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inkpopper of the Week: theliving 2.0

Posted by cat eyes & skinny jeans on January 10, 2011

“Hola, inksters and inkettes! =D Everyone here knows me as the Donut (‘cus HEY, who doesn’t wanna be a sweet pink confection?) but my real name’s Katharine :3 I know. It’s kinda shocking. I HAVE A REAL NAME.

”I live on a small island off the coast of Québec, in Canada. I live in the capital, although, it’s still really small — barely half a million people. It’s really foggy, and really cold, too, which means we get lots of precipitation. The most in all of Canada, in fact.

“I swim a lot, run, and play rugby, and own a mini-library in my bedroom. No, seriously. I’m basically swamped in books. The guys who work at the bookstore can recognize me now. Yeeeah. I’m clearly very cool (;”

…and inkpoppers unanimously agree with Katharine (aka theliving 2.0) – she is one cool cat…thus the reason so many voted her as inkpopper of the Week. But all coolness aside, since joining inkpop, Katharine has made quite the impact on the site and its users via her vibrant personality and writing skills – which explains why her Horror / Science Fiction / Fantasy / Paranormal project The Living is currently ranked at # 24 on the charts.

Your project The Living is currently ranked as # 24. How does it feel to be so close to making it into the Top 5? What is currently going through your mind?

Katharine: Oh my golly, it’s insane!! I can’t even believe it. I remember signin’ up for inkpop, and thinking, “Man, you better be prepared for some tough criticism. They’re gonna be so much better than you are!” Lemme just say that I was not disappointed. That kinda makes it even more shockin’ — all these uber-talented writers actually like my book!

So, yeah. It’s all just a whirlwind. I mean, I have a notification list O_o How weird is that?

In the description of The Living you include a warning note which states “This is NOT an easy read. It’s fraught with INTENSE emotion, loads of description, and some gore. Viewer discretion is advised.” Do you feel that such a warning has a tendency to deter readers or intrigue them to read your project from start to finish? Why?

Katharine: Hmm. A lil bit of both, really. Some people love that sort of thing, and when they see my project, immediately go for it. Others won’t even give it a chance, because they “hate that sort of thing.” Most people don’t read horror anymore, so quite frankly I’m thankful for any readers I get, HAHA =)

What do you feel influences your writing and why?

Katharine: Big influences come from fairy stories and folktales — Jack from The Living was drawn from the Jack-In-Irons, a spirit from English folklore =P Although Jared’s story definitely came from two of my favourite music artists (both, coincidentally, with ‘undead’ in the name), many of the characters and concepts came from tales and stories my grandmother told me, and others I researched usin’ good ol’ Wikipedia c;

You are a very prevalent force on inkpop – sharing your opinions on the site whenever you have the chance to do so and such…what is it about inkpop that keeps you coming back for more?

Katharine: Hehe. Yayaya. A part of it, for me at least, is the community — we’re all very close, and even though we might fight and whine and, y’know, attempt a lil cybermurder every once in a while, that doesn’t mean we still don’t have a common bond: writing. None of my friends write, or even read that much, so inkpop for me is a bit of an escape. Plus, it gave me the tools to become a better writer, and I’ll always owe a piece of my heart to the fabulous peepz who took the time to take me under their highly-experienced wing.

What makes your writing unique? What sets it apart from other inkpop projects and books that have already been published?

Katharine: My characters. I’m convinced they’re real — they’re just not being obvious about it C:

Who is your favorite character(s) in any of your work and why?

Katharine: Oh, man. Pickin’ favourites is so hard >.O Out of all my babies, though, I really adore Aidan Philips from The Living. He’s suffered so much, and even after he killed himself, he found a way to make ends meet. It’s probably because I know his backstory, while all the other characters (including the MC) are totally unaware. It’s sort of endearing, in a weird way.

What’s on your winter reading list?

Katharine: I got a load of books for Christmas, plus a bazillion Chapters cards, so I have quite a few lined up: Halo by Alexandra Adornetto; The Declaration by Gemma Malley; Jane Bites Back by Michael Thomas Ford; Another Pan by Daniel and Dina Mayeri; Pathfinder by Orson Scott Card; The Book of Awesome by Neil Pasricha; If There Be Thorns/Seeds of Yesterday by V.C. Andrews.

What made you fall in love with writing?

Katharine: The utter lack of rules 8D I’ve never been much for rules, so gettin’ to create a whole new world (along with as much insanity as I want!) has been a huge appeal. The emotional aspect was also awesome, too — some of the descriptions from The Living were actually taken from a journal I wrote years ago.

Who was your favorite childhood author and why?

Katharine: Either C.S. Lewis or J.K. Rowling. The creativity and imagination always gave me enough material to play any games I wanted 😎

Pop, Pop, Pop! Rapid Fire Questions:

Favorite ice cream topping? Cinnamon Toast Crunch! =D
What’s on your iPod? Hollywood Undead, Dancegavindance, 3OH!3, Framing Hanley, Benny Benassi =)
Hidden talent? …I can walk dogs like nobody’s bizz-ness.
Favorite cartoon character? Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb.
Favorite vacation spot? Hum. Colorado =)

Over to you…who do you think should be the next inkpopper of the Week?

Erika (aka inkpoperika)

12 Responses to “inkpopper of the Week: theliving 2.0”

  1. Autumn said

    Whoop! Da donut is finally Inkpopper of the week =) I is so happy…*Tears up*

    You deserve it, Katharine. Love you ❤

    -Autumn (whentherainfalls)

  2. Lithiawood said

    yayayayayay!!!!!!!!! GO DONUT! (Or should I say Katharine?) 😛

    Interview well deserved and well received!

  3. Tracy Michelle said

    Cheers for the Donut!

  4. Wildgreenskittle said

    You’re awesome Donut!! 😀

  5. Lycanthrope said

    😀 I’ve been counting down to your interview all week XD 😀 Congrats!!!

  6. flubberdoodl17 said

    Oh my.

    Cinnamon Toast Crunch on ice cream.*runs to cupboard, grabs cereal* WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE. You’re the best, Donut.

    Sorry. You’ll always be The Donut 😀


  7. PaigeD said

    Woot!! *dances*

    Yay fo’ da donut! Congratumalations:D

  8. The Beaver said

    Oh gosh, I’m so mad at myeslf for not checking this in the morning. 😡 I knew that you would be IotW sometime soon…AGH I WASN’T THE FIRST TO COMMENT.

    But yay, Katharine! You’re very pretty, by the way. However, you’ll always be cooler as a donut. ;D

  9. Stoich91 said

    Pure awesometasticness!

    Not only does the donut come out of hiding and tell us her real name, but BUT! she also owns a mini library in her bedroom???!! WHAT THE WHAT THE?! *ahem* in other words, would someone kindly point me in the direction of Quebec?

  10. Lexie said

    We loves ya Donut<3 And ze Donut has a BOI. 😮

  11. Somebody Cuul said

    She does, Lexie? Huh. Well, I thought I congratulated her here, but apparently not. So, congratulations!

    *whacks own head*

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