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Interest, Research and Personality: Writing Tips from Ellen Schreiber

Posted by inkpopbecki on March 30, 2011

Ellen Schreiber is the author of the bestselling series Vampire Kisses and the recently released new series Once in a Full Moon. Clearly this is an author who knows writing. Want to hear from bestselling author Ellen Schreiber? Join our live chat today at 5 p.m. EST in the inkpop forum events . In the mean time check out these writing tips.

1. Write what you’d like to read. Pick characters that are of interest to you and they will flow much easier when writing about them.

2. Research can help. The internet, library, etc. can give you ideas into folklore and what has been passed down from generations and cultures. You can incorporate these ideas into your story.

3. Make the characters your own. What is special about your paranormal characters and what do they have to say about their situations and circumstances? Use your own take on them to bring originality to your work.

4. Have fun! Whatever you write about, you should always enjoy the process of writing. Sure there might be stumbling blocks, but being creative should be enjoyable and fulfilling. Always follow your passion.

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