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HarperCollins Publishing inkpop Book

Posted by inkpopbecki on January 28, 2011

As you all have heard by now, HarperCollins has announced that it will be publishing a project found on inkpop. This is the first, but certainly not the last!

Check out the The New York Times article about this acquisition as well as our official announcement!

Web Book Moves to Print

The New York Times
HarperCollins will publish a young-adult book that was originally submitted on Inkpop, its Web site for teenage writing.The book, a debut novel by Leigh Fallon, a South African living in Ireland, is scheduled for release in the fall, the publisher said on Thursday. Ms. Fallon first contacted literary agents about her novel, “The Carrier of the Mark,” a paranormal romance, but was unsuccessful in getting it published. She submitted it on Inkpop in December 2009, and it was quickly voted one of the top five manuscripts on the site. HarperCollins followed up a few months later with an offer of a book contract — its first for a work published on the site. Susan Katz, the president and publisher of HarperCollins Children’s Books, called the novel “an outstanding project.”

New York, NY (January 28, 2011) —HarperCollins Publishers announced today the first acquisition from inkpop (, its interactive website for teen writing. Slated for Fall 2011, THE CARRIER OF THE MARK, by debut author Leigh Fallon, is a fresh and thrilling paranormal romance linking two teens to a supernatural destiny.

Fallon, a native of Cork, Ireland, tried to get her manuscript published through conventional channels. She started by contacting agents and eventually took a less traditional route. She heard about inkpop through a writing group and decided to upload her manuscript. Within weeks her manuscript was voted into the coveted “Top Five” by the inkpop community and was reviewed by an editor at HarperCollins. A few emails later, she signed her first book deal with HarperCollins for World English rights.

“For many people the rise to ‘Top Five’ on inkpop is a long process, but for Leigh, THE CARRIER OF THE MARK shot to the top of the list. This was one of our first key indications that it was an outstanding project,” said Susan Katz, President and Publisher of HarperCollins Children’s Books.

Inkpop combines community publishing, user-generated content, and social networking to connect rising stars in teen literature with talent-spotting readers and publishing professionals. In just over a year, inkpop traffic has grown by nearly 500%. With over 60,000 projects uploaded, the highly engaged members spend an average of over 20 minutes per visit on the site.

Katz added, “The opinions of our readers matter to us. Inkpop is HarperCollins Children’s Books’ first site (and not the last) to really put the users’ voice and ideas in the forefront. Social media is incredibly empowering if used correctly, and HarperCollins recognizes this and is gearing up to make social media the cornerstone of all of its digital endeavors.”

In the coming months, inkpop will be announcing more acquisitions. Budding writers will have more opportunities to get their ideas in front of editors at HarperCollins Children’s Books and will be offered more ways to get published. In addition, inkpop will partner with some of the hottest up-and-coming brands in entertainment and products:

This week, the multimedia platform BFF.TV sponsored on inkpop an exclusive live chat with Sara Shepard, author of the New York Times bestselling series Pretty Little Liars. Together, BFF.TV and inkpop will continue to provide users with unique content and exclusive interviews, with talent from the worlds of film, TV, music, and books.

Dylan Lauren, CEO and founder of Dylan’s Candy Bar, and inkpop will team up to help inkpop members unwrap their “sweet” lives. During this month-long promotion, inkpop will host a one-hour live chat with Dylan to discuss her passions and how she made her dreams of creating a candy emporium come true. Inkpop will also host Dylan’s Candy Bar’s first interactive writing contest, where users will be asked to discuss their own sweet dreams. Winners of the Dylan’s Candy Bar Writing Contest will receive a scrumptious prize package, including an exclusive invitation to a Dylan’s Candy Bar party to be hosted at the flagship store in New York City.

15 Responses to “HarperCollins Publishing inkpop Book”

  1. Lycanthrope said

    YAY!!!!! Congrats Leigh!!!!! You really deserved it =)

  2. Jen Conroy said


    An Amazing catch by Inkpop, and a brilliant achievement for Leigh! Well done to all. This is excellent news!

  3. MIC said

    Go Leigh!!!! You have a HUGE fan base and we can’t wait to get our hands on Carrier!!!!

  4. Betty Bowe said

    YAY:) Well done Leigh!! Great top pick Inkpop!! Can’t wait for the bookstores to stock this great read 🙂 cheers for Inkpop, Harper Collins and of course Leigh Fallon!!!!

  5. Lithiawood said



  6. Super congrats Leigh! I’m so happy for you! That cover is absolutely amazing!Can’t wait to get to get my hands on this book and a big thank you to Harper Collins! Fantastic!

  7. Carrie L McRae said

    I will be first in line to get my copy =D It’s so cool to think that I supported that book, and now it’s being published. WOW. And to think, she supported my work, and now she’s a published author. *does happy dance* I love you Leigh. Congrats on a number of levels.

  8. shirley said

    great news!!! well done leigh, inkpop and harper collins.

  9. Raven Paramour said

    Congradulations:) You are very lucky. I wish you the best of luck. Hopefully, you are not going to be the only person published on this website.

    • Raven,
      We can say with confidence that Leigh and The Carrier will not be the only book published from inkpop. More information about that to come soon.

      • Raven Paramour said

        That’s good:) When are we going to find out? And I would really like to know what a manuscript needs to be published by Harper Collins. I bet tons of people would like to know so that they can improve their work so that they are more likely to be successful in the writing business.

      • Anon said

        Becki, that’s awesome 😀 I’m so happy for Leigh and the future… publish-ees? Whatever XD

        Good luck Leigh, I’ll be the first to buy it in my town 😀

  10. Sila said

    Oh my giddy aunt. Leigh that cover is to die for. It’s going to look amazing on the top shelf in my bedroom. 🙂

    I’m so happy for you and I’m excited to see that HC saw your book the way we all do: an amazing, amazing, piece of work.

    Can’t wait to see what other acquisitions HC will be making. *eyebrow waggle*

  11. TheMinnowWatcher said

    That cover is the smexiest thing around. Congrats! C:

  12. […] worked. I’m sure by now everyone’s heard of Leigh Fallon’s Carrier of the Mark getting picked up by HarperTeen. Publication can happen, and odds seem about the […]

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