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From Web to Print, How to Promote & Sell Your Work: Tips from the Creators of The Amanda Project

Posted by inkpopbecki on December 1, 2010

Being in the digital age, it takes a lot more to make a bestselling book than just publishing it. Now a book is not just a book, but a website, an app and a brand. So what does it take to sell a book int he digital age? The creators of The Amanda Project are here to tell you. Want to know more? Check out their live chat today at 5 p.m. EST on the inkpop forum event.

1) Start with a fantastic story and compelling characters. These days infinite platform possibilities – apps! games! e-books! websites! – sometimes obscure what is, and always will be, the most important part of creating a transmedia success – a well-written, fantastic story with characters your readers fall in love with. Without that core, it doesn’t matter what media you work in, no one will care enough to engage with your story!

2) Think about possible avenues for collaboration with your readers as you create. Unlike traditional storytelling, transmedia stories tend to be less linear, and invite readers into the narrative. You’re not just telling the story, you’re collaborating with your readers – – you’re building the house, and they’re helping you furnish it. Think about the extent to which you’d like your story to be open-ended – are you creating the main narrative, and inviting readers to imagine side plots and invent ancillary characters? Are you writing serialized installments and inviting readers to determine the course of the narrative Choose Your Own Adventure style? Are you creating a more traditional narrative that has ancillary media based on your characters, but is less interactive? There are infinite possibilities – just be clear on what will work for your story and abilities.

3) Not all platforms are right for every story (and not all stories are right for every platform). The best transmedia stories are told across platforms that dovetail perfectly with the stories themselves. While some major properties may find lives across a variety of media (books, online, games, apps, etc.), many have anchors in one (books, movies), with extensions into a few others (web, app, game). Really think about the story you’re telling, and where it might live best. Don’t try to push it into formats that don’t make sense just to increase the “transmedia” nature of your story.

4) Play around with what’s out there. It’s very difficult to imagine your story as an app, or game, or collaborative community website if you don’t have experience interacting on those platforms. Just as great writers are great readers, great transmedia storytellers are great transmedia consumers. Buy apps, join communities, become addicted to games – they’ll help you understand how these different media work, and will help you shape your own vision.

Want to ask your own questions? Join the  live chat today at 5 p.m. EST on the inkpop forum event to talk to the creators of The Amanda Project. Check out their website at

One Response to “From Web to Print, How to Promote & Sell Your Work: Tips from the Creators of The Amanda Project”

  1. Lithiawood said

    Great advice – the times are a changin!

    I agree that 1 is the most important – I’d also say it’s the hardest to accomplish, so it’s kind of funny that this article is just like, “yeah, so create something everyone will love, and now, on to step two.” It’s not that easy!

    But like I said, it’s good advice.


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