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Juan Felipe Herrera: Inside the Mind of a Poet

Posted by inkpopbecki on February 16, 2011

Juan Felipe Herrera is a poet, performance artist and professor of Chicano and Latin

American Studies at California State University. His work of poetry, Half the World in Light, won the National Critics Book Circle Award and was recently elected to the Board of Chancellors for the Academy of American Poets. His new book, SkateFate, has recently been published by HarperTeen. We caught up with Jaun, who was kind enough to share his poetry with us. Want to hear from more Juan Felipe Herrera? Join us for a live chat today at 5 p.m. EST in the inkpop forum events

My word against theirs, my sickle humor
against their last glass of chianti. Simple,
Direct and compassionate—in a way, let us say,
it is in my nature to be generous: to remind
the passengers about the last stop in Anguish-
town, to spell integration with an X, to scrub
the word Prison with sneaky vastness inside.


It is my own penchant for skull symphonies
my embossed headdress, especially, that brings
me to your carpeted doom-time; this flowery intro
serves a purpose; every spirit strand is an exit,
a cash & carry star of exits and entrances.

Read more poetry from Juan Felipe Herrera at Woodland Pattern.

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