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Word Game Here!

Posted by inkpopbecki on December 10, 2010

So we’re trying out a new post on the site–which we hope will carry on to the new site–we want to play word games with you. Today is our first word game and it is a take off on Upwards.

We’re making adjustments to the game so we can play here with you! Someone (in this case we will start) post a word. The next person has to make a new word using the first letter of the word posted before them. Easy, you say? We’re not done yet! The new word also has to include the last letter of the word posted before their word in the first position of their word.

I will give you an example.

Word #1: Duckling

Word #2: Greed

Bonus points for those who can actually take third letter from the word prior to their own and use it as well.



The user who create our favorite word will with a book from HarperTeen. Feel free to post as many times as you like. Please be sure to use your inkpop user name when leaving a post so we can find you and contact you if you won.

25 Responses to “Word Game Here!”

  1. ElanorLawrence said

    I’m remotely confused… how does ‘Grid’ use the third letter of ‘Duckling’ or ‘Greed’? Or is ‘Grid’ just the word we’re supposed to start with?

    If Grid is the word we start with, I’ll go with ‘Dagger’ That’s allowed, right? 😛


    • Lithiawood said

      The way I read it, with the third letter it just means that you use the two letters you have to (the first and last letter of the previous word), and one other letter happens to to be the same too, anywhere in your word.

      I don’t think dagger counts if grid is the word because your new word needs to start with D and end with G – dagger ends with R. But I could be misinterpreting it, and you only need to use the last letter of the previous word. It could be just a coincidence that duckling and greed have the same end letters, and you really only deal with the last letter. I don’t know. =/

      But whatever it is, it’s obvious that this post isn’t too clear. I think that it’s a nice idea, and a cute one, and it’s awesome that you can win books, but you should clarify the rules and everything. LIke you say that this is the first post of the game, and then you don’t give us a word to start with. And while it’s clear we can have multiple entries, if there is going to be a winner there must be a time limit; another thing you don’t mention.

      So points for creativity on a new way to get people involved in the blog, but if this post is any indication, there is definitely room for improvement. I guess one can consider this a dry run for when it really gets going with the new site, and now one knows what needs work. =)

      • ElanorLawrence said

        It just said that I needed to use the G, it didn’t need to be at the end… so I don’t know if they actually want it to be at the end and they just didn’t say that…

        I completely agree with you. This game REALLY needs to be clarified.

      • Lithiawood said

        Yay, concurring opinions. =) Although them concurring that this post is a bit of fail isn’t too good. But I think once it is cleared up, it’ll be really fun!

  2. flubberdoodl17 said


  3. Narnia Fan said

    I’m confused… where exactly is this game? :/

  4. alliksable said

    Okay, going along with the DAGGER:
    Make of that what you will… (=

  5. Lexie said


  6. mleedancerr12 said


  7. LilyJane said


  8. alliksable said


  9. Swissyche said


  10. WickedBeauty said

    Just going off of lilyjane….

    ummm… so g….

    lets go with gauging <- see? (i think i got it right….)

    then guide because I'm tired of simply seeing d and g…..

  11. LilyJane said

    LOL. I know.
    But I thought someone was supposed to give us a word, as in an Inkie.

  12. Anon said

    “The new word also has to include the last letter of the word posted before their word in the first position of their word.”

    I can’t get my head around that at all! xDD

    Word B has to have the last letter of the word posted before their word… Word A then? The first position of their word? HUH?!

    Help? O.o

    • Lithiawood said

      I reread it about 10 times and I think it’s like this:

      Say your first word is “monkey” –

      The next word has to start with the letter “y” because it’s the last letter of the word “monkey.”

      It also needs to include the letter “m” somewhere in the word, because that’s the first letter of “monkey.”

      So an acceptable next word would be “yachtsman.” It starts with “y” and “m” is located in the word.

      And an acceptable word after that would be “nymph.” It starts with “n” and “y” is located in the word. Continuing:




      And so on and so forth. People please correct me if this is wrong. =)

  13. Krystalful said

    I understand the rules now that I’ve read it about 10 times. I just don’t understand what word I’m supposed to make a new word from since it says that you guys would start the game, but all I see are example words…

    Um, would “dodging” work since it starts with the letter “d” and ends with the “g”?

    • Lithiawood said


      And it doesn’t matter what letter your word ends with. I think what’s got everyone confused is that in their example, “ducking –> greed” just switches the first and last letters of the previous word, but if you actually read the rules, that’s not what they’re saying.

      and @Wickedbeauty – yeah, that’s partially why I’m saying you guys are playing wrong – the way you’re doing it every word starts with “d” or “g” and ends with “d” or “g” – and that gets kind of boring and doesn’t lead to much variety (not to mention the post states nothing about what the last letter of your new word has to be).

      Grrr so now I’m confused again because after defending my way of playing I’m starting to doubt myself! I’m going to go try and message someone.

      • WickedBeauty said

        Exactly! i think the main goal is not to end and repeat with the same letter i think its just to add a letter or the first letter SOMEWHERE in the piece….

      • Lithiawood said

        Well I messaged the author of the post and asked them, so hopefully we’ll find out soon =)

  14. Sorry we didn’t explain this game better. We have selected a winner from those who participated. Congratulations LilyJane.

  15. LilyJane said

    LOL. What a fluke. Thanks, though.

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