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inkpop Redesign: How Can You Help

Posted by inkpopbecki on November 19, 2010

So obviously you have been hearing a lot about the new inkpop and you definitely have strong opinion on it. Clearly everyone is eager to help us shape inkpop into the best community writing site. We’re glad. Now it’s your turn to really help.
In mid December we will be inviting 25 users onto the new inkpop to test things out and report back to the community. Don’t worry, for those not selected, none of the activity beta users perform on the site will carry over to the launch. So they will not have an unfair advantage when the new site launches.
If you want to apply to be an inkpop beta user fill out the form at the link below.

inkpop Beta user application

36 Responses to “inkpop Redesign: How Can You Help”

  1. ElanorLawrence said

    I applied. It would be so awesome to be a beta user…

  2. HobbitFeet said

    I would like to know more info about being a beta.

    • Let us know what you want to know and we’ll try to respond.

      • HobbitFeet said

        Well, do I have to use the beta when I sign up? Like, will that be my only option to use until the launch? That means nothing I do will actually have effect? And in what way will I interact with non-beta members as a beta?

      • Well first, when the new redesigned inkpop is released if you are already registered on inkpop, you will not have to sign up again. All you information–your log in, password, profile information and all the projects you’ve created–will be moving to the new site.
        As for the beta sign up, yes you’ll need to register as a new user. It will not have any of your information. You’ll essentially have two websites, the beta inkpop that you can log on to and the real inkpop, which you will still have the ability to go back to. It’s like it’s two separate websites. So on the beta site you will only interact with the inkpop beta users, but if you go back to the old inkpop everything will still be functioning like normal, so you can interact with every one and tell them about the new site.

      • HobbitFeet said

        Oh, okay! That’s awesome! I’ll definitely sign up soon for this! I look forward to being a beta user.

      • HobbitFeet said

        Alright! I’m signed up and everything and looking forward to it!
        I see that we only have ElanorLawrence and I signed up? It’s gonna be rather boring with just us two there, I hope more people sign up for this!

  3. chloexlolx said

    i really want to be picked 😦

  4. Shock! said

    This sounds great; I’ve signed up. C: I hope I’ll get to be a beta user… despite my complaints, I am looking forward to much of the new Inkpop. ♥

  5. Shock! said

    Oh, also, question! If we’re picked, are we going to be notified by e-mail? If so, I’m gonna have to start checking my e-mail more often. xD -doesn’t do that enough-

  6. Ash said

    Ah, what a good idea to have people test it.

  7. Lithiawood said

    i signed up! i just joined a few weeks ago but i’m so obsessed with inkpop already! hopefully that’s a good thing? =D

    • Lithiawood said

      and it’d be cool to have the point of view of someone who isn’t so used to the old version 😉

      • Lexie said

        I think they’re looking for a mix of old and new. Old people know what was wrong and right with the old site, the way it started out, how it’s evolved, etc.

    • Emillia901 said

      I know me too! I joined a few days ago and I love it! The site’s so active and it’s really encouraging to have others reply to your posted work and share writer’s tips =^_^= (also just signed up to be a Beta user and anxious!)

  8. Anneliese said

    will all of the info and writing be transfered tp the new site?

    • Shock! said

      Yes; they said in a blog post awhile back that everything will be transferred over. There MIGHT be a few hiccups, but if something happens you can notify them and they’ll try their best to fix it. 🙂

    • Everything from the current site will be transferred. If you are beta testing though, any content you put on the site will not transfer to the new site. We want to try to keep things as fair as possible.
      As a beta user you will still have access to the old inkpop. So if you want to go back and update a project you posted, you can and that will still transfer.

  9. Peyton said

    Signed up! 🙂

  10. Nella said

    Can we put the same username and e-mail we use for the “real” inkpop because that’s what I did…?
    Or does need to be completely new?

  11. Laura said

    I applied!
    When can we expect an email if chosen?

  12. Marisa said

    I applied 😀
    Great idea to have people test it out 🙂

  13. LilyJane said

    That was an easy process; no questions or anything. Interesting idea. I love the sound of ‘beta’.

    • ElanorLawrence said

      That kind of confused me… I was expecting them to screen the betas a little more, asking them why they want to be a beta, what they did on inkpop, how long they were on inkpop…etc..

  14. Lexie said

    Is there a certain selection process?

  15. ElanorLawrence said

    I’m just wondering… how do they pick the beta users? And also, when will we be notified? Will we even be notified if we’re not picked? (I just saw that they’re ‘inviting’ users in Mid-december, so we have a while to wait yet. Will there be a specific date?)

    • There is not a specific date yet. Only those selected will be notified by e-mail. We’re pretty familiar with your work on inkpop, so we’ll be selecting based on your activity. We probably will select a group of old users and new users.

  16. EllieK said

    I signed up!!!!!!!

  17. Sakira said

    I THINK I signed up. After I submitted my username and email, a page popped up saying it wasn’t supported by Safari. I went to google chrome to try and submit again (in case it didn’t go through), and it said one time per user… so I THINK I signed up.

  18. sam said

    Hey, i was wondering when this new version of ink pop was coming out because i am very excited to see it.

  19. SRRainBringer said

    I was wondering the same as Sam, I quit using inkpop for a while because I was ticked off about the unimportant stuff that was happening, like the–no offence intended– character chats.

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