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inkpop: Who We Are and Where We’re Going

Posted by inkpopbecki on February 4, 2011

Hey we were going to post an update today that encompassed sort of the future plans for the inkpop site, but then this

article came out on . Here are some great excerpt. Check out the full article at


Ypulse: How was the inkpop platform built or tweaked to accommodate the needs of an interactive community of readers and writers? Could you describe the dynamic between members?

Becki : When was built last year, HarperCollins wanted to create a more social book site experience. That was impetus for inkpop. Over the year HarperCollins has really seen the power of this site. We’re taking our motto, “Your World, Your Books,” seriously.

Along with searching for more manuscripts from our inkpop community, we’re also working on developing more outlets where readers and writers can just get their ideas in front of editors here. We realize that writing a full novel is difficult and not something that every teen can do every day. We also realize that they are full of great ideas and we want to empower our members to share those ideas with us, so that instead of editors in a room creating books that they think teens will like, teens will really be helping to create the books they want to read.

Ypulse: What has been the most challenging aspect of building this new model? The most rewarding?

Becki:  We’re pioneers here, which is an exciting position to be in, but trying to explain exactly what we’re doing for the users at all times is difficult. At first people who came to the site just thought we were going to take their ideas.

We we had to assure them that that wasn’t the goal of the site. Users weren’t sure we were always listening, but publishing is such a long process it’s also hard to explain that books don’t come out in a month. Now that we’re showing some results, our members are really getting excited.

We want to change the way people think about creating books. That we can and should be listening to our consumers in every way possible. The digital age has given us the capability to do that and it is a huge advantage over previous generations. It’s just getting everyone in and showing them that we want to hear from them that is the continuing challenge.


8 Responses to “inkpop: Who We Are and Where We’re Going”

  1. Okay, go back! Tell us about the plans for the new site! We want to hear about this, yes, but we’ve been waiting for the changes for so long! It seems like the only time we hear about them is in something like this, when you mention them and then say BUT… Can you give us any answers?

  2. Sweet. Agony.1397 said

    I thought the motto was: “Mark your mark!” ?

    Or am I mistaken…?

  3. Lithiawood said

    Good interview. 🙂

  4. Jennifer said

    Yes, but then you go and ignore our extreme disdain for the “genres.” That is, excuse me, bullshit. That could’ve been addressed far better than it was, and it’s probably the greatest downfall. Everything else is good enough. Not listening to the community on this one matter is just plain ludicrous.

    • Lithiawood said

      I forget, what’s the problem with the genres?

      All I heard was that Humor won’t be a category anymore, which (if you ask me) makes perfect sense seeing as it isn’t really a genre…more like a sub-genre.

      • Jennifer said

        “Historical Romance” isn’t a genre, nor is “Vampire Books.” And actually, humor is a genre.

  5. Narnia Fan said

    I agree with Lithiawood… good interview! Thanks for keeping us informed!
    (And just for the record, I don’t have a problem with the genres. I like being able to find exactly what I want to read.)

  6. J.N. Cahill said

    Good interview, very informative! 🙂 I’m willing to give the new changes a chance.

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