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inkpopper of the Week: inkie Awards Winners – Super inkies!

Posted by cat eyes & skinny jeans on December 27, 2010

Welcome, inkpoppers, to the fourth and final week of inkpop’s special series – inkpopper of the Week: inkie Awards Winners. Today we are profiling three of inkpop’s most active and supportive members – Author S M Johnston, blueview, and HealedMyWings!

Most Influential inkpopper and Most Helpful Person on inkpop Winner – Author S M Johnston

You were the big winner of the Second Annual inkie Awards, taking home three titles – Best Essay, Best Influential inkpopper, and Most Helpful Person on inkpop. How does it feel to know that you are so highly regarded by users of this online community?

Author S M Johnston: I was really surprised – I didn’t really expect to win any category. To be honest, if Evie was still on the site I think she would have taken out the Influential category. But it was really cool. The essay belongs to the community, and inkies can add to it whenever they want through the comments. If you were to revote again now on most influential you would probably find Anne (blueview) or Dae (Daediel) taking out the category because I’m no longer a top trendsetter. The winning MHP is really sweet. The inkpop community is so supportive and I’m glad that people think I reflect that.

What can inkpoppers expect from you next?

Author S M Johnston: Well at the moment I’m still working on Dirty Rainbow. It’s a Utopian story where men have become extinct and women have created the perfect world where everyone is beautiful and there is no war, disease or poverty. But beauty is only skin deep and something is lurking beneath the surface. A lot of people grapple with the concept of procreation with only women, but modern science can actually do it now through cell regression and artificial insemination.

I also have a space adventure, Conquest, that I am hoping to get more work done on and have posted soon.

How would you describe your fans – the ones who helped to make you a three-time winner in the Second Annual inkie Awards?

Author S M Johnston: I wouldn’t say I have fans XP. I’d call them friends. inkpop is such a great community. For the most, people are friendly and helpful. I have made some really good friends on the site. To my “fans” – you’re all epic ninjas.

Hardest Worker on inkpop Winner – blueview

In July 2010 your project Second Time Around was named an inkpop Top Pick. Now you’ve taken home the Hardest Worker on inkpop title in the Second Annual inkie Awards. How does this inkpop success make you feel for the future?

blueview: When the nominations started, I never expected to win in any category, and the first thing I did when I found out I had won is laugh. Yes, I laughed. I couldn’t believe it, and it made me incredibly happy. With Second Time Around a Top Pick, I think I’m just a bit more confident about my writing for the future and very excited about what’s next for me on inkpop. What’s next? Well, I really have no clue xD

If you could say one thing to your fans/the inkpoppers who voted for you, what would it be and why?

blueview: Thank you, thank you, thank you! Although I still disagree with the fact that I work hard around here, I’m still very flattered that others think otherwise. It makes me happy, and the fans are incredible. They have a way of making me come back and want to post more of my work.

As the Hardest Worker on inkpop, how would you describe your inkpop schedule? How do you make time to pen popular novels, be the Hardest Worker on inkpop, and balance school/life?

blueview: Hardest worker? I still need some more time to agree and get used to that. But yes…I’m an inkpop addict. I spend too much of my time on here and with school being so easy right now, my inkpop hours seem to be increasing. I have all morning to log on before school and usually most of my afternoons (I know, I know – I have a lot of time on my hands). As for being a trendsetter, I know what kinds of books I like and it never takes me too long to find the ones I enjoy reading, which makes it really fun!

Best Critic Winner – HealedMyWings

How did it feel to be named a winner in the Second Annual inkie Awards?

HealedMyWings: It was a bit shocking, actually, considering I haven’t been incredibly active on the site as of late. I had to check a few times and creep around the site for a while before I could finally accept that I had won an award. And then I sat and stared blankly at the screen for a moment until it finally sunk in that people liked my critiques enough to nominate me for the inkie Awards. It’s quite the honor, especially when I look around and see all the other amazing critics on the site. Rather a delightful little confidence boost, I would say.

If you could say one thing to your fans/the inkpoppers who voted for you, what would it be and why?

HealedMyWings: Thank you for all your help, support, and enthusiasm! From my first few days on inkpop to today, I’ve received little but kindness and encouragement. I never would have expected any of my projects to get as high as you have placed them, and I certainly wouldn’t even have hoped for an honorary mention in the annals of inkpop history. I would love to be an editor someday, so the fact that I was voted Best Critic is extremely encouraging, to say the least. Thank you, all of you, who have supported me an any way. I’ve grown so much thanks to all of you, and I can’t wait to get out there and try my hand at editing.

Critiques are one of the most helpful/influential factors of inkpop (and writing, in general). As the winner of the Best Critic Award, do you have any advice/tips for others who want to ensure that they are always giving their best when critiquing the work of others?

HealedMyWings: Back in my earlier days on inkpop, when The Game of War was still a rough draft and I was still figuring out how the site worked, a user who had read the first chapters of my work messaged me to inform me that she hated Tristah Ellandre’s blonde hair because “blonde hair is cliche” and she didn’t like that her brothers were twins because (evidently) that is also cliche, especially when the twins are also blonds like the rest of their family. I remember being slightly irritated because when it came down to trying to improve my writing, novel, and characters, these opinions were completely pointless and did nothing for anything. Not every comment is like this (in fact, it’s rare that they’re this extreme), but the point is that unhelpful opinions are exactly that: Unhelpful. When you critique, try to find things that will help the author improve either her a) writing, b) setting, c) storyline, or d) characters. Do not tell them that you don’t like a character’s hair color or his or her financial state or dog unless you have a really good reason for it and saying so will help them improve. Keep your personal preferences out of critiques and in your own head. Those are preferences, not critiques. They are not helpful.

Another of the most frustrating things people do when commenting is to point out a problem (i.e., Tristah seems a bit mopey; the description drags a little) but offer no solution. If you poke holes in an author’s writing and story but offer nothing to fill them in, all you’ve done is poked holes in a project. Sometimes a more experienced author will know what to do to fill in those holes. But when dealing with younger writers such as those here on inkpop, it is common to find that they don’t know how to fix problems in their writing. So tell them why the problem exists and then offer them an option or two to get them started in the right direction. Tristah is mopey because she dwells too long and too frequently on the circumstances of her mother’s death? Maybe cut back on the melancholy thoughts. The description drags because I throw in too many flowery similes for things that simply don’t need to be described in such detail? Take out or shorten some of the similes and only describe things that are relevant to the scene. When you poke holes in an author’s writing, be sure to tell them why, and then hand them a few patches to choose from. In the words of Terry Goodkind’s Zedd from Wizard’s First Rule, “Think of the solution, not the problem!”

In short:
1) Don’t state opinions that will not help the author improve at least one aspect of the story and writing, and
2) Help fill in the holes you poke in projects.

*steps down from soapbox* =)

Congratulations to the winners; stop back next Monday when we return to our regularly scheduled inkpopper of the Week feature with someone who has a love for classic Disney films!

Erika (aka inkpoperika)

3 Responses to “inkpopper of the Week: inkie Awards Winners – Super inkies!”

  1. Wildgreenskittle said

    WOOT!! You guys are awesome!! 😀

  2. Krystelle said

    Great job Anne, Tori and Sharon!!!

  3. Cara said

    Tori, that is awesome advice!

    Congrats to everyone 🙂

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