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inkpopper of the Week: inkie Awards Winners – You Know You Love Them

Posted by cat eyes & skinny jeans on December 20, 2010

Week three of inkpop’s special series – inkpopper of the Week: inkie Awards Winners – is finally upon us, inkpoppers! Today we introduce to you four of inkpops most loved and greatest authors – cara_ruegg, shiftermover0308, cyc, and kit_kat_00!

Best Imagery and Best Writing Style Winner – cara_ruegg for The Trees Have Eyes

2010 has been a HUGE year for your writing. Already you have had two projects named Top Picks here on inkpop – First to Dream of Love and The Trees Have Eyes; you have received wonderful critiques from the HarperCollins Editors on both projects; and now you have taken up not one, but two, awards in the Second Annual inkie Awards – Best Imagery and Best Writing Style. How does all of this inkpop success make you feel?

cara_ruegg: It really boosts my confidence. I am just blown away by all the support I’ve received and the reviews themselves were just wonderful. Having a professional editor’s insight on my work really helps when I go back to edit.

What would you like to say to the people who have supported you during your time on inkpop?

cara_ruegg: Thank you, thank you, thank you! Seriously, you guys are all amazing! I don’t know what I would do without people like you believing in me. Not to mention most of the people on here are excellent writers themselves, so their support is all the more appreciated.

Best Imagery and Best Writing Style are incredibly flattering titles to be named with. Were you surprised to take home these awards? Why or why not?

cara_ruegg: I was so shocked. People were congratulating me on my awards right when I signed in and I was like, “Wait, what’s going on?” I was excited but refused to believe it till I saw it myself. Once I did, I ran around the house and did my happy dance. The authors I was up against are so amazingly talented; I didn’t expect to win either of those awards. In particular Oceanlimbs and Krystelle Elizabeth who have both made it on my “favorite authors” page despite the fact they aren’t published yet. I honestly don’t really feel like I deserve it. Maybe there was a glitch. 😉

The Trees Have Eyes is listed as being incomplete at the moment. Do you think that you will continue on with this project at this time, or take a breather for a bit and work on something new?

cara_ruegg: I have actually completed it, I just don’t have the whole thing uploaded onto inkpop. I am going through and editing it but for the most part I am putting it on hold and focusing on my new book: Inspiria: The Words of Ashlin which is an urban fantasy circulated around muses and artists, because I have an agent currently interested in seeing my work, thanks to bestselling author Susan King who said some very nice things about me, not that I deserve them in the least, (Pst, you all should read her books!) but I don’t feel The Trees Have Eyes would be a good fit after seeing what she represents.

Best Plot – shiftermover0308 for Resistance

Resistance is very unique in that your MC is telekinetic – something that you don’t oftentimes see in fiction. Do you feel that this originality on your part is one of the things which has made Resistance such a popular project on inkpop, and helped it to earn the award for Best Plot?

shiftermover0308: Well, I mean, I guess Alex being telekinetic certainly helps turn heads. I’m not sure if that has any effect on the popularity of Resistance or not – that’s all up to the readers. I’d like to think it does, but then again there are so many aspects of my story that I’d like to believe draw readers in and help them relate to the situations and characters no matter how outrageous or strange they may be, but I guess I’ll never know.

From what I gather from your profile, Resistance is the first book in a five-book series tentatively titled The Black Book Series; while you have completed the outline for the second installment in the series, you are currently focusing your attentions on Resistance, which brings me to my next question…What’s next on the agenda for Resistance?

shiftermover0308: First, I have to finish this last draft of Resistance, then I get a vacation for about a month where I can devote more time to my newest project, Runner, and then it’s off to hard editing before I hopefully get to send it out to agents in the early spring. Or that’s my plan anyway. If that doesn’t work out, I’m still planning on writing the rest just for fun.

If you could say one thing to your fans/the inkpoppers who voted for you, what would it be and why?

shiftermover0308: If I could say anything it’d be a giant thank you! 😀 I really appreciate all the votes that Resistance received. It all really helps keep me motivated with my writing and it’s just nice to know that there are people out there who enjoy the story just as much as you do. So, again, to everyone on inkpop – thanks so much!

Best Dialogue – cyc for Summer of Firsts

Summer of Firsts was named a Top Pick back in September of 2010. How does it feel to know that users still believe that your project features the Best Dialogue on inkpop – three months later?

cyc: I think it’s awesome that readers still remember the dialogue in my book and believe it’s strong enough to be voted as the best on inkpop. It makes me feel good that the words I have created made an impact. Dialogue used to be one of my weakest points in writing, but as you can see, I have greatly improved in that area!

A few months back you uploaded a new project – Spark (A Fire Girl Novel) – which falls under the genres paranormal/mystery – quite different from what you are typically known for on inkpop. What type of reaction do you hope readers have towards this new piece?

cyc: Yes, Spark is completely different in the sense that there’s magic, mystery, and deaths! Despite the book being paranormal, I do hope readers can still get caught up in the romance and humor I have created in my story. You have your hot guys, witty banters, kick-butt friends, and did I mention hot guys? Character interaction still plays a big part in the book, and I do believe Spark was also nominated for Best Dialogue.

Anything you’d like to say to fans of Summer of Firsts?

cyc: I want to thank my fans for all their support of Summer of Firsts. As a thank you, expect a sequel next summer. There wasn’t supposed to be one, but I guess Adam and Grace’s story isn’t over, especially when they didn’t have a typical happy ending. In Summer of Second Chances, the gang returns for another summer at the shore and another rollercoaster love story between Adam and Grace with the addition of *dun, dun, dun* Grace’s new boyfriend. Grace will continue to make fun literary references, but Adam will join in with references of his own…boy band references.

Best Characters – kit_kat_00 for The Prank War

A couple of weeks back we announced that you had won the Best General Fiction award in the Second Annual inkie Awards; but that wasn’t the only award you took home…you were also named Best Characters for The Prank War. How does all of this inkpop success make you feel?

Kit_kat_00: I feel so fortunate that I have such great readers who like my characters and my story. Like I said before, I never expected to win any award so to win both of these was an awesome surprise. I am thankful for all the encouragement I have received from my fellow inkies because really it was their support that brought The Prank War to where it is now.

How would you describe your fans – the ones who helped to make The Prank War a Top Pick, and the winner of both Best General Fiction and Best Characters in the Second Annual inkie Awards?

Kit_kat_00: Craz—I mean awesome. They are crazy awesome. They are amazing, honest, and just all around great fans. The comments I receive are always helpful especially since they say exactly what they think. When they do not like something about plot or the writing they will tell me. They also keep me on track by leaving me messages supporting The Prank War and asking for updates. It’s nice to see that others care about my project and my characters, too.

In short, you guys rock!

What’s next for The Prank War?

Kit_kat_00: First, I have to finish posting the whole thing. I have the ending planned and written, but it still has to be connected to what I have up right now. It’s almost there, though, and after I’m done I’ll probably take a break before editing and reworking the story. I feel like there will be some scenes taken out, some scenes added in, but hopefully in the end the book will be better for it.

Congratulations to the winners; stop back next Monday to meet the last three of your favorite inkpop authors as our inkpopper of the Week: inkie Awards Winners series continues!

Erika (aka inkpoperika)

One Response to “inkpopper of the Week: inkie Awards Winners – You Know You Love Them”

  1. Kristia S. said

    Go shiftermover and Kit-Kat!!! I knew you guys would do it!!! XD This will not be the last of you guy’s accomplishments!!!

    Same goes for the rest! You guys did great and well deserve it!! XD

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