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inkpopper of the Week: Lex Born

Posted by cat eyes & skinny jeans on January 31, 2011

“I’m…weird. I know a lot of inkies have said that (and for a lot of them it’s true—love you guys), but for me, there’s really no other word I could use. My friends call me a thirteen-year-old grandmother—I walk like one, I’ve even got that handy-dandy daily pill organizer! Gymnastics is the reason I have little-to-no life; I practice from twenty-five to thirty hours a week, depending on my schedule. It’s also the reason for many of my grandmotherly tendencies. When you start to eat chalk more than you eat ice cream, you know there’s a problem.

“I’m in eighth grade (and of course, I adore it), and I’m about to slaughter myself next year with enough homework to be buried in. Surprisingly, my grades haven’t done as badly as one would think, considering my tendency to stay up till 1, 2, or 3 in the morning. It’s not my fault—it’s all because of the Insomniacs. I blame them for my sleep deprivation.

“I live in *one of* the most boring states on the East Coast, good old Pennsylvania. We’re not cool enough to be hillbillies, despite our jokes, but we’re nowhere near populated enough to be city-peoples. At least not where I live. I’m just in a not-so-happy medium, seeing a mixture of cornfields and suburbs on my through town.

“The two loves of my life are Jake and Sugar, my pet dogs. They’ve often been featured in rather threatening promotion avatars, because I know they’re amazing enough to handle the job. Jake is a sixty-pound Goldendoodle who’s afraid to chase squirrels and Sugar, the twelve-pound Maltese-Shitzu, is the family protector. They are the reason I am still alive, so I hope you’re all glad=D”

Lexie (aka Lex Born) need not worry; inkpop would never be the same without her perky presence – as the numerous people whom cast their votes to see her take the title of inkpopper of the Week for the final week of January 2011 have proven.

Countless inkpoppers nominated/voted for you as inkpopper of the Week. What is it about you that has left so many inkpoppers in awe?

Lex Born: I honestly….have no idea. I really didn’t think I’d ever be inkie of the Week; and the votes, well, surprised me, to say the least. I don’t have any amazing, adored books, I haven’t started any important revolutions or helped tons of people. I just lurk around the forums, chat, and promote my book or, more recently, my favorite books. I don’t see why people voted for that, but thank you all for doing it.

Your project Red as Coals, Black as Night is currently ranked as # 84. How does it feel to have broken through the Top 100 and be so close to making it into the Top 50? What is currently going through your mind?

Lex Born: Haha, honestly? I sort of…gave up on that project a while ago. It was my first ever book, and it will always hold a special place in my heart; but numerous comments as well as my own re-reads have shown me how much I truly have to work on that. I stopped looking for feedback on RACBAN long ago, so I don’t expect it will rise much more.

You have written an incredible amount of books, short stories, and poems that are visible on inkpop. Which format would you say is your favorite to write and why? Is there any format that you have yet to try, but would like to in the future –if so, what?

Lex Born: Hm…it really varies depending on my mood. I used to write very few short stories, while I was writing RACBAN. Then I ran into a huge block, and I also joined several writing sites. Short stories became my way to still write without tackling my book again. Poems are just…poems. I don’t have to think about poems. I can say I want to write a poem now, and I’ll write a poem. I can’t guarantee it will be a particularly good poem, but there will be one.

My favorite, though, would probably be books. One reason is pretty selfish: books are far more likely to get published. I realize that I’m unlikely to be published at all for a long, long time aside from a teen magazine, but it’s more likely that a book will be published than a short story or poem. Also, books allow for more in-depth characters and complex plots that I enjoy toying with and learning about.

If you had the chance to star as a character in any book what book would it be and why? Would you be a character that has already been created, or a new one?

Lex Born: I wouldn’t want to be a character, not in any book. Why? Because I’d bungle whatever job I had, absolutely and completely. If I was supposed to be a bad character, I’d mess up the villain’s plans. Or if I was the villain, I would never do what I was supposed to. And if I was the good person? Saving the world, or even just being a semi-likable protagonist in a General Fiction book, is not for me. I wouldn’t be likable or skilled enough to be one of those characters.

Who is your favorite character(s) in any of your work and why?

Lex Born: That’s hard to choose. I want to say Renee for her rambling thoughts, cynicism, and sarcasm, but a part of me really identifies with Sarai, my most recent character. Aside from the fact that she’s the first Jewish character I’ve made, I think there’s something different with her, how she keeps the snarkiness she has mainly to herself, and isn’t eager to share her troubles. It makes for a more interesting character.

Do you hope to make writing a career; or do you have other aspirations?

Lex Born: I would love to someday be published, but I’m realistic. Very few writers are able to make a living from that alone. I’d like to do writing as a side job, unless I got incredibly successful, which is unlikely. My main, preferred job seems fairly popular on inkpop—psychology. Human minds fascinate me, and I’m also determined to help other people with mental problems get the help that I appreciate so much.

What’s on your winter reading list?

Lex Born: Trickster’s Choice by Tamora Pierce (re-read); If I Stay by Gale Forman; Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver; Lies by Michael Grant; Master of the Game by Sidney Sheldon; Mistress of the Game by Sidney Sheldon; The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (re-read); Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins (re-read); City of Bones by Cassandra Clare (re-read); City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare (re-read); City of Glass by Cassandra Clare (re-read); Harry Potter 1-7 by J.K. Rowling (re-read); Narnia Series by C.S. Lewis (re-read); The City of Amber series by Roger Zelazney (re-read). And more to be determined. >_>

I read a lot.

What made you fall in love with writing?

Lex Born: I can’t really say. It seems everyone here has been writing since they were two; me, I only started seriously writing in sixth grade. Before that, I always adored making up stories and entertaining others with them (though they were probably more entertained by my strange antics). I wasn’t huge into dress-up, but dolls were my vice. I’d spend forever arranging them, and then I would just stare at them, not touching one, and make up a story for them. I think I wrote bits and pieces down.

I think the final straw, what finally pushed me into writing down my stories, was being so sick of restricted essays at school. Somewhat ironic.

Pop, Pop, Pop! Rapid Fire Questions:

Chocolate chip cookies or cupcakes? Chocolate chip cookies. Icing is disgusting.
What’s on your iPod? A lot of songs from Wicked, most played would definitely be Defying Gravity. Also a lot of Taylor Swift (don’t judge), and some from Cats and Chicago. I like my musicals. =P
Lucky number? 7. It’s not really *mine* specifically, but…
Food you could eat everyday? Pasta. Pasta, pasta, pasta. I’m not a vegetarian, I’m a pastavarian.
Best place to curl up with a good book? In front of the computer screen. XD I’m a multi-tasker. When I’m not on the computer, I like reading in the crook of two branches in my backyard tree. The trick is getting up with the book in tow.

Over to you…who do you think should be the next inkpopper of the Week?

Erika (aka inkpoperika)

13 Responses to “inkpopper of the Week: Lex Born”

  1. Beaver said

    YAAAAAAAYYYYYYY LEXXXXXXXXX. 😀 All those days of counting down and HERE WE ARE!

    I lalaloved your interview. You’re such a cutie.

  2. theliving said

    EHEHEHE LEXIE ❤ Great interview-ness, sweetie :3 *hi-fives*

  3. Nella said

    Side effects of the Insomniacs–Sleep deprivation.


    psh. I started writing seriously in the eight grade =D

    Great interview! Sean liked it too ,;)

  4. gaby said

    woooo! lexie :3 congrats! how could you keep this from your mom? x3

  5. Marisa said

    Yay Lex! 😀

    Before I Fall is an amazing book.

    Cute dogs!

    Hey, I didn’t start writing seriously until the summer after seventh grade.
    But I was the same way with my dolls. I loved Barbies 😀

  6. flubberdoodl17 said

    WHOOOO!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

    I loved the whole interview, but…

    I really liked the part about re-reading Harry Potter and Hunger Games XD


  7. Lithiawood said

    Is it just me or is everything in bold? Did that work? Eh, I’ll find out when I post the comment. 😉

    Anyhoo, Lexie we all love you cause of you’re awesomeness, which is why you’re Inkie of the Week, of course! 😀

    We actually have way more in common than I knew. 😛 Pasta, Taylor Swift, and Defying Gravity? I think the only thing you got wrong was the “icing is disgusting” bit — simply impossible! The Joy of Cooking has a fantastic recipe that, were it to go missing, I would probably dedicate the rest of my life to figuring out.

    Oh, and as for books: If I Stay by Gale Forman — fantasticness! Loveeed it.

    Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver — I was lucky enough to get an advanced readers copy (thank you local bookstore!) and…it made me cry for the first time over a book since Dumbledore’s untimely demise.

    SoooOoooOooo anyways, luff ya and stuffz,
    Lithia ❤

  8. Lycanthrope said

    LEXIE *Flails* Why didn’t you tell me you were going to be Inkpopper of the Week!!!!! CONGRATS!!!

  9. Jessica said

    Awesome interview, Lex. I loved it. Glad you were inkpopper of the week. I’m up pretty soon. 😀

  10. PaigeD said

    Woo, Lex! Contgratulations on being Inkpopper of the week!!

  11. Jelsa said

    Yay for Lexie, who made my awesome profile pic ❤

  12. thatcinderellastory said

    YOU! YES!!! 😀 ❤

    congrats, darling. you deserved this.

    XO, Cindy.

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