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inkpop Redesign: Badges

Posted by inkpopbecki on October 29, 2010

A lot of discussion regarding changes to the inkpop has revolved around badges. Many have voiced concerns that badges will create more competition on the site. So we thought it was time to explain how badges work.

Badges are our new way of showing users who excel at certain task. For example if you consistently review fiction projects, you might receive the Fiction Fan badge. Now users know that you are interested in reading fiction and you often offer critiques on fiction projects.

Fiction Fan

If you write a lot of poetry, you might be rewarded with the Poet Laureate badge.

Poet Laureate

Badges are all about honoring the contribution you make to the site and your personal interests. Any questions, thoughts, concerns? Let us know either here or in our inkpop forum Changes Coming to inkpop Starting in December!

16 Responses to “inkpop Redesign: Badges”

  1. Person said

    I still think they’re unnecessary. People shouldn’t want to do something just to get a badge. *sigh* The maturity and simplicity of InkPop is why so many want it to go back to how it was. Personally, I don’t like the things that will make InkPop more of a teeny-bopper site than a mature writing site. That’s all I have to say.

  2. Shock! said

    Okay, see, that sounds a lot better. And useful. I think it was the phrasing on the new page that put people off–it was “Earn this badge!” which makes it sound like something you work for and compete for, not something that simply acts as a label. And what’s the Inkpop Superstar badge all about? That doesn’t sound quite like what you’re saying.

    But anyway, yeah. This is one of the few things about the changes I think I might look forward to. C:

  3. Michelle said

    Yeah, I agree with Shock! in that everyone saw the Inkpop Superstar badge on the new homepage design and didn’t like the idea of someone earning a badge that highlights them as a better inkpop member than someone else.

  4. There is no inkpop superstar badge. The page is just a mock up. If you go in you can see there is a lot of dummy text on it. That’s just holding text. As you can see from the above post, the badge featured on the homepage of the mock up is actually our Fiction Fan badge.

    • Shock! said

      That’s great to know. C: I knew it was a mock-up, but I think a lot of people took the badge thing at face value; that’s what put them off so much. I’m really happy to hear what badges are actually about, they sound pretty cool. 😀

  5. RainbowWaffleMonster said

    Where will the badges be veiwed? On our profile pages? our when we post a comment on a story will it pop up?

  6. Ash said

    I still think it’s an unnecessary piece of programming that could’ve been avoided. It doesn’t sound as bad as I thought it was going to be (i.e. exactly like Habbo – which it is – not really earning a badge as getting one for being around). I think most of us can guess whether their a poet reader or a fiction reader by the things they write, poets often read other poets work/start threads to find out who other poets are etc. It cuts down communication time which is a plus and a negative. I’m still on the fence, but I think you’re gunna have a job of getting people who don’t like the idea of them to come around.

  7. Laura said

    I agree with Ash. We’re writers, we should be expanding our horizons on different types of writing, whether it’s non-fiction or poetry or fiction.
    Being able to critique a romantic fiction piece when that’s all you write it’s all that great. You should already know how to do that, I don’t think the badges are going to help still.
    Basically, I still think it’ll be a popularity contest for who can get the most badges.
    We should be expanding our critiquing experience and I think the badges will shorten that experience.

  8. Narnia Fan said

    Sounds good to me. 🙂

  9. author94 said

    I guess badges are all right, but like others have been saying I could see where it could become a problem in some ways.

    –Renee, author of the Magicians series

  10. kjanco7 said

    How about when I start a comment and go to the next chapter, and then it gets deleted. Can we fix that too?


  11. kat said

    They are okay. I see the reason for them but may confuse people and show that your open for only this and that.

  12. Gabriela said

    I like this! I don’t think the badges should be used as a form of competition, but I like the concept of using the badges to clarify the interests of inkpop users.

  13. Peridote said

    I sort of grew out of “merit stickers” in kindergarten. How many reviews of one type or another will it take to “earn” a badge? If you do a lot of reading on this site or a few swaps, sooner or later everyone will have one of each and then … what’s the point?

    Poetry and Fiction aren’t rivals? So why create this initiative to divide them into two “camps”.

    My vote would put Badges in the Totally Unnecessary Box.

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