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inkpop Fundamentals: April 19, 2011

Posted by cat eyes & skinny jeans on April 19, 2011

‘Sweet Valley High’ grows up…and hits the bestseller’s list! It was 1983 when author Francine Pascal first introduced tow-headed twins Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield of Sweet Valley, California to the world. During their years as stars of the Sweet Valley High series, readers followed them through the many trials and tribulations they encountered as teenagers; perhaps those are the very same readers who helped to put Francine Pascal’s Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later – which hit bookstores on March 29, 2011 – on multiple bestseller’s lists, leading industry professionals to believe that “The book’s success will undoubtedly spawn a wave of YA novel updates for adults.” GalleyCat.

Breakfast with Roald Dahl? We’ve seen cereal boxes decked out in crossword puzzles, word searches, clever cartoon characters, and giveaway announcements; soon, however, Asda cereal lovers in Britain will find themselves treated to an excerpt from a Roald Dahl novel when they sit down for their morning breakfast. “According to The Telegraph, the excerpts will appear in at least ten million Asda brand cereal boxes sold in Asda supermarket chains. The excerpts will be drawn from ‘The Witches’, ‘The Twits’, ‘The BFG’, ‘Danny, the Champion of the World’, and ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’.” MediaBistro.

Author Anthony Horowitz to take on the world of ‘Sherlock Holmes’ YA author Anthony Horowitz may be best known for his creation of the bestselling Alex Rider series, and work at adapting many of Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot novels for television; but come November 1, 2011, Horowitz – who has written and published over fifty novels during his writing career – will take up the role of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle by penning Sherlock Holmes: The House of Silk, a tribute to the author who passed away 81-years-ago. “The book is set in 1890, but as written by Watson in a retirement home, a year after the death of Holmes. The story opens with a train robbery in Boston, and moves to the innocuous setting of Wimbledon – but, Holmes says, the tale was too monstrous, too appalling to reveal until now. ‘It is no exaggeration to say it could tear apart the very fabric of society’, he writes in the prologue.” The Guardian.

Over to you…were/are you a Sweet Valley High fan? If you could revisit any YA characters in ten years, who would they be and why? What do you think of putting book excerpts on the back of cereal boxes – yay or nay? If you could sit down to breakfast with any fictional book character, who would it be and why? Are you a Sherlock Holmes fan? Will you be picking up a copy of Sherlock Holmes: The House of silk when it is released in November?

Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Erika (aka inkpoperika)

3 Responses to “inkpop Fundamentals: April 19, 2011”

  1. Lithiawood said


    *extreme sad/jealous face*

  2. A.K.A101 said

    Being the Sherlock Holmes Dork I am I’m like this now O_______O
    *must…get….hands on….*

  3. Carian Els x said

    Sweet Valley High? Never heard of it.
    Hm… I think I’d want to visit… Artemis Fowl and/or Holly Short. I want to see if Arty would still be in contact with the fairies, and I want to see if he’d be rolling around in blood money XD I’d love to know how Butler is too, since he’s pretty old in the books. I have no doubt he’d be a badass, butt-kicking assasin in his sixties though XD
    Well… I don’t think this ASDA book excerpt thing is that big a deal. I mean, I remember buying cereals from ASDA with the ACTUAL books inside, not just excerpts XD
    Breakfast with Lacey Turner from Kissed By An Angel. Aside the fact she’s dead and passed on; she’s awesome XD We’d have such a laugh, and I can imagine her wreacking havoc in my lounge and… making it look like I did it -_-
    Never read/seen any Holmes stuff, so no… though I quite fancy this new book though.

    Spotted a few errors in your blog post XD

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