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What Worked For Me: inktipsfrom Sophie Jordan

Posted by inkpopbecki on November 3, 2010

Author Sophie Jordan has a little bit of insight on writing, she is a bestseller after all. If you can join us for a live chat with Sophie Jordan at 5 p.m. EST today in the inkpop forum events.

1)    Read, read, read! That’s right. Read within the genre you’re aiming to publish within, but also read in other genres, too. If there’s a book out there everyone is talking about, but it’s not normally what you read, pick it up anyway. This is doing your homework. I call it studying the market … and at the same time you’re soaking up various writing styles and techniques … and more than likely getting inspired, too.

2)    Write! You have the ideas, so get them down on paper. Like a muscle exercised, your writing will only get stronger, better, faster the more you practice.

3)    Seek input. Whether you actually form a critique group with other writers, it’s important to have someone you trust read your material – someone who can give honest feedback that gets you thinking about ways to improve your work. Someone who reads your writing and tells you it’s awesome-great-nothing-better-has-EVER-been-written … well, that’s nice for your ego, but it won’t help you improve your book.

4)    Craft Books. There are excellent books out there on the craft of writing. Investigate, find them — read them! Every little bit you can soak up will help.


5)    Submit your work. You can’t keep your writing to yourself forever. If you never submit

your work, it can never be published. Eventually you have to put on your big girl/boy pants and submit your work to reputable agents. Brace yourself for rejection. That’s natural … and makes the reward of finally signing with an agent all the sweeter. Expect to knock on several doors before one finally opens to you.

Want to hear more? Join us fora  live chat with Sophie Jordan at 5 p.m. EST today in the inkpop forum events.

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