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Second Annual inkie Awards

Posted by inkpopbecki on November 26, 2010

Hey guys! Can you believe it has almost been a year since inkpop has been around. I can’t! In honor of our one year anniversary we have decided to host the Second Annual inkie Awards. What are the inkie Awards you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. On New Year’s Day last January user XoADreadnought (aka Tim Sibiski)asked himself, “What could cause a stir on

inkpop?” And thus the inkies were born. The inkpop born awards program recognizes and celebrates inkpoppers’ achievements in writing and community leadership.

We’re in the final days of the inkie Awards. Go to this link and vote for your favorite inkies.

Check out some of the stellar nominees you can vote for:

1. Best Horror/Paranormal

2. Best General Fiction

3. Best Historical Fiction

Hearts at War by sakira

4. Best Romance

5. Best Science Fiction/Action

6. Best Fantasy/Adventure

7. Best Short Story

8. Best Poem

9. Best Essay

10. Best Humor/Satire

11. Best Imagery

12. Best Dialogue

13. Best Characters

14. Best Plot

15. Best Writing Style

16. Hardest Worker on inkpop

17. Best Critic

18. Most Influential inkpopper

19. Helpful Person on inkpop

20. Best Writing Challenge

8 Responses to “Second Annual inkie Awards”

  1. Lithiawood said

    Three things to say:
    1.) The Inkie Awards are awesome
    2.) I already voted, why haven’t you?
    3.) The second sentence should end with a question mark, not a period.

    And that’s all folks,
    Lithia =)

  2. Nella said

    Can’t wait to see the winners.

  3. Shock! said

    [The] Devil’s Bride
    Summer [W]ith [Y]ou
    [Steel Horizon] (No ‘Right’)
    Dear [Ella] by [roxymutt]
    [Summer Rush]
    If I Fall (link?)
    Summer of First[s]
    Summer of First[s]

    Otherwise, can’t wait to see the winners. 🙂

  4. theliving said


    • The Beaver said

      Ahahaha, I just realized that! That’s awesome.
      There are a TON of errors on this post, though. Just sayin’. And also errors on the voting ballot, probably the same as on the post. It’s not as if it actually matters, but it’s kind of bugging the perfectionist inside of me…

    • Anon said

      HA! That’s awesome XP

      Next year the HF section won’t be there. ‘Cuz romance is vital to a successful book -_-


  5. Nella said

    Isn’t inkpop already a year old? 😮

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