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inkpop Fundamentals: January 11, 2011

Posted by cat eyes & skinny jeans on January 11, 2011

YA fantasy trilogy ‘The Maze Runner’ preps for the big screen Since its publication in October of 2009, James Dashner’s The Maze Runner, the first book in the YA trilogy of the same title, has captured the attention of readers young and old; but readers aren’t the only ones who have found their interest piqued…Hollywood is quickly jumping on board of the successful series. Hoping to follow in the footsteps of ultra-popular book-to-movie adaptations such as the Twilight and The Hunger Games franchises, Fox Searchlight has snagged the rights to the trilogy, and plans on bringing it to the big screen as soon as they possibly can. And who has already signed on to direct the film? Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke, that’s who! Los Angeles Times.

Meet China’s version of J.K. Rowling Mo’s Mischief, Diary of a Smiling Cat…titles don’t sound familiar? No? That may be because Hongying Yang – a bestselling children’s author dubbed “China’s J.K. Rowling” – has been predominately marketed in Asia since she first debuted on the writing scene; but since selling 40 million books in China, publishers have taken an interest in bringing her books to the world of English-speakers. “HarperCollins China Business Development managing director Stella Chou told the Beijing Review: ‘The performance of Yang’s books is the best among the books we’ve introduced from China to the English-speaking world … Yang’s books offer insight into contemporary society through a typical Chinese child, and a typical Chinese cat.’” GalleyCat.

Something witchy coming from ‘Blue Bloods’ author Melissa de la Cruz! Author Melissa de la Cruz has tackled many different topics during her time as a YA writer – from the guilty pleasure series The Au-Pairs to the vampy goodness of Blue Bloods. Now, de la Cruz has set her sights on doing something a bit more witchy with The Witches of East End – the first in the proposed Beauchamp Girls series which centers “… around the magically inclined Beauchamp family.” The Witches of East End is slated to hit bookstores in June of 2011. Entertainment Weekly.

Over to you…have you read The Maze Runner? Are you interested in seeing it adapted for the big screen – why or why not? Will you be reading Hongying Yang’s books? Are you a Melissa de la Cruz fan? Are you excited to see a series that centers not around vampires, but a magically-inclined family instead? Why or why not?

Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Erika (aka inkpoperika)

7 Responses to “inkpop Fundamentals: January 11, 2011”

  1. Lithiawood said

    So does this mean the entire movie will be blue? Or does she pick a new favorite color each time?

  2. Wildgreenskittle said

    I can’t wait to see The Maze Runner on the big screen!! ^_^

  3. hehe said

    Oh, so since Au Pairs isn’t trendy supernatural it’s automatically a fluffly “guilty pleasure”. Supernatural needs to go back to the undead. Ugh! At least witches are somewhat not overly saturated in the market

    • Lithiawood said

      I quote from the School Library Journal Review of the book Au Pairs: “Sun and sea, hot parties, hot guys, and the promise of $10,000 for taking care of four overprivileged, undersupervised kids….The three are hired by the Perrys and wade through problematic relationships, power struggles, and the ever-important social scene. De la Cruz name-drops and power-shops throughout, creating an entertaining vision of how “the other half” lives. The Au Pairs offers wealth, status, steamy sex, lots of heavy drinking, changing values, and juicy fun…”

      That IS a guilty pleasure. Erika’s description is entirely adequate.

      And how on earth can you think supernatural is overdone in today’s market but books like this aren’t?

  4. hehe said

    “wealth, status, steamy sex..changing values…” are you sure this isn’t a description of Twilight? And any clown who knows the first thing about the publishing market knows that supernatural is reaching a point of saturation right now. Sure, if we were talking 2002, maybe you would be right…but if it were 2002 I wouldn’t have to worry about vomit-worthy supernatural cluttering up bookstores. Paranormal can be done right, but with the market the way it is, very little is.

    • Lithiawood said

      No need to be rude; I’m not saying supernatural isn’t dominating YA literature right now, but I am saying that just because a book *isn’t* one of those awful paranormal books trying to ride the wave doesn’t mean it’s automatically *good.* You seemed to be saying in your other comment that Erika was labeling Au Pairs as guilty pleasure simply because it isn’t supernatural, which isn’t so. It really IS that.

      If you’re really having to carry a puke bucket around with you in the bookstore, I suggest online shopping, where you can literally click all the sparkly vampires away from your line of vision. At least until the dystopia rage hits full on.

  5. Tabbsy said

    Coincidental–I just finished reading the Maze Runner. On to the Scorch Trials now–whooo! 😉

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