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45 Responses to “Royally Married: Princess Mia Thermopolis Tips for Kate Middleton”

  1. Otaku said

    Never eat sweet potatoes at official functions. They tend to… create excess gas. Down the rear end.

  2. CabotFan said

    Don’t wear jeans unless you’re visiting a celebrity in America. And if that’s the case, don’t wear one of your british hats.

  3. Ashley said

    A princess only gives the illusion of perfect, when the illusion is shattered a princess owns up to it and rebuilds her image from scratch.

  4. Don’t listen to criticisms about what you wear. No matter what, someone is always going to hate it.
    Modest clothing is a good idea, though. Nothing ruins your reputation faster than being called a slut.

  5. Bri said

    ~A princess is human, and will always be. No matter what happens, either if you tripped and destroyed your heels or spilled wine in the ambassador’s new gown, always remember that humans make mistakes. Even if those humans are princesses. And you shouldn’t stress yourself out with all those mistakes. You wouldn’t want the paparazzi taking stolen shots of you with a strained and depressed face, would you?

    I want to add another one, if it’s alright. If not, then my entry is the first one above.

    ~Always be prepared. A princess must always look good and fresh, and she must always bring every girl’s essential needs–her brush, moisturizer, perfume/cologne, etc. You don’t want to let the paparazzi take a picture of you having a bad hair day. Or not let them take your picture anymore because you smell bad.

  6. Sakira said

    Always smile. You never know when someone’s going to snap a photo of you or call in a crowd of screaming people.

  7. Zanna Rose said

    -Don’t plaster your face with excessive make-up. One it looks cheap and two it just looks cheap!

    – Always opt to color your hair a month before a big event. You don’t want some crazy color and cut!

  8. Lydia Bloomfield said

    -Remember who you are. Just because you’re royal doesn’t mean you’re a different person.

  9. Being Charlie said

    As stated in the awesome movie, Zombieland, as rule #22 “When in doubt, know your way out”, always know where the exits are. And while the princess is most likely not running from a crowd of brain-hungry zombies, a flock of camera-flash-blindness-inducing paparazzi, or even a few extreme fans, can be just as dangerous.

  10. BunnyBoo said

    If you’re going to vent about the hassles of royal life in a diary, make sure you have a really fantastic hiding spot.
    Or, like Kristen in The Hollow by Jessica Verday, keep two.
    Tell your real feelings in one, and totally fake the other one. One hard to find, one easy.

  11. Niki said

    An itching rear end? A booger in your nose? Wait up! Never, ever pick, scratch or do anything which may result in you being mortally embarrassed! These things can wait, but the prying eyes of the paparazzi won’t.

  12. Niki said

    An itching rear end? A booger up you nose? Let it wait! Never, ever pick, scratch or do something which may result in you getting mortally embarrassed in public. The irritation can wait, but the prying eyes of the paparazzi and the sharp tongues of the gossip mongers won’t.

  13. Niki said

    Oh, I think I commented twice…anyway my second entry is the one for the competition.
    Thanks =)

  14. Tiny1 said

    -If people say false information about you, do not retaliate! Then it will become an even bigger deal! Just laugh it off as if it was nothing. People have short memories – if it’s not memorable!

  15. Mia said

    Never rush away from the papparazzi or rush to anyone. They may think you are too eager

  16. Catherine said

    Always smile and be gracious…someone WILL be watching!

  17. Mariam said

    Do not think by any chance that once you’re a princess you’ll always be one, something may happen and you won’t be anymore;so make sure if this happens your people will always love you for the pleasent things you’ll do to them.

  18. camille s. said

    Always be yourself. The prince chose you because of you. It means that he loves you just the way you are. Change something about yourself because you want to and not because others want you to. If you think it’s for the better, then go for it. 😀

  19. olivia said

    read ‘The Princess Lessons’ from Mia Thermopolis, it would help you a lot about what to do (or not to do) as a princess.. ;D

  20. DebF said

    Real power comes from within, from your strength of character and conviction. If you see changes to how things should be done, be willing to mention them, then leave them to flower as someone else’s ‘brilliant idea’. You’ll have MORE than enough time in the spotlight, and they’ll remember you fondly. Part of the power of a princess is to highlight things which would otherwise be ignored. Use your power wisely!

  21. Samantha said

    If there is a big political issue (or any kind of major debate) that could affect the people’s opinions of you, DON’T take sides, but at the same time distance yourself from the issue so people don’t think you are being cowardly and backing out. Trust me on this.

  22. Sam said

    Get a stress ball. Keep it in your purse so you can squeeze it while you’re mad and not have people see that you are. In public, try to keep a somewhat happy face so you don’t get pasted all over the tabloids with a cover saying “Has Kate lost it? Her mental breakdowns and fits of anger revealed” Take my advice and it’ll be harder for them to find angry pics of you. Or have a fake and nameless account on twitter where you can tweet bad things to your hearts desire. Whatever works. 😉

  23. Lesli said

    At the end of the marriage ceremony, grab him and kiss him! It’s what we all want to see. You’ll be our favorite princess!

  24. Tamara Aaron said

    If someone comes up to you with dolls of you and william which they knitter with the patterns they found at indigo/chapters, run in the opposite direction. They are probably crazy.

  25. Emmanuella said

    Dont ever hit someone if many people looking at you. even he/she makes you angry. trust me. well, but maybe if you are very angry with them and no one look it, you can hit them. what? a princess is human too, dont think that she must be always calm, slow and wear her dress with a beautiful smile like she never do any mistakes, ok? she’s a human too. oh, and the last, just be yourself and you can enjoy your life happily.

  26. William said

    When your royal in-laws make you do something you don’t want to–like dance with that creepy ambassador or finish eating some weird delicacy that looks like it’s still breathing–it’s not because they hate you. It’s because you’re a princess, and it’s just what princesses have to do.

  27. Lexi said

    I think she changed her name back to Catherine, because it sound more royal.

  28. Malone said

    Do not use expensive dresses or backpacks when you visit poor children from poor countries, then people will think that you care instead of think that you just do it to do like all the other monarchies.;)

  29. Malone said

    Meg cabot, I have to tell you something,- always, when I do things I Think of what Mia Thermopolis would have done. I love her books and write My own journal, but am I crazy? Do you Think I am going to stop thinking this way? It is just that I never can be as Good as her,I wish… Sorry

  30. Malone said

    Sorry because og my bad english, I am from Norway, but read the books in english also sorry because i post theese comments that had nothing to do with kate. Malone

  31. flame said

    i looooooooooooooooooooooove meg cabot u rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i have read all the princess diaries three times each!mia is so right kate shouldnt worry coz everyone loves her already..well at least i do.MEG CABOT 4EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Lindsay said

    Remember who your real friends are and keep them close. Lots of people are going to try and cozy up to you now that you are part of the royal family and they may not always be genuine.

  33. Livvie said

    Whenever you go out in public, make sure you’re wearing something that won’t give the National Enquirer anything to talk about.
    Also, if you ever eat Jelly Belly beans, make sure to look for your face in the Peach flavor before you eat it.

  34. Kaethe said

    Find a subject you care passionately about and learn as much about it as you can, particularly how the issue is handled in other countries. That, and “Read any good books lately?” will give you conversational fodder no matter whom your are seated next to.

  35. […] here’s a place where Mia gave some tips to Kate Middleton (now HRH Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge), where you can win books if you offer your […]

  36. Francesca said

    Use power and authority to help all of humanity and make the world a better place. Never forget that whether your from an African tribal village or a royal from England, we are all connected to one another by common humanity.

  37. FairyWhispers said

    Don’t read fashion magazines,

    just go with your own look and create your style to be featured in the magazine.



  38. Never get caught wearing your sneackers, you’re old, smelly and confortable sneakers…

  39. Never get caught wearing your sneackers. Your old, smelly and confortable sneakers…

  40. Stanislava said

    It is all very well to make plans, however prepare to be surprised! =)

  41. Toritha said

    -The oyster fork is the one with the three little tines.

    -Never let him know he’s the only rooster in the hen house. But let everyone else think so.

  42. Sandra said

    If somebody makes a bad website about you, comment on it and say something like, “I’m sorry you think about me that way” or something like that. Never let your temper control you.

  43. Never, ever write right before your go somewhere in a white dress because you will (like me) end up with ink stains where you dragged your hand around the paper and your hands touch the side of you dress and…..Ink stains on your white dress…. Horrible

  44. Hannah said

    Never pretend to speak a lanuage you don’t, you’ll end up in some sort of conversation with someone and you won’t understand what they are saying

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