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Writing Multiple Bestselling Series: Inside the Mind of Adriana Trigiani

Posted by inkpopbecki on March 16, 2011

Writing a series is difficult. Constructing a good narrative arch that can reach across two or three books, creating compelling characters that readers want to follow and wrapping up a good story. Well what about writing multiple series? Adriana Trigiani has done just that. The second book in her new YA series, Violet in the Spotlight, comes out this month. Want to hear more about writing multiple bestselling series? Join us for a live chat with Adriana Trigiani in the inkpop forum event at 5 p.m. EST today! In the mean time, we sat down with Adriana to talk a little bit more about Viola and her experience writing multiple series.

Viola is your first young adult series. What was it like going from writing a bestselling adult series to writing a such a successful young adult series?

I love writing young adult novels because I’m speaking directly to the readers.  I fell in love with reading when I could go to the library and choose my own books to read, so I keep that in mind when I’m writing.  A young adult selection is also a choice, and it brings a sense of wonder and empowerment to the reader.

Viola is an aspiring film makers, her parents are successful documentary filmmakers. You worked on such acclaimed shows as The Cosby Show and A Different World. How much of the character, Viola, and these experiences come from your own life? How important is it to write from a perspective you really know?

There is nothing like a camera- it’s great- it records the drama, and it’s artful, it’s truthful and it requires skill. I love Viola’s ability to be part of the family business.  It’s very organic.  Viola has a camera, and I had a pencil. Having said that, the techniques for storytelling grow and change and adapt to the audience, but there has to be a relatable point of view by the creator. I hope my readers know that I am writing for them.

What inspired you to write the Viola series?

Viola has a comfortable life, when suddenly, the road changes.  I like that she has to deal with change. Change is a tough concept, young, old and in-between.  I wanted to write a story about the unexpected turns a life takes and how it’s up to the protaganist to sort it all out.

As you’re writing the Viola series, you are also currently writing another adult trilogy for HarperCollins. How do you write two series at the same time? What are the challenges switching between two series?

I really only ever work on one book at a time.  So, when I’m writing Viola, I’m only writing Viola.  I would find going back and forthvery confusing. Plus, I want to stay in the world of the character until the story ends.  It’s one of the delicious aspects of writing books.

Want to ask a question of your own? Join us for a live chat with Adriana Trigiani in the inkpop forum event at 5 p.m. EST today!

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