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inkpopper of the Week: Krystelle Elizabeth

Posted by cat eyes & skinny jeans on October 25, 2010

“I’m just a typical, nineteen-year-old girl who is studying fulltime at university. I’m just about to complete my second year at uni and am undertaking a double major to become a qualified teacher. I work with children with disabilities in a specialist school setting, and because of my work, I am semi-fluent in Australian sign language, which means that I literally talk with my hands. I am Australian, so I am rather obsessed with Australian Rules football, which generally means that I am labelled as ‘one of the boys’ which is nowhere near as glamorous as people tend to think.

“I’m obsessed with the St Kilda football club, and have been ever since I was brainwashed as a child, so to see the Saints win a premiership is one of my biggest dreams. To date, I have been to three grandfinals and have witnessed two crushing losses and a draw. The only thing that pulls me through is the notion that the fourth time is the charm.

“I’ve been described as a rebel without a cause by a lot of people, but I tend to believe that there is always a reason for a revolt; they just don’t always make sense. I change like the seasons. Whenever I am bored I take it out on my hair. I’m constantly shifting from blonde to brunette, with multiple streaks of shades in-between that would shame even a rainbow; it just depends on how I feel. Usually, I tend to lean towards blonde, though I have no idea why. If my hair had any feelings, I’m sure it would hate me. I basically love to laugh and enjoy making others smile.”

It is obvious that Krystelle Elizabeth’s desire to make people laugh and smile in real-time has carried over to inkpop. Though holding fast to the Trendsetter Rank of # 5, and being the author of the ever-popular The Devil’s Bride, which currently sits at # 16 on the Charts; Krystelle Elizabeth is also a highly-adored inkpopper – a fact which her many admirers brought to light with their abundance of nominations to snag her the title of inkpopper of the Week!

Countless inkpoppers nominated/voted for you as inkpopper of the Week. What is it about you that has left so many inkpoppers in awe?

Krystelle Elizabeth: I honestly have no idea. I think they are all nuts, but I am very lucky to have such wonderful readers that are willing to nominate me and vote for me and shower me with their continuous support. If it wasn’t for them constantly pumping me full of constructive feedback, I would never have grown as a writer. Maybe it’s because my writing speaks to them on a deeper, philosophical level. Maybe there’s something about it that they connect with. Maybe it’s the dark imagery that resonates within my writing style. Or maybe it’s because I’m always willing to do my best and help other inkpoppers out. I’m not entirely sure, but I am definitely not complaining!

Your book The Devil’s Bride is currently ranked as # 16 here on inkpop. How does it feel to know that you are so close to reaching the Top 5? What is going through your mind?

Krystelle Elizabeth: Honestly, I keep thinking NO! I have to finish it! Luckily, I’m just about to reach my summer holidays and will have plenty of time to write and get it finished. I’m just stunned by how well my story has been received by the inkpop community. It is so flattering, especially considering I’m still rather new here. I’m just in awe. Everyone is so helpful. I feel that I have grown so much already from their reviews.

What makes The Devil’s Bride unique? What sets it apart from other inkpop projects and books that have already been published?

Krystelle Elizabeth: That’s quite a tough question. I guess I’ve always been quite an original person, so that uniqueness is somehow reflected in my writing. I’ve been told that I can create ‘amazing’ imagery with my words, but I have a feeling that it may just be because I explore things at a deeper, more emotional level, which is why some people have described it as ‘emotionally charged’. I also have a sneaking suspicion that it’s probably because a part my story is about working through the grief I felt after losing my mother last year. It metaphorically details my journey through the development of my characters and their ability to work through the hardships that I have (so evilly) made them face.

I actually started writing the story the day before my Mother’s birthday; the day I first joined inkpop. A lot of my pain is reflected in Violet’s, which is probably what makes her seem so real and three dimensional. I think it’s the characters that hold my story together. They are my glue, and through them I explore multiple themes that impact on people, so people can relate to them. I also think that no one will see the ending coming. In fact, I’m pretty sure of it. I’ve never been one to do things the way people expect and I’m quite proud of the plot I have created. I don’t think there has ever been a story that focuses on deals with the devil quite like mine.

If you had the chance to star as a character in any book what book would it be and why?

Krystelle Elizabeth: I would be Wendy in Peter Pan! Except I would never want to leave Neverland and grow up. I would want to be with Peter forever. He was my first ever crush when I was a little girl and I used to dream about him taking me away and marrying me in Neverland, as sad as that is. Unfortunately, it just never happened. It seems I forgot how to fly.

If you could have a dinner party with five of your favorite authors (no inkpoppers this time) who would they be and why?

Krystelle Elizabeth: Lauren Childs, because I adore Charlie and Lola and I think she could teach me a lot about engaging younger children with literacy, and hopefully provide tips on writing amazing picture storybooks with such incredible characters! J.M Barrie, simply because he is the mastermind behind Peter Pan. Hans Christian Anderson because he wrote my favourite tale of all time; the little mermaid. Andy Griffiths, because I would want to pick his brain and get ideas on how to inject humour into my writing when writing intermediate novels for young adults, and J.K. Rowling because in my eyes that woman is simply amazing. If anything, it would probably be a formal occasion, because I am such a sucker for a pretty dress, with a lot of informal conversations on writing over a nice meal. They’re all in rather diverse areas of writing, so each author would have something unique to add to the discussion.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Krystelle Elizabeth: Don’t let anyone tell you that writing won’t lead to anywhere. Even if you don’t get published, if it makes you smile and is something you enjoy, it will help you along the path to happiness.

Pop, Pop, Pop! Rapid Fire Questions:

Favourite movie? Romeo and Juliet (latest version). I think it’s a clever spin on a classic tale that will never die.
What’s on your iPod? The Beatles. The Stones. Bon Jovi – a hell of a lot of Bon Jovi. ACDC. INXS. Think 80’s and 90’s with a few newer, more darker songs by bands most people would never have heard of – the inspiration for my writing.
Ron Weasley or Harry Potter? Ron Weasley, hands down. If a boy can make you laugh and grin like an idiot, he is a keeper. Plus I have a thing for red heads, always have.
Cake or ice cream? Ice-cream cake 🙂
Favourite season? Winter. I’m obsessed with the idea of snow, though I have never seen it before in my life.

Over to you…who do you think should be the next inkpopper of the Week?

Erika (aka inkpoperika)

5 Responses to “inkpopper of the Week: Krystelle Elizabeth”

  1. Arachne said

    Krisuffin, your interview is up up up! You are the coolest inkpopper of the week!


    This is a five-star real author’s interview, Wonderkris. You rock, sexy wumon.

    THE DEVIL’S BRIDE FOR THE WIN! If the HC editors don’t publish this after you get your review, I’m gonna go BanANA.

  2. blueview said

    Finally! Inkpopper of the week! :d
    You’ve never seen snow, Kris? Come visit me in Canada and you’ll get sick of it pretty quickly 😛

  3. Wildgreenskittle said

    Awesome interview Krystelle!! 😀

  4. Kaylinwriter14 said

    Great interview Krystelle! Good luck with your book!

    I think the inkpopper of the week should be downwitheggs! Just for being so funny and creative!

  5. Aww, Wonderkris! Awesome interview, dear. The Peter Pan bit made me nostalgic. 😐

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