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Book Meme

Posted by inkpopbecki on February 25, 2011

Have you seen this hilarious meme?

Well we saw it and loved it, so decided to create a few of our own about our favorite topic, books! Post your answer to the below question in comments.  Our four favorite answers will be made into a meme, which we’ll display next Friday and the users will receive one free book of their choice from HarperTeen. Don’t forget to provide a funny reason why, in addition to just your answer! Here’s the question:

What Wouldn’t You Find in The Hunger Games Arena?

56 Responses to “Book Meme”

  1. Edwyn Finch said

    Things you wouldn’t find in a Hunger Games Arena:
    1. A member of District 13-Two Words: KABOOM! *hide*
    2. James Franco-he’s too old to go into the arena.
    3. Prim Everdeen-Katniss kinda took that from her.
    4. A District One tribute with a normal name-because you know, Glimmer, Shimmer and Barbie Girl are just such wonderful names.
    5. Something remotely normal-that’s not how the Gamemakers roll, it’s all about horrifying creatures from the abyss with those guys.
    6. A cannon-there may be cannon fire everytime that someone dies but this is called “special soundeffects”.
    7. A gamemaker-for obvious reasons. They’d rather be the quiet observers, watching teens die is too much fun.

  2. Hailey Meloy said

    1. A rubber ducky: Because the arena people are there for serious business!
    2. An adorable puppy: Because the arensa people might get licked to death and that is in no way threatening.
    3. A death note: Because that would make things waaay to easy.
    4. a comfortable bed: because there’s no sleep for the wicked!
    5. A fully functional and cast Broadway musical: because it would totally send the wrong message.

  3. Heyheyhey said

    Things you won’t find in a Hunger Games arena:
    1)Anyone currently alive. We’d all be dead, so unless the Capitol plans on creating zombies and having a Zombie Hunger Games (kind of ironic, because they’d all eat each other, right?) we’re out of luck.
    2)The Midnight Beast. They’re too busy wearing their jim-jams and playing the flute.
    3)The Pretty Little Liars. They have enough problems on their own…


  4. Aiywalker said

    10 Things You Won’t Find In The Hunger Games:

    1. Pillows
    What is this, a hotel!? Get out! You’re fighting for your life; why would you need a pillow?!

    2. Dead people (at least, not for long)
    The UFO’s take care of any and all dead people. Although, come to think of it, why would you be looking for dead people anyways?

    3. Fun
    Fighting for your life is never fun. Period.

    4. Justin Beiber
    He’d be disqualified for his unfair advantage. (Super high-pitch sonic screams).

    5. Dinosaurs
    Cuz they’re extinct. Duh.

    6. Toilet Paper
    Why send toilet paper when you can send food and medicine? (Although that really sucks for the contestants. They must be traumatized for life)

    7. Llamas
    Cuz they’d just eat everyone.

    8. Toilets
    It’s an arena; nuff said. That’s probably why they have to use a different arena every time. (Can you imagine what the bushes would be like?!)

    9. Cake
    Because the cake was lie. A lie! Besides, who sends cake to people in life-or-death situations?

    10. Dog Poo
    Fortunately for everyone; there are no dogs in the arena. Can you imagine being chased by a spear wielding maniac then stepping in dog poo? Terrible! The poo I mean. Washing dog poo off you’re shoes is never fun.

  5. Lithiawood said

    Making this list was so much fun! Even if I don’t win, thanks for getting my brain juices flowing. 😀

    Things you wouldn’t find in a Hunger Games Arena
    1. A rubber duck. Far too adorable, and no one would touch it for fear the squeaking would alert others of their location. Now, if it were a rubber duck with laser-eyes, then we’d have a different story.
    2. Peter Pettigrew, à la before book three of Harry Potter. He’d do almost anything to hide from the world, but in range of Katniss’s bow and arrow is taking it a little too far, even for him.
    3. Silly bandz. Competitors might get too caught up with trading them and forget about the whole “kill” thing.
    4. A chocolate fountain. ‘Cause everything goes with chocolate, and you’re not supposed to actually enjoy your meals in the arena.
    5. Mean French snobs. Yes, they’ve been consistently considered by the entire universe to be the most annoying group of people ever, but even the Gamemakers have their limits, and one of those limits includes anything related to mimes.
    6. President Snow. Despite the obvious — he’s got a country to dictate — the fact is he’d be dead real quick. After all, it’s kind of easy to kill someone when the rather unique stench of blood and roses follows them around everywhere.
    7. Stephen King. He may write about giant domes and murder but that doesn’t mean he wants to live it.
    8. An Instruction’s Manuel on how to win the Hunger Games. I think that one’s more than a little self-explanatory.
    9. Someone named “Smith.” Apparently all those tragedies that took down the U.S. also took down everyone with the surname, because despite it being the most common ever and something that is passed down from generation to generation, no one seems to have it.
    10. An Egyptian Pyramid. Aside from the transporting difficulties (although the villain from Despicable Me seemed to manage it just fine), the fact is that the Gamemakers want conflict, and getting lost alone under a giant heap of rock for days on end probably wouldn’t help with that. Although it might be interesting to see what the Gamesmakers came up with monster-wise when the Egyptian Gods were the inspiration….
    11. Nightlock. You know, those poisonous berries from Katniss’s first go around that started the whole mess. Trick me once, shame on you, trick me twice, and that Gamesmaker must have some serious forgetfulness issues. Mainly the one where he forgot to get killed for letting it be in the arena the first time.

    And I’m all out of ideas for now. I might come back later with some more, but we’ll see. No promises. 😛


  6. 1. Clean underwear…think about it! Maybe that’s part of the game…kill off the other tributes quickly so you can get into some clean drawers (and escape the stench)
    2. Razors…I’m sure it took a whole squad and several machetes to shave Katniss’ legs after the games.
    3. People with normal names…Cashmere? Glitter?? Shimmer.? Peeta..? Katniss…? Haymitch….? Effie……? Do I NEED an explanation to go with this? really? The only really “normal” name is Gale, and he isn’t even really a main character.
    4. Easily accessible water. “When I was a tribute, we had to walk three miles to the lake,up hill both ways; WITH PEOPLE TRYING TO KILL ME.”

    that’s it for now ^.^ this was fun!

  7. SuperDonald said

    1. Suzanne Collins- She’d win too easily because, well, she created it all, so she’d kinda know everything on how to win, wouldn’t she?
    2. James Franco- he’s too busy starring in a soap opera, cutting off his own arm, publishing a book of short stories, portraying Julia Robert’s boyfriend and Spiderman’s best friend, graduating from UCLA, pursuing a PhD at Yale and co-hosting the Academy Awards with Anne Hathaway.
    3. Bin Laden- because if we can’t find him anywhere in the Middle East, why would we find him in the arena?
    4. YO MOMMA!- she’s so fat, when she wears a yellow raincoat, all the school kids run after her saying, “We missed the bus!”
    5. Snuggies- because they’re already pointless in normal life.

  8. Lucky Tiger said

    Things you would never find in the Hunger Games:
    1. A fridge. Only the Careers would have enough food to need one.
    2. A television. There’s no time to watch sitcoms when you’re being hunted down.
    3. A hovercar for the tributes to use. Because the Capitol doesn’t like an easy win, or someone ecaping for that matter.
    4. A vacum cleaner. For obvious reasons.
    5. A pencil. There’s absolutely no reason to use a pencil in the arena, unless it’s to kill someone.
    6. A gun. Way to easy to kill someone. The Capitol just has to have fun, don’t they?

  9. Katniss said

    1) Justin Bieber: this would get rid of a majority of the girls far too quickly.

    2) Voldemort: He’s too busy not destroying the Boy Who Lived.

    3) A Television: they have a sky for that.

  10. Cassandra said

    An iPhone – there’s not an app for surviving The Hunger Games. (I think).

  11. Allie said

    A Death Note – because that would be waaaaay too easy.

    Blackberrys – people would be too busy BBMing each other to fight.

    Suri Cruz – because she’d be too busy playing in her $1,000,000 ‘playhouse’.

    A high school tuckshop – it’s the Hunger Games, not the Oh-I’m-a-Bit-Peckish-Let’s-Go-Get-Some-Cheese-on-Toast Games.

    Ketchup – the Gamemakers don’t care how dry your rabbit is, you’re not having any!

    Christmas – although you might get a pair of socks off your sponsers. Might.

    Makeup – it might be a little easier to blend in if you don’t look like a malformed orange.

    Quality rhinestones – they don’t grow on trees, you know.

    Edward Cullen – he can’t exactly be inconspicuous if he’s glittering like a disco ball.

    Skulduggery Pleasant – he’s already dead so that would defeat the whole point.

    Commercial breaks – what are they going to advertise? Skin dyes?

    Biscuits – too yummy 🙂 ❤

    • Alana said

      Ahaha. Edward Cullen 😛

      • Valkyrie Cain said

        Sad but true, SP wouldn’t be there.
        Wouldn’t it be an awesome Games if he were??
        I could picture his confusion when he and Valkyrie would be in the middle of Corn and some D1 kid shot a knife or arrow through him and then ran for his life.
        *Giggle fit*

  12. Aly said

    1. Chuck Norris- Come on people. Would it even be fair?
    2. An ipod- Is this really a time to be worrying about which song fits the mood?
    3. Hand lotion- because when your trying not to die, the first thing on your mind is having hands that smell great and are hydrated. As if.
    4. A Banjo- chances are, not many people will be up for singing “Oh Susanna”. Besides. It might be a bit of a hassle to carry.
    5. An umbrella- the last thing on anybody’s mind will be “Oh crud, it’s raining. My hair might get ruined.”
    6. An ice cream sundae- Because ice cream is happiness.

  13. flubberdoodl17 said

    1. Dumbledore-he’s dead D:
    2. Cookies-I ate them all 😛
    3. Monsters-they’re under my bed.
    4. Edward Cullen-his sparkling complexion would cause too many glares in the cameras.
    5. Batteries-they’re not included.
    6. Homework-trust me. My teachers have it all…
    7. Darth Vader-he’s stalking me…
    8. A merry go round. They’re way too dangerous…what if the tributes get sucked in and NEVER. COME. OFF. Not even the Gamemakers are cruel enough to put that in there…
    9. HD cameras-doesn’t fit in the budget :/

    THIS IS AWESOME. I love reading these XD

  14. Hana Rain said

    1) Shampoo: As if. Unless you’re planning to squirt it in someone’s eyes, you shouldn’t really be worrying about your hair.

    2) Makeup: You’re too vain for your own good. Focus on surviving!

    3) A bookstore: As much as you like a good book, might want to get on your feet. After all, one of the Careers might be right behind you.

    4) Music: Unless it’s a funeral song, it’s an absolute no-no. Gamemakers despise happiness.

    5) Movies: Do you really think the Gamemakers would let you lie back and watch Disney movies in the sky? It wouldn’t be very interesting, unless two Careers start arguing about their favorite Disney Princess.

    6) Ten giants: We’d have no winners then.

    7) A magic wand: You’re in the games, not at Hogwarts!

    8) 3D glasses: No movies, remember?

    • Hana Rain said

      (I forgot some ^-^)

      8) Snow White: She’s a bit busy trying to escape her evil stepmother at the moment, please make an appointment and she’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

      9) Chocolate chip cookies: Haymitch is eating them all.

      10) A police officer: He’d have way to many crimes to prevent.

      12) A board game: Really? How much more fun to you want in the arena?

  15. siobhansgrant said

    Things That You Won’t Find In The Hunger Games Arena

    1.) Computers/cell phones. It would be a lot easier to win the Hunger Games if you could just Google everything: “How to win the Hunger Games.” And if they had email, well, can you imagine the hateful chain messages President Snow would get?

    2.) The book series ‘The Hunger Games.’ Well, that would take all the fun out of it. They could just read ahead and figure out what they were supposed to do!

    3.) The cast of Jersey Shore. Even the Gamemakers have a sense of honor, and that’s like unleashing a nuclear bomb in the Arena.

    4.) Harry Potter. His magical powers would make it way too easy.

    5.) Cable television. What are the tributes going to do with cable? Watch reruns of “Teen Mom 2” while they go hunting? Catch up on all the action on “The Bold and the Beautiful” before they go try to kill each other?

    6.) A soundtrack. No one could hide! “Oh, someone’s going to attack us now.” “How do you know?” “The music just got intensely silent, and now the creepy violin solo has started.”

    7.) Harvard School of Law. You can’t get a quality law education while you play the Hunger Games, sadly.

    8.) Simon Cowell. He’d just insult the ears off of his fellow tributes, ruining half of the fun of the Games, anyways. Besides, he’s too busy being mean on X Factor to play.

    9.) A Starbucks. There may be a Starbucks everywhere, but there is not one in the arena. Sadly, the popular coffee chain decided their customer base was too limited and kept getting killed off too easily for a shop to be profitable.

    10.) Hair care products. No one wants to be distracted by the shiny luciousness of Katniss’s hair while they’re supposed to be watching her hunt.

    11.) Soviet Russia. Because in Soviet Russia, the Hunger Games play you.

    12.) Erasers. What would you possibly need an eraser for? You don’t have any pencils!

    13.) Pokemon. Everyone would just entangled in the games and trading cards and everything, and it wouldn’t end well.

    14.) Nuclear bombs. Well, it would be far too easy to win if there were nukes involved.

    15.) Normal first and last names. Apparently the fall of the free world was also the fall of anyone with a nice, normal name like “John Smith” or “Sarah Doe.”

  16. Rosalie Swan said

    1. Me- I’m too evil.
    2. Girl Scouts- They would sell cookies and then suck your soul out. Gamemakers aren’t that evil.
    3. Justin Bieber- He’s so ugly, he would break the cameras.
    4. Coffee- hyping everyone up on caffeine=bad. Very bad.
    5. Cookie Monster- He’ll mistake everyone for cookies then no one would win.
    6. Grell from Black Butler- He’ll hack everyone up with his chainsaw and try to have the guys’ kids.
    7. Mokona Modoki- Too fluffy and adorable.
    8. My friend Manon- She’ll scare everyone, then there’s no action.
    9. Asians- They’re too badass.
    10. Tenma Tsukamato- Too much of an idiot.

  17. Rosalie Swan said

    Oops, one more!

    11. Barbies- their plastic pokey hands are kind of an unfair advantage. (think of it this way: “I WILL USE THIS BARBIE TO POKE YOUR EYE OUT!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”) And no one wants to play with some dumb plastic shallow doll.

  18. Rosalie Swan said

    And I came up with another.

    12. Barney- “Hee hee hyu hyu hyu! I’m a purple dinosaur! I’m gonna dance and be happy!”
    Katniss- “oh my god that’s SO ANNOYING!” *shotshotshot no more purple dinosaur*

  19. Alexia said

    1. A bar of soap. Part of the way they drive the contestants mad is the pure smell.
    2. A hospital…because it would kind of defeat the purpose if you got stabbed just to go to the ER
    3. Effie trinket- You might find her body…
    4. A gun- That’s like giving candy to a baby- writer loophole!
    5. A magic wand- Then we would be in Harry Potter.
    7. A english book- Because who can kill with english. Math books are on hand to kill with boredem though

  20. PaigeD said

    Finnick – infortunatly, he died.

    Good hiding spots – Dang, there’s a camera THERE too?!?!

    Normal looking animals – naw, they’re not cool enough. Let’s scare the poo out of people with lizard/dog/bird things.

    Silver Cornucopia – you could chip pieces off and shape them into silver bullets to kill the werewolf mutts.

  21. PaigeD said


    A moral compass – let’s stick a bunch of teens in the middle of nowhere and make them kill each other, eh?

  22. Sakira said

    Suzanne Collins
    Not only did she write the book, she’s too old to be considered for the Hunger Games.

    The Gamemakers
    They’re willing to send children into the arena as a punishment for rebellion against the Capital, but they’re too aware of the horrors of the Games to enter themselves. (Besides, all the children would target them first.)

    A doctor
    It takes four years of college, four years of medical school, and three years working in a hospital. For some specialties, it may take up to eight years before a doctor is fully trained. They don’t train to help the Hunger Games participants but to help those under the Capital’s jurisdiction.

    A doctor
    “A doctor must work eighteen hours a day and seven days a week. If you cannot console yourself to this, get out of the profession.” They don’t have time to enter the Hunger Games.
    ~Martin H. Fischer

  23. Abigail said

    10 Things you wouldn’t find in the Hunger Games arena:

    1. A birthday cake. Or any cake, for that matter. Think about it: if all the contestants were hyped up on sugar, the Gamemakers would REALLY have a problem on their hands.

    2. A grocery store. It kind of defeats the purpose of the Hunger Games (ahem…HUNGER is in the title) if everyone has easy access to food.

    3. Dragons. Out of all the weird creatures living in the Hunger Games arena, dragons are nowhere to be found. (so far.)

    4. George Clooney. If they put him in the games, no one would want to kill him, and the contestants would be too distracted by the celebrity in their midst to do anything but stare.

    5. Bubbles. Too harmless and fun. Unless of course, they are “bomb bubbles” that explode at the slightest touch.

    6. Frozen yogurt. It has the power to bring together enemies, so it obviously has no place in the Hunger Games.

    7. Weddings. “You’re invited to our wedding at the Hunger Games arena!” just doesn’t have a nice ring to it.

    8. Compassion. Everyone in this game has their mind set on winning, and to do that, you have to be a ruthless killer.

    9. Yoga teachers. Yoga is a good stress-reliever, and as much as the contestants probably need stress relief, the Gamemakers aren’t going to let it happen.

    10. A wizard. Or the good kind, at least. Otherwise he would help one of the contestants win, and that would be cheating. Then the good wizard would be killed for helping the contestants, so I think it’s better if he just stays out of this whole thing.

  24. Vannesah Ingalls said

    1. knitting needles… if they’re not allowed on airplanes, I doubt they’re allowed in the world of violent sporting events.
    2. Lady GaGa… the battle outfits are just “too practical” for her to be caught dead in.
    3. Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs… because he would win unanimously 🙂
    4. The Man-Eating Rabbit from Monty Python…the rabbit would kill off the contestants in every game. In the words of a depraved society “that’s so boring”

  25. Sakira said

    A princess and a knight in shining armor
    The Game participants are all preteens/teens, and none of them are dressed for a party.

    Your parents aren’t there to support you. You’re on your own.

    Your bff
    The only other person from your district is of the opposite sex and, unless you’re interested in a romantic relationship, chances are that person isn’t your soul mate. There’s no broship or sisterhood here.

  26. Georgie :) said

    Things you wouldn’t find in the Hunger Games areana:
    A bottle – everyone would be to busy peeing themselves to think of using the traditional green soda bottle.
    Jesus Christ – no matter how many times you shout his name, he ain’t about to appear.
    An iPod to check your email on – though it would be good to hear from grandma again…
    A teacher – haha, this time you can’t go dibby-dobbing to the teacher because someone chopped off your friends head.
    Baked Beans – this is a fight for food, right? How radical would it be if you just randomly found a tin of baked beans?

  27. Arakawafan said

    1. The Elder Wand- How is it fun to watch if someone goes all Voldemort on everyone and obliterates them in a second with the Deathstick?
    2. A doctor – Dang it Peeta, I’m a contestant, not a doctor!
    3. An Inkie – We’re authors! Give us a pen and paper and we’ll obliterate them all.
    4. Mass Murderers – With all the training of the Career Tributes, who has time to become a Mass Murderer? Maybe a MURDERER, but not a MASS one. As for the others, why would they want to?
    5. Spaceballs the Flamethrower – Since when does Yogurt sponsor the Hunger Games?

    • Valkyrie Cain said

      Welcome to the world!!!
      I’m ridiculously happy you created one that was like something McCoy would say.
      If he were in the Hunger Games before being the doctor on his show that is!!

  28. Kate said

    You wouldn’t find a hovercraft to get out of there!

  29. Madi said

    1. A box of legos-but wouldn’t that be cool?????
    2. A good book-cuz who has time to read?
    3. A Capitol kid-duh! Must I explain?
    4. Kristen Stewart-The Capitol would hate her. She would be like,”Crap, he’s dead. Darn. *yawn*. When’s this done? I want my paycheck.

  30. lafon said

    1. Commercial breaks. Can you imagine: “We will now break from the preceding program for these short messages.”?
    2. George Bush
    3. A library. (What can I say? Coolest place in the world.)
    4. Last episode ever of “American Idol”
    5. Fairness, kindness, honor etc. because this is the Hunger Games we’re talking about.
    6. Star Wars characters. While Palpatine may have the sadism, violence, and evil necessary to survive the Games, he is to old and the rest are too goody goody.
    7. Google Maps. Too easy. DUH!
    8. Boredom. Thank God. It’s kinda hard to be bored with the litany of problems. Hunger, people trying to kill you, you trying to kill people, hatred, tiredness, paying attention to the terrain so as not to get killed, trying not to die, killing etc.
    9. Your Mom. ’nuff said
    10. Three clowns holding a discussion group and arguing quite democratically, about whether Justin Bieber is a good singer, and why they are in the Hunger Games in patently fake French accents a la The Pink Panther’s Inspector Jacques Clouseau

  31. Danielle said

    Things you wouldn’t find in The Hunger Games Arena?

    -ME. I don’t have any physical strength, so the danger of me in the arena would kind of pale in comparison to the threat of any muttations. I also don’t have much of a mental advantage, so a loaf of bread (or a slice of bread, for that matter) would be appreciated more than my help and advice. And seeing as I lack both, as a contestant, I’d be dead before I got into the arena.

    -A Pillow Pet. Because why would you waste one in the arena? Besides, you wouldn’t want the risk of having to see it blown up, shot, or just plain stepped on. Let’s just leave the getting hurt to the contestants, shall we, not that precious unicorn?

    -Facebook. STATUS UPDATE: “So, lyk, I’m here @ the Hungr Gams, tryng 2 shoot tht kid ovr there w/ 1 hand, while hldng my laptp w/ the othr.-____-“

  32. Annie said

    What you wouldn’t find in the Hunger Games Arena:

    1. Ghandi

    “Be the change you wish to see in the Hunger Games arena” just doesn’t flow nicely.

    2. A The Hunger Games for Dummies manual.

    That would just be way too easy.

    3. A diary

    “Dear Diary: Today I tried to shoot a kid, but he shot at me instead and barely missed…”

    4. Gollum

    Because he fell into a pit of lava, duh! Also because the Gamemakers would be creeped out after he had hissed “My precious…” for the thousandth time.

    5. Cheerleaders

    How annoying would that be? You’re about to attack someone, and then you hear a bunch of blondes in miniskirts chanting, “H-U-N-G-E-R G-A-M-E-S! That’s what we call the Hunger Games!”

    6. Jack Sparrow

    He’d win way too fast, or he’d just run around with his jar of dirt.

    7. Inkpop

    Who has time to swap when you’re running for your life?

    8. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

    For obvious reasons.

    9. A massage chair

    And after you’re done attacking people, you can sit back and relax!

    So, there you have it. Anything I missed?


  33. Lycanthrope said

    1.) Justin Bieber’s hair- he cut it all off and sold it to charity.

    2.) A sniper rifle- One of the tributes would kill get it and shoot all of them and everyone would be like
    “… crap, what do we do now?”

    3.)Copper wire- I think Beetee cured them from ever wanting doing that again

    4.)Effie Trinket- She’d start running and her wig would fall off and she’d spaz out while everyone stood around and said “… crap, what do we do now?”

    5.)Freezer Waffles- They have no toaster Oven

    6.) A normal name- Need I explain?

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