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Second Annual inkie Awards Winners!

Posted by cat eyes & skinny jeans on December 2, 2010

It seems that we were just announcing the winners of the first batch of inkie Awards; and now, here we are sharing the news with you of the winners for the Second Annual inkie Awards! You shared your thoughts on who you felt was the best of the best on inkpop, and now here are your winners!

Best Horror/Paranormal:

The Devil’s Bride by Krystelle Elizabeth.

Best General Fiction:

The Prank War by Kit_kat_00.

Best Historical Fiction:

The Elegance of Tyranny by Poading.

Best Romance:

The Importance of Getting Revenge by Mandybeth.

Best Science Fiction/Action:

Steel Horizon by wildgreenskittle.

Best Fantasy/Adventure:

Night Child by luvpoets.

Best Short Story:

Because You Laughed by ElanorLawrence.

Best Poem:

Alone by BlackHills.

Best Essay:

Etiquette for Being a Good inkpopper by Author S M Johnston.

Best Humor/Satire:

Dear Liver, Just Deal With It by ashlutz.

Best Imagery:

The Trees Have Eyes by cara_ruegg.

Best Dialogue:

Summer of Firsts by cyc.

Best Characters:

The Prank War by Kit_kat_00.

Best Plot:

Resistance by shiftermover0308.

Best Writing Style:

The Trees Have Eyes by cara_ruegg.

Hardest Worker on inkpop:


Best Critic:


Best Influential inkpopper:

Author S M Johnston.

Most Helpful Person on inkpop:

Author S M Johnston.

Best Writing Challenge:

The Paranormalcy Writing Challenge.

Congratulations to the winners of the Second Annual inkie Awards!

Erika (aka inkpoperika)

15 Responses to “Second Annual inkie Awards Winners!”

  1. ElanorLawrence said

    Woot! This just made my day! Thanks so much to everyone who voted ‘Because You Laughed’ as best short story! Luv you all!

  2. BlackHills said

    Oh, this is lovely! Really cheered up my crappy mood. Na’ww.

  3. Lithiawood said

    Congratulations to everyone whole was nominated/won! What an achievement! =)

  4. cyc said

    Sharon’s a triple winner 🙂

  5. Beaver said

    Congrats to everyone who won. 😀 It’s great to see these amazing writers get recognized.

  6. Cara said

    YAY I WON!!! I was so not expecting that…I was up against some awesome writers so I am really surprised so much so I’m trying not to get excited in case it’s a glicth :p haha.

    Anyway, congrats to everyone who won. 🙂

    Since I won two does that mean I get six books?

    and thanks to everyone who voted for me. You guys are too nice! *hugs*

  7. luvpoets said

    Congrats to all the winners and thanks to anyone who voted for Night Child!!!

  8. HealedMyWings said

    The Devil’s Bride and The Elegance of Tyranny (and cara_ruegg) definitely deserve their places. So does everyone else, mind you, but those are the ones I’m most excited to see up there. x)

    Congratulations, everyone!

    ~Tori, HealedMyWings~

    • Cara said

      You deserve your place too, Tori, Miss. Future Editor. When you start working for HC or Penguin or someone big, you have to represent me. Your reviews are actually better than most of HC’s. They need you on their side. :p lol.

    • Krystelle said

      Nawwww, that is just too sweet of you. Thank you, Tori! You are so next! 😀

  9. Nana_Hassan said

    OMG, congrats you guys! That is sooo cool!
    I’m so excited to see Steel Horizon & The Devil’s Bride up here! Congrats to all the rest, again.

  10. Ellen said

    Congrats to all the winners!

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