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Soundtrack of the Book

Posted by inkpopbecki on November 24, 2010

Sometimes it’s more than other books that inspire our writing. Often our own unique interests really influence our writing. For Yvonne Prinz, author of the upcoming book “All You Get is Me” and “Vinyl Princess”, it’s music.  As co-owner the famed independent record store, Amoeba Records, in California, music plays a defining role in her work. Check our her music list below and see how it influenced the shape, ideas and mood of characters. Want to hear more? Check out our live chat with Yvonne Prinz today at 5 p.m. EST on the inkpop forum events.

A carefully selected soundtrack list to accompany “All You Get Is Me” by Yvonne Prinz

1. Greg Brown-Smell of Coffee
This is a great little song by my favorite cynical folkie. I chose this because Roar’s story starts in the old farmhouse in the wee hours but the song really speaks to what I suspect is going on in Roar’s Dad’s head as he fires up his espresso machine.

2. Joe Henry- Ohio Air Show Crash.
Joe let me use a quote from this song to open the book with. It’s about a lot of things but for the sake of this story, I’m going to say it’s about life changing events.

3. Honey Honey- Black Crows
I love this duo and this song perfectly speaks to Roar’s discontent at being transplanted onto a farm she couldn’t care less about.

4. Bright Eyes- The First Day Of My Life
This is the song that’s playing on Roar’s iPod when she runs into Forest for the first time alone. Coincidentally, he’s reading about Conor Oberst in Rolling Stone. Roar puts one of her earbuds in his ear. They bond instantly. As they should.
5. The Low Anthem- Senorita
I wanted this list to include a song for Sylvia, who dies in a car crash at the beginning of the story and leaves Roar wondering about who she was and what kind of life she had, so far from home.

6. Los Lobos- Saint Behind The Glass
…and this is a nod to Tomas, Sylvia’s Husband, left behind when she dies. He becomes the reluctant focus of the town when Roar’s dad convinces him to sue the woman who killed his wife.

7. Harvest Moon- Cassandra Wilson
This is a gorgeous Neil Young song performed by Cassandra Wilson. I’ve never heard it done quite like this. It’s an ode to Forest and Roar and summer and love and…wow.

8. Little Village- Do You Want My Job?
I was moved by this song years ago. Little Village is Ry Cooder, Nick Lowe, John Hiatt, and Jim Keltner. Recently, The United Farm Workers offered up their jobs to documented Americans in order to prove that Americans don’t really want those jobs.  They were right. This song is about that. The farmworkers in the book risk life and limb to get a job on this side of the border and often leave their families behind to work in horrible conditions for poor pay and no benefits.

9. Gorillaz- To Binge
This song is soooo dreamy and evokes lazy summer days. I chose it for the way it reminds me of the way you feel when you’re laying on your back in a lake, looking up at the sky, thinking about someone you’re falling in love with. Much of Roar and Forest’s courtship takes place on water.

10. The Czars- Paint The Moon
A melancholy song about falling in love and knowing you have to leave someone. This one kills me.

11. Clem Snide- I’ll Be Your Mirror
This Velvet Underground song is about giving yourself over to someone. In the book, Roar talks about how she finally feels beautiful under the gaze of someone who loves her. Love can do that, it can make you feel so beautiful.

12. Steve Earle- I thought You Should Know
This song is for the night before Roar’s Birthday. A lot of the sentiments in this song are things that Forest is thinking that night, being more experienced than Roar but having fallen head over heels in love with this most unusual girl.

13. Tomorrow-Ryan Adams
And for the big goodbye scene between Roar and Forest I present the quintessential goodbye song- Heartbreaking. Sigh, I love this song.

14. Frank Sinatra- Fly Me To The Moon
The first song that Roar and Forest listen to in the car together and the song he leaves for her in her car when he goes back to LA. Roar plays it as she turns out of her driveway and away from the farm.

Want to hear more from Yvonne on how interests can impact your writing? Join us for a live chat today at 5 p.m. EST on the inkpop forum events.

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