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Lost Projects Update

Posted by inkpopbecki on February 7, 2011

Hey inkpoppers! So as you know, projects the disappeared during the great glitch of 2011 have most been restored. I say mostly as there were nine projects that our tech team were unable to reinstate.  Now we’re asking for your help. As best as I can I have tried to note the projects that we could not retrieve. Some inkpoppers have already uploaded a new version of their project. We’re asking for those to be considerate. If you had any of the below projects on your list prior to the glitchapocolypse, please consider putting the project back on your list when the author uploads it again. Again we apologize for the technical glitch and we appreciate all of your patience and help through out this process. If you had a project that disappeared and has not yet been reinstated (and it is not on the below list) please message me so we can begin to search for this. Thanks!
Remember Cass by quite.spazzy
Derawood by ashnicole96
‘Til You Make It by ashnicole96
The Sayari by peony12
The High Prince by peony12
The Devil in Disguise
Playing Adeline
Evelyn August: Alice Rockwell’s Revenge
Brooke: Alright!

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