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December 2010 Top Picks!

Posted by cat eyes & skinny jeans on January 1, 2011

It is not just another month that is leaving us today, inkpoppers; another year is officially behind us, taking the final five Top Pick projects of 2010 with it, and leaving the door open for 60 new projects to claim honors in 2011. Thanks to YOUR input, these five pieces are already on their way to the Editor’s Desk for review by none other than inkpop’s very own Editorial Board!

So what five (5) projects were voted most popular for December 2010? Find out below!

inkpop December 2010 Top Picks:

Match-Up Set by KDBDanielle (Book – Humor / Romance / General Fiction)

The Make Out Games by AmandaJoywrites (Book – Humor / Romance)

Psychic by cherries19 (Book – Romance / Paranormal / Mystery)

The Letters Project by Tracy Michelle (Book – General Fiction)

A Word* poetry collection by Starlight-poet (Poem)

Congratulations to the December 2010 Top Pick authors! Once the Editorial Board has had the chance to review your project, you will receive a critique and feedback from a HarperCollins Editor.

In the meantime…five slots now stand empty. Does your project have what it takes to be a January 2011 Top Pick?

Speaking of Top Picks…what was your favorite December 2010 Top Pick? Did Joyce’s journey to love in Match-Up Set give you butterflies? Were you craving a game of love all your own after reading The Make Out Games? Did Psychic leave you wishing for a sixth sense like Madison Sullivan’s? Were you itching for a pen pal and some good old-fashioned snail mail after reading The Letters Project? Did you develop a newfound fondness for words since reading A Word* poetry collection?

Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Erika (aka inkpoperika)

2 Responses to “December 2010 Top Picks!”

  1. Britny said

    I only read The Match Up Set and The Make Out Games, because I just set this account up a few days ago. But I really enjoyed both. The Match Up Set was really inspiring to me because at the moment i am currently writing a book too. And the best way to get ideas for a story, in my opinion, is to read lots and lots of books. (:

  2. Sarah Zuck said

    the only book i read was the letters project, it was the only one that really jumped out at me, and it was for a swap. i like the idea of getting help with perosnal problems from your peers, it would make high-school so much easier if there was a letters project, in my mind. i loved the story for it’s brutal honesty and matter-of-factness when dealing with the touchy subjects of disorders and abuse

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