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inkpopper of the Week: The Beaver

Posted by cat eyes & skinny jeans on April 18, 2011

“I’m a furry, semi-aquatic rodent. Any other questions?

“Jokes aside, I am extremely mysterious when it comes to my ‘real identity’ — so much that the majority of my inkie friends know me as The Beaver / variations of that. Only a few know me as M____ Z____, and that was only on accident (Gmail hates me!). You know what they say about internet safety…

“I’m in __th grade Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. Well, I wish. But I really love my high school, which is weird since most people don’t. I guess it’s because mine is about 80% Asian and I’m Chinese, so I fit right in.

“Despite my secrecy about age and name, I have no problems with telling the world that I live in the glorious city of Austin, Texas! There’s really nothing to say about Austin other than the people here are absolutely BONKERS (myself included) so stay away from those hobos, chaps.

“I’m the type of person who has a turtle collection. But I only have 20 or 30. I’m working on it, okay? Right now, my turtle collection is being invaded by Captain America and Wolverine bath toys.

“Also, I am cuh-razy about classic movies. Granted, I haven’t seen everything I want, but I’m working on it.

“Mention Audrey Hepburn, and I will go on a humongous rant about how awesome she is. Ask me who she is, and I will slap you.”

Luckily, when you ask The Beaver about inkpop, you’ll receive a different form of response – an influx of names of inkpoppers that she’d love to see named inkpopper of the Week…and now hers is featured amongst those!

You are a HUGE advocate of fellow inkpoppers, being single-handedly responsible for the selection of many of the past inkpopper of the Week titles. How does it feel to have the tables turned, and be inkpopper of the Week yourself?

The Beaver: Oh gosh. I dreaaaadddd these types of questions, especially the “Oh, I’m so shocked, I never even expected to get IotW!” and “You guys are so sweet, oh my goodness!”-type responses that I have to give. But. Um. Yeah. That.

As for how it feels, I 1. looked at the message and dropped my jaw, then 2. saw the email and dropped my jaw, and after opening said email I 3. had to pick up my jaw off the ground when I saw the length of the email. So, that’s how it feels. Painful. (Have YOU ever had your jaw removed?)

Where did the name The Beaver come from?

The Beaver: In middle school, my friends were intent on starting this little “writing club” and we all had fake names. Mine was Beverly Tu (totally fake, for you creepers who just perked up), and my friends starting calling me Bev the Beaver. When I joined inkpop, I had no idea what to use, and Beaver was the first thing in my mind.

Out of the five projects you have posted to inkpop, three are short stories and two are books. Would you say that these are your favorite formats to write? If you had to choose just one format to write in, which would it be and why?

The Beaver: Aaaaaaaaah, short stories! Short stories! Short stories!

I don’t even count Loveseat Nights as a book because it’s a ‘novella’ with 5 chapters and, to me, it’s still a short story. It was actually a short story before my Beavie Hulk Rage moment a couple months ago when I deleted all my projects, but then Dilnar/Lina (schwing), among others, convinced me to repost.

Rambling aside, short stories are the cupcakes of literature. Brief, sweet, no time at all to enjoy, but a lasting impact. What’s not to love?

Besides, they’re the easiest to write. No complex plots (for the most part), lots of character growth in brief amount of time, and everyone reads all the way to the end!

What do you feel influences your writing and why?

The Beaver: My friends! These include people in ‘real life’ and on inkpopland. Recently, word wars have been the machines that prompt me as motivation, but the things that influence me are people themselves.

A particular friend, Terisha, is my ‘muse’, so to say, and I mean it when I say all of my stories have SOME element from her in it — whether it’s some piece of advice she gave me or a cameo or just one of her features.

Another source of influence are my darling sommies! Insomniac threads are where I can get my creative juices flowing, and dang do they flow fast. I guess its part adrenaline from staying up at 1 or 2 a.m. and part environment — everyone’s so happy and cheery. Most of the time.

What are your crazy writing quirks? What do you need in order to get inspired and kick yourself into the mood to write?

The Beaver: The shower. Believe it or not, folks, but I think that hot water is the best way to get inspired.

But also, just going about life. I can’t make anything appear on that Word document unless I’m up and moving, doing things I always do. I’ll get the weirdest (and best) ideas if I’m concentrated on something else.

What made you fall in love with writing?

The Beaver: I blame it on my second grade teacher. She said to my parents, ‘I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw her book at Barnes & Noble’s.’ Of course, a second grade teacher always lies (‘Oh, but darling, you look beautiful in that dress!’), but that was when the birth of my ego came to be and writing just fueled it even more.

Writing is just a treasure in itself. When something happens to me during the day and I can’t blog or rant openly about it, I’ll write it in a story. It’ll only be a small portion of the story, a little tidbit in two sentences, but I’ll feel like a huge load has been lifted.

Also, creating characters and scenes and all these imaginary places is so amazing. It’s like this whole new world in my head, where blackmail takes the form of classic movies, red Gameboys can haunt memories, and an overweight girl writes letters to candy.

Who was your favorite childhood author and why?

The Beaver: Judy Blume for her Fudge series. Oh, how I wished to have a boyfriend– Ahem, brother like Peter.

Also, Lisa Yee for Millicent Min, Girl Genius. It was hard finding multiracial books, and Yee’s work did not disappoint with its humor and delightful characters.

What’s on your spring reading list?

The Beaver: Ah, I must pull up my Goodreads. Anna and the French Kiss – Stephanie Perkins; Before I Fall – Lauren Oliver; Audrey, Wait! – Robin Benway; Speak – Laurie Halse Anderson; Going Bovine – Libba Bray; Truly, Madly, Deeply – Faraaz Kazi.

Pop, Pop, Pop! Rapid Fire Questions:

Favorite ice cream topping? Caramel– No, sprinkles. No, caramel!
What’s on your iPod? An iPod cover. Ah, I’ll stop with the lame jokes now. Coldplay, Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, Michael Buble.
Favorite quote? “As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands: one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” – Audrey Hepburn
Ron Weasley or Harry Potter? Weasley! Unf, gingers.
Best place to curl up with a good book? In bed. (That sounded like a lame joke. It wasn’t.)

Over to you…who do you think should be the next inkpopper of the Week?

Erika (aka inkpoperika)

13 Responses to “inkpopper of the Week: The Beaver”

  1. LilyJane said

    OMG. I read Millicent too! I loved that book.
    Congrats on the review (:

  2. Lexie said

    LOVE YOU. ❤

    Oh. And yes. G-mail hates you. 8D

  3. gaby said

    :3 YAY ❤

  4. Meagan said


  5. Lithiawood said


    *endures extreme spastic attack of happiness*

    Go Beavie, Go Beavie, Go, Go, Go Beavie!

    Great interview dear, although I am left with so many questions….(Why not a beaver collection instead of turtles? Why not a giant ear instead of nose?)

  6. Lexie said


  7. Wildgreenskittle said

    I take showers for inspiration too! 😮

  8. J.N. Cahill said

    Great interview!

  9. Nella said


  10. The Beaver said

    Aw, thanks guys. I checked this and I was like, “WHOA. 11 comments?!” You inkies are too sweet.

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