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October 2010 Top Picks!

Posted by cat eyes & skinny jeans on November 1, 2010

The time has come to usher in the month of November, inkpoppers; but as we close the door upon October, with it we send a new batch of Top Picks (chosen by you!) off to the Editor’s Desk for review by none other than inkpop’s very own Editorial Board!

So what five (5) projects were voted most popular for October 2010? Find out below!

inkpop October 2010 Top Picks:

The Trees Have Eyes by cara_ruegg (Book – Romance / Mystery / Horror / Historical Fiction)

Love at First Sight by Jelsa Mepsey (Book – Romance / General Fiction / Humor)

The Assassin by tennisketter (Book – Mystery / Adventure / General Fiction / Romance)

Just Us by Juliet Steele (Short Story – Romance / General Fiction)

Dreamscape – The Gatekeeper Chronicles by Nataliya Maize (Book – Adventure / Science Fiction / Fantasy / Romance / Horror)

Congratulations to the October 2010 Top Pick authors! Once the Editorial Board has had the chance to review your project, you will receive a critique and feedback from a HarperCollins Editor.

In the meantime…five slots now stand empty. Does your project have what it takes to be a November 2010 Top Pick?

Speaking of Top Picks…what was your favorite October 2010 Top Pick? Did you begin to question the power of nature after reading The Trees Have Eyes? Were you wowed by Cassie’s many adventures in The Assassin? Did you find yourself head over heels for Shane and Traysee in Love at First Sight? Were you lulled into a dream world via Dreamscape – The Gatekeeper Chronicles? Did reading Just Us leave you wanting to be a part of the Fantastic Five?

Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Erika (aka inkpoperika)

3 Responses to “October 2010 Top Picks!”

  1. Cara said

    A congrats to everyone who made it. 🙂

    I would have to say my favorite was probably the Assassin. Laura really has grown as a writer and is very talented and her book was very thrilling so I hope she gets a good review however it’s hard to pick and I really think there were a lot of good books here.

  2. author94 said

    I loved the Assassin the most. I remember Laura and I were talking weeks before it had gone in the top 5 and she kept telling me she was scared she wouldn’t make it. Then once it was on the top 5 we were constantly emailing each other everyday talking about how it better stay in the top 5.
    Having read the Assassin and talked with Laura several times on both inkpop and other writing sites, it was really fun to see a great book and a great writer rise. Laura has talent. When you read her book you feel like you’ve opened something that already should be in published format. It’s that good. Not even kidding.
    I stayed up with Laura the night the October top 5 ended and everyone got their star. The Assassin definitely deserved that star, and Laura definitely worked towards it.

    –Renee, author of the Magicians series

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