I use it a lot, and many others also do. It has many purposes, and I really like having it.

    Short stories deserve their own category. Also… I was snooping around on other sites a little bit ago, and I saw that teenink already had the sections like that. Just look at it! They already have poetry, nonfiction, and fiction in separate categories. An outsider may think of that as us COPYING teenink. I don’t think that, but the proof says otherwise. If we give short stories their own section, everything, in my opinion, will run much more smoothly.

    I don’t like the idea of the critics ladder board either. Like Shock! said, “more competition.”

    Although I may disagree with some of this, I really appreciate what you have been doing for the site. I thank you for that and realize that it is hard to please everyone. Just go with what the majority of us are saying, I guess. Most of the updates are good, but there are others that I’ve noticed not going so well with the majority of us. Anyway, thank you. I appreciate what all of you are doing.

  11. HobbitFeet said

    NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!

    The 5-star system is a HIGHLY flawed system that DOES NOT WORK!!!! I can’t believe you guys are still using it!!!! I sent a long and detailed Email about how it doesn’t work! THE 5-STAR RATING SYSTEM DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!

    DO NOT get rid of the watch lists!!! That is a HORRIBLE idea that is just stupid. There is no reason to take it away, and as you see, NOBODY is in support of that idea! Keep it!

    And I am very disappointed that you didn’t listen to a word that anyone said about the non-fiction genera for the top-5. Nobody likes it. Why are you still using it? And why is there no separate short-story section and all that? Or even PLANS for there to be a discussion about that? I am disappointed about this.

    There are some interesting things here, and I’m glad that you at least heard what we said about the badges to discuss it later, but my gosh there are some bad things going on here that needs more discussion.

  12. Ari said

    I totally agree with most people on here, keep the watch list! I’m extremely picky about what I let into my top five, so my watch list a lot of the time helps me show that I did like their story, even if I didn’t like it enough to pick it. Plus, whenever my eye catches on a story I don’t have time to read, all I do is put it on my watch list for later. Please don’t get rid of the watch list, for me it’s more useful than the bookmark. Oh, and there should be a separate Top 5 for short stories instead of Non-Fiction.

  13. flaggirl3 said

    What?! You’re getting rid of the Watch List? I love the Watch List because if I read a story and then don’t have enough room on my Picks I just put it on my Watch List until I can remove something. I think the Watch List should definitely stay.

  14. downwitheggs said

    Agree with HobbitFeet: Do NOT do a top five for nonfiction. What about short stories? Those of us who don’t write full-length books are feeling pretty left out.

    • RainbowWaffleMonster said

      D: i know!
      I always write short stories first then turn then into books!
      Will there be a way to do that, instead of posting the short stories and them going up the ranks, then having to repost them, why not just have a little link botton thingy that says ‘turn into book’
      does that make sense? :X

  15. Ghost said

    I have to say, I agree with pretty much everyone here: DO NOT get rid of watch lists. If anything, I find that I actually need room for more than thirty projects on mine. If ou do go through with the bookmarks, I think that you should either make a page on our profiles where we can keep track, or just make it a feature and keep the watch lists.
    I also agree on the point that a non-fiction top five isn’t really that necessary. There is one project that I have that is actually fiction and nonfiction because it’s a real event from a different perspective, and therefore seems like fiction in my mind. Where would that go? Nonfiction really isn’t that popular and I think that whether or not you go through with that, there really does need to be a top 5 for short stories. And I’m confused by how that will be determined on our pages. Will we have a My Picks list for each and every category or will it all be lumped together, like it is now? It’s kinda confusing.

  16. RainbowWaffleMonster said

    Oh, Dear!
    No watchlist?
    Honestly, the book mark thingy sounds awesome!
    But don’t get rid of the watch lists! When ever i post ‘free reads’ threads i use it to keep track of what i need to read!
    Does the bookmark work the same way?

  17. Britt said

    I was looking over some of the changes that they are making on Inkpop in December. I noticed that they are getting rid of the Watch List. Why? The Watch List allows me to put peoples work on the list so I can remember who I own swaps to and who I don’t owe swaps to.

    The Bookmark is replacing the Watch List. I love the idea of the Bookmark because I can’t not just read a chapter of peoples work. If I like it then I want to finish it. So I think the Bookmark is a brilliant idea. This is the only feature I am truly excited about.

    I think badges are too childish. I mean we are Youth Adult writers. We don’t write for little kids and I think we shouldn’t be treated as little kids. Also I have a problem with comment reviews. Why do we need to review each others comments. I mean I think it is nice to know if someone takes the advice given or not. But a comment review, seriously! Think about it. It just doesn’t make sense to me. I think should be about writing and not social networking.

    Some of the changes I think are just lain stupid. A lot of them we don’t really need.

    Thank you,

  18. Whyte.Rhose said


    I hate the changes.

    All of them.

    It’s going to be SO hard to get to the top five, now that picks previously don’t add up anymore. Not only that, but there will be MANY people harassing me because I’ve taken their book off my pick list, therefore letting them go down several spots.


    I hate them. Now, it’s more competition than actual writers being writers. There’ll be no chance of making friends, because I’d have lost several by not having their work on my pick list.

    You’re taking away the watchlist as well?

    Okay. I’m sorry. I’m overeating.

    But Inkpop is my home. You never asked what we wanted. It’s like somebody just broke into my house and changed things without asking for my opinion. Or in this case, any of my family members, which’d be the Inkies.


    You have my full opinion.


    • Okay, well first this is a really old post. Things have changed. We will have watch list on the new site and they have a great new features, which is updates. Everytime a project on your watch list is updated you’ll receive information in your activity center.
      Yes we did change some of the features of the pick list, but the enjoyable part is that we gave you a new setting in your writing. Now you don’t actually HAVE to compete for the Top Five in order to have your work public and receive comments. If you work is labeled “Work in Progress” you can still receive comments, it’s still public, users just can’t put it on their pick list.
      Thanks again for not overreacting. We’re really excited about showing you the new site and hope that you’ll be open minded. We have been working really hard and 90% of the changes were made based on the user feedback we’ve received since launch in 2009 as well as surveys that we issued and many forum discussion. We hope that it suits your needs.

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