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inkpop Redesign: Questions and Problems

Posted by inkpopbecki on November 12, 2010

So we were going to take this post to lay out the dates that you could expect changes to start coming your way, but since we’ve received so many questions regarding features for the new site, we decided to address those instead.

No Mass Messaging

There has been a persistent rumor that there will be the ability for users to mass message their friends or people who have put their project on their Pick List. This is not true. There will be no mass messaging system. There will, on the other hand, be a new activity center.

The activity center will keep you updated if a project you have on your pick list or that you have bookmarked has been updated. It will also keep you informed about forums that you are watching. If there is a new post it will send you an update.

We also have a new message center. This is a persistent element (meaning as soon as you log in you will see this on every page) that will let you know if you have received a new review on your project, a new friend request or a new comment/message on your profile.


While we’re at it, we thought we might inform you that messages themselves are changing. On the new site, messages will appear on your profile more like a wall post.

Many users voiced a lot of concern about the idea of private messaging. Many thought it would lead to bullying and might lead more people to team up against others. So in an effort to make the site more transparent, we have changed the direction of messaging.


Only moderators and editors will be able to move a forum post. Hope that clarifies an issue. Users will have the ability to report a forum post and inform moderators that these forum post are in the wrong section.

In addition we will not have users as forum moderators, but we will be hiring more moderators for the site, so hopefully we will have unbiased moderation and more of it. We hope that resolves any of the recent issues we have had with moderation.

Final Concerns

We’ve heard concerns about your friends, projects and forums you’ve posted moving to the new site. All your information (friends, forums, projects, etc) will be moving to the new site. There might be a few problems, but if you let us know if something is missing, we will try to resolve it for you.

60 Responses to “inkpop Redesign: Questions and Problems”

  1. Blueview said

    How is the direction of messaging going to change? All I’m understanding is that it will have the same format as Facebook wall posts.

    I like the Activity Center and having new requests, comments, etc be on the first page. Makes it much easier.

    • Gamayun said

      I’m confused about the messaging thing too. How is this going to be different? You’re being very vague, we’re basically working of a blurry picture that I can’t make head nor tail of and the fact it will be “like a wall post”, which could mean anything

      • Annie said

        I think they should do both: Comments AND Messaging. That’d solve most problems, just give them the opportunity to block bullying messages or what-have-you.

    • As you can see from the photo, where it says “Comment” that is now where you can post messages to one another. We wanted to make messaging more transparent instead of less transparent. Upon feedback that we received from the survey the majority of users who answered the question about messaging wanted it to be out in the open and not private. So that’s what we have done. If you can think about messages now, it should be less like an e-mail “Hi my name is inkpopBeck. Please be my friend and read my project” and more like a comment “Hey I just read your project Scared and thought it was awesome. See my review on your project. You rock.”
      As many have stated this is less like a social network and more like a community. So in that sense we wanted to make things more open.

  2. ElanorLawrence said

    Nice! I like knowing what’s going on… The new Activity center and message box sounds great.

    My one concern is that the inkpop designers don’t seem to be addressing the concern for a new short story category. That seems to be one of the main things that inkpoppers are raising… yet I haven’t heard of anything being done about it. I personally think that having separate top fives for Essays and Poems is a great idea but I don’t care for the idea of having short stories lumped in with books. That was probably the change I was most hoping for, but it doesn’t seem to be happening.

    Aside from that, I’m so excited for al the changes! Looking forward to the new inkpop… 🙂

    • Nella said

      Agreed 🙂
      I feel that short stories need their own Top 5
      Is there even enough non-fiction on site to have their own Top 5?

      • shiftermover0308 said

        I agree too. Short stories are more prominent on inkpop. I don’t even think I’ve SEEN any nonfiction on the site.

      • poetryluvr said

        Yeah, it isn’t fair to them

      • Ash said

        Here’s the deal, how do you stop people from having ‘books-in-progress’ as short stories in a bid to get them into the top 5? Lets face it, lots of people will do it because there’s less competition. So, as much as short story writers get annoyed about it, until they can think of a solution to this problem, then I don’t believe there should be a short story top 5. I don’t think there should be a top 5 ofr non-fiction either, just for the record.

      • Alexis said

        You can put all your short story works into a book. In real life, would you really publish just one short story?

  3. Chloexlolx said

    Okay well, it still doesnt have a date which is what i was most hopeing for. with the trendsetter ranks changing will we keep out current places or not?

  4. HobbitFeet said

    Okay, I actually like everything here, except the messages. Are you telling us that the messages aren’t going to be private in ANY way now? They’re actually going to be LESS private than before? This is a truly horrible idea in every way imaginable and if you knew what was good for the site you would add some sort of a private messaging system too, at least to the degree it currently is. I HATE the idea of every message being like a facebook wall post. That should be there too, but you need some sort of a real private message!!!

    • HobbitFeet said

      Now, I could have the wrong idea here. If I do, please tell me. But from the sounds of it, this could be one of the worst moves this site has thought of making. I hate this idea more than the 5-star rating system.

    • Michelle said

      But it’s not any different. Messages aren’t private now as it is. If I wanted to read your messages now, nothing is stopping me except for the fact that I don’t want or care to read them. They’re just changing the layout for them.

      • HobbitFeet said

        But Michelle, if the conversations are out there, it would take no effort to read them. The way it currently is, you would need to be interested to follow a conversation between two people. And I just don’t like it being open like that. I don’t think it’s a good idea, it’s pointless, it won’t benefit anything in any way and it doesn’t look good. I am strongly against this idea.

      • Michelle said

        Regardless, someone would still need to care enough to click on your profile and scroll down to your messages with intent to read them. That’s still an effort, and I can’t see people caring that much about what others are talking about to do it.

        Sure it’s more in public, but people would still have to have the desire to bother, and I don’t think maybe people would bother. And whenever private messages were suggested, a whole lot of people disagreed with that idea.

      • HobbitFeet said

        I too am against the concept of a completely private messaging system. I personally like it the way it is. It looks good, it works, and people would have to care to follow a whole conversation, and nobody does. I see no reason to change it from how it already works.

      • Della Brezza said

        A lot of people seem concerned about the whole message thing. I do agree that the messages are fine as they are now, but it wouldn’t hurt to have them more transparent, as was explained in the post. Like the mentioned, they are concerned that with Private Messaging there will be more tendency toward bullying and many people stacking up their support against someone else.

        Besides, it isn’t as if you’d have something to hide in your messages. Like Michelle said, either way, if anyone had a motive, they would be able to read your messages.

  5. Anon said

    I’m still very annoyed that Short stories won’t be having a Top Five, even though you SAID they would. (You do know there’s a petition concerning that going around, right?)

    The activity thing just sounds exactly like My News. Is there any actual difference other than the name?
    The messaging proves that this site is becoming more and more like facebook every day. But yeah, I don’t mind it 🙂
    The forum moderating… hm… you told someone that it would be totally different, but your just hiring people to do it instead which isn’t that different in my opinion.

    So yeah, I was kinda expecting a better change but I still like it.
    Good job I guess 🙂

    • HobbitFeet said

      Yep, as I say on a below comment, most people are annoyed that HC hasn’t brought up the issue of the short story top 5 with is. (HINT HINT, HC!)

      And personally, I like the idea of hired mods more than user mods for a site this size.

    • Hi I’m inkpopBecki, also known as inkpopEditor aand I wanted to let you know, admins are on here and responding. We’ve responded to the short story question a number of times in fact. Here is where that discussion took place.

      You should know that for now this will not be changing. We appreciate your thoughts and your petition, but when the new site launches there will be Fiction, Poetry and Nonfiction. Short Stories will be a genre in Fiction. It’s not that we’re not listening to the users, this is a business decision that was made a while ago to expand our user base. This is not catering to our current user base–we know you guys aren’t writing nonfiction. We’re expanding and this is to speak to that new audience we’re expanding towards.
      We’re sorry if this decision disappoints some of you.

      • Anon said

        Hey 🙂 I’m glad you’re taking the time to read our needs at least.
        I’ve read your “answer” to the SS question, and to be honest I’m not satisfied by it; neither are a lot of people.

        Okay, since you said “for now” it won’t change, I’m assuming it will happen?
        Right then. Let me get one thing clear. SHORT STORIES IS NOT A GENRE. I’d have thought that such a big publishing company such as HarperCollins would know that by now.
        Haha, you know what the funny thing is? You won’t be expanding at all. The old users will leave, to be replaced by new ones. Thereby keeping the more or less the member rate. If that makes sense. I understand it costs a lot of time and money, but 😦
        So basically, you don’t really care what the current users think; you just want new ones? Do you know what inkpop reminds me of? Sky. Not the sky, Sky as in the “cable” thingy as Americans say. Sky gave a free Sky+ box to all new customers, and totally forgot about the current ones.

        inkpop is giving all these top fives for NEW users, totally forgetting about us.

        You do know so many will leave, right?

      • Della Brezza said

        I’m fine with this decision. Anon, the new changes that are to be brought about are improvements, and not everyone will be gratified with every single detailed thing that they want.

        I’m sure the “for now” means that they may take the short story thing into consideration, but I don’t think it necessarily means that they will make that change.

        And many of the changes they’re making have been ideas and suggestions from the current users, so it isn’t as if HC is completely changing the site without any regard to Inkpop’s users.

  6. Shock! said

    Very glad there won’t be mass messaging. That’d ’cause all sorts of problems. x___X

    I really like the Activity Center thing. My only complaint is that I use my watchlist(which I assume the bookmark will be like?) more for things I’m PLANNING to read but haven’t yet… but this still works, ’cause if I see it updated it’ll remind me to go read it. 😀

    I DEFINITELY like the message center. Always having to go to my profile to check if I had a new message or comment got a bit annoying. So yeah, love this. ❤

    Hmmm, I'm not quite sure about the messaging. I don't like that it's so out in the open like that; not to say there should be private messaging, but it makes me a bit uncomfortable to have my conversations plastered on a profile page. But I suppose that's due to my inherent shyness. xD Also, I see no 'delete comment' button. D: Will there be that? Because I like to keep my messages organized by deleting them once the conversation's over. Will I be able to do this still?

    I like the idea of unbiased moderation, but I think there should be a few user moderators. Simply because they understand the way the site works better, and what sort of things will escalate into flamewars(for example: religion. Inkies who have been around a lot know this topic is a rather dangerous one). And if you're afraid of them being biased, you can always have their decisions compared with a non-user moderator. I just think things would be more fair that way. c:

    And this isn't related, but everyone keeps bringing it up, so I'll say something. Everyone has been clamoring for a short story Top Five. Why not add one along with poetry and nonfiction? I mean, would you rather be technically correct(though I don't believe saying short stories aren't that different from novels is correct in any way… but that's my opinion. c:) or make the users like the site more? You could attract a lot of people with a short story Top Five, just as you're hoping to do with the poetry and nonfiction Top Fives.

    But anyway, I like these changes much better than the previous ones. C: Other than the relatively small issues I mentioned, I'm excited to see these ones implemented. 😀

    • HobbitFeet said

      No, about messages, it isn’t about your inherent shyness. It’s about the fact that you don’t want all your conversations in the wide open as if it’s a forum thread. I think it’s completely unfair that you need to have each and every conversation out in the open like that. I think it’s a terrible move to do that.

      And about religion, that is not restricted to this site. Religion and Politics both are incredibly dangerous subjects on EVERY forum site. And yes, I mean every single one of them. One thing that annoys me about this site is that not many people seem to understand that threads about religion and/or politics almost always lead to a flame war. A paid moderator has probably been around the internet a bit, therefore they know clear and well – no matter where they’ve been – that religion and politics are dangerous subjects. I actually agree with HC on not having user moderators. It worked when this site was small, though let’s face it; this isn’t a small site anymore. It’s growing into a real monster, and I don’t personally think it’s a good idea to have user moderators anymore.

      • Shock! said

        Well, religion and politics weren’t my only concerns. I was thinking of more Inkpop-related things that cause a lot of commotion–like pick swaps and character chats. But yeah, it definitely needs paid moderators. And I suppose once they’ve been around the site enough they’ll get the hang of it. c:

  7. Nella said

    Oooh, I like the idea of an activity center, I also like the idea of having non-biased forum moderators.

    One thing that worries me, I’m glad the messages are being kept public…but…I’m not sure if I want them to be on “my wall”.

    I mean I know it’s the same thing, but for someone to see your messages they actually have to click on your inbox which they won’t do unless they’re really curious, well know they only need to see my profile to check them out.

    I’m glad they’re not private, though ❤

    • HobbitFeet said

      I agree with the messages. IMO, they should keep the message system the way it is. I honestly don’t see a problem with it.

  8. I have a concern that no one else seems to be addressing. Where are our projects? Right now, they dominate our profiles (even though you have to scroll down sometimes, the point is that they’re THERE, quite obvious). Where will they be after the changes? Pushed wayyy down at the bottom of our profiles, past all of our messages, or pushed off of our profile completely and into a link to the side? I’m not sure I like this idea, and I know I don’t like the idea of the social networking aspect of this site dominating the writing aspect.

    • HobbitFeet said

      Hm, I do need to agree with your concern. It never was addressed where our projects were gonna be listed. I too am curious about this.

    • Arakawafan said

      i agree, we should have the messages how they are and focus on the projects. this is a writing website, not Facebook. i want to focus on the projects and not on social networking. plus, i don’t see any issues with how the messages are now.

      • HobbitFeet said

        Yeah, I agree. I see no issue with the way messages work now. It’s private enough (not being just out there in the open), it’s out of the way, it looks nice and it works fine. All that I would change is the word count. It should be longer. And I completely agree. I want this to be a writing site; not a facebook #2 with a large writing aspect to it.

  9. flubberdoodl17 said

    I like the new changes, I just think there should be a short story top five, if possible. I honestly don’t see much Non Fiction on here :/

    Haha, the title on the Activity Center exapmle picture is really long XD

    Thanks for working so hard for these changes 😀

    • HobbitFeet said

      Yes, the short story top 5 is the concern of most people. There’s even a large petition thread currently out there about it. But HC still hasn’t given us even one good reason why they’re not adding it. I definitely hope that they will bring that issue up soon, because I have not seen even one user shoot down the idea of a top 5. Some have been neutral, but nobody has been against it. They should at least talk about this issue with is and tell us why they won’t add it, or they should add it.

      • Shock! said

        They did address it awhile back; I’m not sure where exactly, but if you look back a few change-related blog posts you’ll find it. Their reason is that short stories weren’t deemed different enough from novels to warrant their own Top Five. Something about having the same genres and whatnot.

      • Michelle said

        They said somewhere before that it’s because short stories are still a genre of fiction, so they are keeping them with books as both of them are fiction.

      • HobbitFeet said

        I personally think that’s a pretty lame reason. They gotta do better than that if they wanna convince me that it’s not a good idea to add a short story top 5.

      • SRRainBringer said

        Usually Short Stories are either 1) Fiction or 2) Non-fiction. And then even past that, the facts are usually adjusted to make it FICTION. If they were to make the top fives go: Fantasy, Sci-fi, Memoir, then MAYBE there would be a better reason to have a Short Story top five, but I think it’s pointless for it’s own thing primarily because almost everyone that wants just their first chapter read, the book in pieces, uses the short story posting to get around the word count minimum.

      • Della Brezza said

        I agree with SRRainBringer. It would be pointless to have a Short Story Top 5 due to the way HC is categorizing the Top 5’s.

        But I do have to correct you on one thing. Short stories are actually fiction. This is why they are coupled with the novels in the Fiction Top 5.

        Yes, there are non-fiction pieces that are short, but short stories are not non-fiction. Non-fiction is its own genre, including memoirs (this is similar to short story so maybe this is where the confusion arises), newspaper articles, journal entries, feature articles, and such.

        I’m optimistic about these changes. It hasn’t even happened yet, and people should give it a change before complaining and rioting about it.

        If you don’t like it, then don’t come to inkpop anymore.

  10. kbj said

    Looking forward to these changes. I’m even warming up to the new colors!!

  11. AshleighRobin said

    I really like the ideas for these changes. I agree with the Short Story top five thing, too. That would be really neat. and I love the bookmark idea… I’d also like to know where I can find the projects. I don’t like the fact that theres a message ‘wall’ though. I would rather them be kept private-ish like they are now. I like the way the messaging works now. I don’t think they should change that. I absolutely love the Activity Center thing… I get really tired of relying on messages to find out if people update, and sending out messages when I update… I think this is easier on everyone.

  12. flaggirl3 said

    Yeah…This sounds great and all. But inkpop is one thing, facebook is another. We’ll have a wall? The message thing is sort of confusing.
    I still don’t like the idea of having the watch list taken away. I have lots of projects on mine. Will those all disappear, or will they come along as “bookmarked” with the new changes to the site?
    I like the activity center. I think that’s a good idea. And the messages/friend requests/comments coming up when you first log in would be great, too. Thanks for putting so much thought into these changes!

  13. Rosiee said

    I agree with most people– I like the new changes except for the messages. I’m not loving that they’ll be so prominent. I think they should remain as they are as just a little part on my page. I certainly don’t think they should take up so much room or be such a big deal. I get not doing private messages, but I think making them that public just makes it a little weird.

    Everyone keeps talking about the short stories thing, so I thought I’d add me two cents… and I am prepared for some serious flames on this. I don’t actually mind that there isn’t a new top 5 for short stories. I completely understand where you’re coming from with this. It’s marketability; nonfiction is much, much more sellable, so giving it its own top 5 makes a lot more sense than giving short stories a top 5, which as far as I know, HC doesn’t publish. Of course, this brings up the question of why does poetry have a top 5, since HC doesn’t really publish those either (again, this is just to my knowledge. I could be wrong) I know you’re not likely to move in this direction, but wouldn’t it make more sense to divide it by genre (maybe go non-fic, gen-fic, and fantasy/paranormal etc.) instead of by type since novels are HC’s primary group of publication?

    Anyway, I guess I’m mostly okay with the new changes. I would definitely like to know when these changes will be taking place, though. That would be a really nice update to have soon.

    • ElanorLawrence said

      I don’t mean to start a war about the short stories, so I’ll answer as politely as I can. 🙂

      I don’t think marketability has anything to do with it. Like you said, HC is not going to publish poems. I can’t imagine them publishing non-fiction, either, since essays make up most of the non-fiction on the site, and they can’t publish that either.

      Collections of short stories don’t sell very well, but neither do collections of poems or essays. If it’s marketability they’re concerned with, then trying to put a collection of short stories (gleaned from several months top five) would be a better option than taking essays or poems.

      For those reasons, I’m assuming that the decision to not have a short story top five has nothing to do with marketability. And what other reason could there be besides for that HC just isn’t listening to us? I’m not convinced that they listen to anything in the suggestions part of the site. After all, all these changes seem to be things that they’ve come up with, not what users suggested. Not that I don’t like them… it’s just that they’re not giving us what we asked for.

      • Rosiee said

        I’m pretty sure you’re right that they don’t really pay attention to the suggestion section of the site. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an admin respond to one of those threads…

        anyway, I’m not trying to say that short stories are a bad idea, because I too write short stories. However, non-fiction is the most marketable literature on the market. There may not be very much of it at this point, but by giving it a top 5 they’re encouraging people to write it. It doesn’t make sense to me either, than non-fiction is more popular than fiction, but it’s true. I’m just saying that I understand where they’re coming from, not that I think it’s really the right course of action. Honestly, I think they were pretty much going to shoot themselves in the foot with this no matter what they left out. I’m a little lost as to why they even allowed certain types of literature on the site when they don’t publish a lot of those mediums. I know that no one will probably ever get published through inkpop, so it doesn’t much matter, but still.

        If it were up to me, short stories would get preferential over poetry and essays, since those are even less marketable, but eh. It’s not up to me. I think HC has the right idea in making some new top 5s, but I I definitely think they’re splitting it up wrong.

    • Shock! said

      So why haven’t they come out and said that? If that’s their real reason for not having a short story Top Five, it seems like they’re hiding from us. And I’d like to think that’s not the case.

      They did give reasons for not having a short story Top Five.

      Their basic reasons(and you’ll have to read through the comments to see some of them).

      1) They want to provide a platform for nonfiction writers.
      – Okay. That’s totally fine with me.
      2) There are plenty of sites for short stories already.
      – Which to me means “go to another site”. There are plenty of sites for novels, too; do they want us to go there as well?
      3) Short stories aren’t different enough from novels because they have the same ‘genres’.
      – Speaking of genres strictly in the meaning that applies to content, so. does. poetry. Poetry has romance, fantasy, mystery–every genre that short stories and novels have. The ONLY difference is STYLE. It’s written in a different STYLE. I don’t understand why they divided the Top Fives by content(Fiction and Nonfiction–those refer only to the content of a piece) and then… attempted to divide it by style, but only used one of the different style categories. What the heck? That’s like having a sports competition with these events: “Basketball”, “Soccer”, “Baseball”, and “Playing sports while wearing green clothes”.

      I don’t think people would be so upset about this if it was just a nonfiction and fiction division. But no, it’s nonfiction, poetry, and then short stories and novels are lumped together even though they are written in COMPLETELY different styles–just like poetry is written in a completely different style.

      Maybe I’m missing something here, but it sounds like they just don’t want short story writers here. They say they want to provide a platform for all types of writing, and then they tell short story writers “there are plenty of sites for you already, go there”. I don’t know, I’m just getting really tired of the fact that they don’t seem to listen to anything we have to say. -sighs-

      • Rosiee said

        I know EXACTLY what you mean. I’m at a loss about the poetry thing. I actually would rather have genre distinction for poetry than a top 5 for it. I hate having to filter through poetry to find something that interests me because they have NO genres.

        But yeah, they shot themselves in the foot with this. They either need to keep it genre based or mode based. If they try to have it both ways, someone is going to be upset no matter what they do.

      • Poetry has its own section as does nonfiction. Each will have it’s own set of “genres”. For poetry those genres are
        Love Poems
        Friendship Poems
        Free Poems
        Slam Poetry
        Sad Poems
        Free Verse
        Free beat

        For nonfiction those genres are
        National News
        International New
        Celebrity News
        Film Reviews
        Music Review
        Product Review
        Beauty Review
        Feature Story

        For Fiction genres will be
        Fantasy Books
        Science Fiction Books
        Vampire Books
        Romance Books
        Historical Romance
        Mystery Books
        Horror Books
        Short Story

      • Shock! said

        Wait… WHAT? Short story is going to be a GENRE?! …I’m sorry, but I’m swearing in my head right now. Unless I’m reading this wrong, but you’re restricting us even more? Short stories can’t be in different genres? We’re just going to all be packed in one category? I can’t have a romance short story, a paranormal short story, a nonfiction short story… any of those? It’s just going to be “Oh, hey, it’s a short story. What genre? Why would you need to know the genre?”

        I’m really, really hoping I’m just reading this wrong. But if not… I think I might just be ready to leave, since it seems Inkpop is doing nothing but pushing short story writers away.

      • Anon said

        I agree so, so, SOOOOO much Shock!!

      • KNM said

        So there won’t be a normal Historical genre?
        What if a person’s book isn’t Historical romance? What happened to Adventure or Action? What about Utopias? I’m hoping that those are just some of the genres, and not all of them.

        I know you, Becki, have no control over the changes, but why isn’t HC listening to us when we are all so concerned about the changes? The site changes aren’t for the older users, or at least that’s what it appears to be.

        The idea of encouraging us to write nonfiction is nice and all, but so many of us already write short stories. I (and many others) don’t find it fair that nonfiction is getting there own Top 5 when there are so many short stories already. I’ve seen a very small amount of nonfiction here, and daily life.

      • Gamayun said

        I can’t help noticing that the “non fiction” stories there are “no place to share” are basically articles and reviews. Now, I know someone who loves writing that sort of thing. But you don’t write it with no intention of sharing. So what you do is, you get this thing called a “blog”.

      • Shock! said

        Some more issues I see with that(blah, I hate being so negative like this. But I just keep seeing more problems):

        Where the heck are ‘book reviews’? With a sight full of writers and readers, don’t you think that’d be the most popular nonfiction section?

        And biographies? That refers to either an autobiography or something written by someone with firsthand experience of the person they’re writing about. You can’t call a biography of Nikola Tesla a memoir. So where do those go?

        Vampire books? Seriously? One species gets a whole genre? Sure, there are a lot of books on that subject, but if you’re going to do that, why isn’t their urban fantasy and high fantasy?

        And what about drama, and suspense? And adventure and action?

        And plays? Where do they go?

        And what about historical books that AREN’T romance? American Girl, anyone?

        I realize you can’t add every genre ever. But you seem to be missing a lot of key things that will make some people’s work uncategorizable and cause them to have to mislabel them.

        And then of course there’s the whole short story issues, because SHORT STORY IS NOT A GENRE. I already went over this, but I really want to make it clear: Genre = content. Short story = style of writing. Though apparently if we write in that style we aren’t allowed to write genre fiction. .___.

        Also, what about narrative poetry? And nonsense poetry? Y’know, Jabberwocky and The Hunting of the Snark and the like.

        I’m sorry for having to be continuously negative about this. But HC seems to be completely ignoring the desires and needs of its users, and I feel I have to say something about that.

      • Ash said

        Oh my gosh… I’m seriously about to cry. Humour has disappeared. First we were a writing a style and not a genre, and now we’re not a genre at all. =[

      • SRRainBringer said

        Actually, short story is a genre. . . It’s a literary genre in Western Literature as well as a style of writing. And as I have said before: A Top 5 for Short Stories is a little bit pointless. If you pay attention to the stories on the site most of them are beginnings for novels as well as just the first chapter of novels.
        Poetry needs it’s own catagory because they can’t get their credit on the usual top five because, like myself, I feel it doesn’t compare, especially in word count.
        Poetry compared to Prose is poetry is the general idea, besides narrative, there is a basic story instead of–like a novel, novella, or novelette: The story with details.

      • SRRainBringer said

        Now to say this: Let HC and them do their jobs, they have marketing people and all kinds of experts on what they are about to do.
        Changes like this take time to work out the kinks.
        When they update the site and we find problems usually if enough of us complain — after giving it a try — they will change it.
        They’re also trying to expand the site and draw in new people, not just influence us to write nonfiction.

      • Della Brezza said

        I agree with SSRainBringer completely.

        And of course, I have vampire stories. But HC is publishing a lot of paranormal things like that lately, and you do have to realize that one of inkpop’s priorities is to find promising work that HC is interested in publishing. That sort of thing is what they’re big on right now.

        And yes, HC has experts and advisers who, I’m sure, are taking all factors into consideration. I’m sure it took them a lot of thought and effort to come up with these new changes. You haven’t even seen these changes being taken into effect yet, so maybe do the complaining after the fact, when you know what the real, tangible problems are, not the “what ifs.”

        And yes, short stories fall under the fiction category, whereas poetry does not. That would be why poetry is separate, but novels and short stories are not.

        And someone mentioned here that inkpop admins said “there are already many short story sites out there” and they took it as “go to another site.” Well, if your main focus is to get feedback on short stories, then why don’t you go ahead and find a site more suitable for your needs? HC doesn’t seem to be too interested in short stories anyway as of now. And maybe they’re purposely leaving out certain genres because they aren’t interested in them. It would be a waste of time for them to go through works that they have no intention of publishing. And it would be unfair to those writers as well.

  14. Ash said

    I like the activity centre part =D

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