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inkpopper of the Week: inkie Awards Winners – Categorically Speaking

Posted by cat eyes & skinny jeans on December 6, 2010

Last week we announced the winners of the Second Annual inkie Awards; now, for the entire month of December 2010, we have a special treat for you…each week you will learn a little more about the people you voted for – what they’re working on next, what they’d like to say to their fans, and so much more!

To kick off our inkpopper of the Week: inkie Awards Winners series, we will be introducing you to the authors of five of inkpop’s most popular tales – Poading (aka Rosiee), wildgreenskittle (aka Gwen), Krystelle Elizabeth, Kit_kat_00, and Mandybeth!

Best Historical Fiction Winner – Poading for The Elegance of Tyranny

The Elegance of Tyranny is very unique in that it is what you have termed “an alternate universe historical fiction.” Do you feel that this originality on your part is one of the things which has made The Elegance of Tyranny such a popular project on inkpop, and helped it to earn the award for Best Historical Fiction?

Poading: I’m not entirely sure. I think the originality of the concept was actually lost on a lot of people. I’d guess that most people thought it was either High Fantasy or Historical Fiction, not a combination of the two. Of course, there were a few people that understood what I was trying to do, but I think most of the people who read Elegance didn’t pick up on the alternative fantasy aspect. I think its success is probably due to people liking the plot or my writing style more than the originality, since I don’t get many comments about the historical fantasy part of the book. It is certainly a part of the book’s success on inkpop and in the inkie Awards, but I don’t think it’s the main reason people like it. Of course, I could be totally wrong and maybe I’m interpreting my readers ridiculously inaccurately.

What’s next on the agenda for The Elegance of Tyranny?

Poading: Well, I have to finish writing it. I’m getting pretty close to the halfway point, so with any luck it’ll be finished by the end of December or January and then I’ll shoot for the top 5.

If you could say one thing to your fans/the inkpoppers who voted for you, what would it be and why?

Poading: Thank you! Seriously, I’m so incredibly thankful for the immense support I’ve received on this site not only for Elegance but for myself as well. You guys are amazing and I doubt I’d even be writing if it wasn’t for all of you!

Best Science Fiction / Action Winner – wildgreenskittle for Steel Horizon

This is an exciting week for you. On December 1, 2010, Steel Horizon was named a Top Pick here on inkpop, and now it has earned the title of Best Science Fiction/Action piece in the Second Annual inkie Awards. How does all of this inkpop success make you feel?

wildgreenskittle: I think the obvious answer is just darn happy. I seriously thought it would be impossible to get this far. I joined in the beginning of August and saw all of the books on the Top 5, and thought I would never get there. It seemed impossible at the time, and I really didn’t think Steel Horizon was good enough to actually make it. So, you can just imagine how happy I was when it was finally up there.

What would you like to say to the people who have supported you during your time on inkpop?

wildgreenskittle: *hugs everyone* You guys are all so awesome. And most everyone is so supportive on the threads, and that just makes me happy when my promotion threads don’t totally fail. Steel Horizon would still be a piece of poo if it wasn’t for all of you guys tearing into it and making it better. I don’t want to sound totally lame, but I really learned a lot about writing here, and it’s because of all of you guys. 😀

Steel Horizon is listed as being incomplete at the moment. Do you think that you will continue on with this project at this time, or take a breather for a bit and work on something new?

wildgreenskittle: Actually, I’ll be taking a breather from Steel Horizon for about a week, and then get right back into writing it again. I’m hoping to have most of it done by the end of December or mid January. I’m just thankful that I haven’t gotten sick of it yet, haha. In the meantime though, I have been working on something new, in addition to editing my other book, Sunlight. One thing for sure is that I never run out of something to do when it comes to writing.

Best Horror / Paranormal Winner – Krystelle Elizabeth for The Devil’s Bride

How did it feel to be named a winner in the Second Annual inkie Awards?

Krystelle Elizabeth: Honestly, a little surreal. One of my favourite books, Arachne’s Pandemonium, was nominated right along with me and I was more than positive that she would get it. I still find it very hard to believe. Though it is really flattering! When people told me, I didn’t believe them. I had to see for myself. And even then, it still seemed a really overwhelming. I think my Mum would be really proud of me.

Is there anything you’d like to say to the inkpoppers who voted for you?

Krystelle Elizabeth: Just a massive thank you for all the support they have given me. I never thought I would accomplish what I have on here. It was more than what I had set out to achieve. Just making the top five is a major feat, but to be nominated for any awards, let alone to win one, was enough to blow my mind. I could never thank them enough.

What’s next for The Devil’s Bride?

Krystelle Elizabeth: Well, first I am dying to finish it! And then I think I will take a break and rework it and edit it like crazy once I get my review. While I’m waiting though, I might get started on the second book in the trilogy The Devil’s Advocate. We will see how I feel.

Best General Fiction Winner – Kit_kat_00 for The Prank War

You won the Best General Fiction award for your project The Prank War. Seeing as how this particular project recently received a fantastic review from the HarperCollins Editors when it was named a Top Pick, was there any doubt in your mind that you would take this prize home?

Kit_kat_00: I was actually very surprised to find out that I’d won the General Fiction award. Despite The Prank War being a Top Pick, I know that there is still work that could be done to make it even better, and the review gave me some good suggestions on how I could do that. Also, I was up against three other fantastic projects that completely deserved their nominations. I was amazed and proud to have been nominated with them so needless to say this award was an unexpected and happy surprise.

What can inkpoppers expect from you next?

Kit_kat_00: Right now I’m trying to experiment and write something besides General Fiction so I’ve started a Science Fiction book called Mayhem Rule. It’s a superhero book about teenagers who live in New York City and are part of an agency that works to fight against crime. Right now, it’s still in the beginning stages, but I’m excited because it has been so fun to write especially the super-powered action scenes.

I’ve also started outlining for another new project. This one is another general fiction romance so I guess I can’t stay far away from this genre. The main details aren’t set in stone yet, but I will say that the main character will be a girl with a very interesting job.

Anything you’d like to say to fans of The Prank War?

Kit_kat_00: There are so many things I want to say to you guys so I’ll start here. To everyone who has supported The Prank War, I want to say thank you for everything. Thank you for reading and commenting. Thank you for all the helpful advice and critiques. Thank you for helping me get into the Top Picks. Thank you even for asking for updates because without your enthusiasm and support The Prank War wouldn’t have gotten close to where it is today. Thank you!

Best Romance Winner – Mandybeth for The Importance of Getting Revenge

The Importance of Getting Revenge was named a Top Pick back in March of 2010. How does it feel to know that users still believe that your project is the Best Romance on inkpop – nine months later?

Mandybeth: It feels pretty great, actually! And surprising. Every time I get a new comment on it these days, I think to myself, “People are still reading this book?” After it got that Top Pick star last March, I figured that would be it and that everyone would just forget about it. So the fact that people actually voted for it nine months later was a very pleasant surprise!

How would you describe your fans – the ones who helped to make The Importance of Getting Revenge a Top Pick, and the winner of the Best Romance in the Second Annual inkie Awards?

Mandybeth: The fans are amazing. There’s really no other word to describe them! For the duration that The Importance of Getting Revenge was making its way to the Top 5, my readers were so supportive and so helpful – a lot of them actually made it become a better book than before I uploaded it, with all of their suggestions and corrections. And not to mention their encouragement. I can honestly say I adore all of my fans tremendously, and I am very thankful for them!

Rumor has it that you will be uploading a new project – How to Get a Life – to inkpop sometime this month. A project which you have stated is “the result of my first ever nanowrimo participation.” What type of reaction do you hope readers have towards this new piece?

Mandybeth: I started that rumor! And in a way I wish I hadn’t, only because I’m ashamed to admit that I ended up failing NaNoWriMo horribly. I’m still writing the book, however, and as soon as I hit the 10,000 word mark I will post it up. I guess I’m hoping the reaction to this book will be similar to the reaction to The Importance of Getting Revenge, as this book falls within the same genre. However, I’m not expecting it to become the next TIOGR, as I tend to believe the popularity of that book was pretty much a fluke. Basically, I’ll just be happy if at least one person likes it!

Congratulations to the winners; stop back next Monday to meet five more of your favorite inkpop authors as our inkpopper of the Week: inkie Awards Winners series continues!

Erika (aka inkpoperika)

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  1. Wildgreenskittle said

    Haha, I forgot I said poo. *chuckles*
    Congrats guys!! 😀

  2. Cara said

    YAY! Congratulations you guy. You all deserve it.

  3. Nella said

    Great job guys 😀
    Can’t wait to see Mandybeth’s new project.
    Oh and Kit Kat
    Mayhem Rule rules! XD

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