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Jersey Shore Yourself!

Posted by inkpopbecki on May 6, 2011

Oscar Wilde! He was upstanding, discrete and a paradigm for decorum. Alright he wasn’t actually any of those things. In fact, he was more like the Perez Hilton of the Victorian era. Yet still when you take an irreverent script, like that of The Importance of Being Earnest, and couple it with modern culture, like Jersey Shore, you can get hilarious results.

Now it’s your turn. In the comment section of this blog (that would be the box below that says Comments, and then when clicked upon says LEAVE A COMMENT) write your own interpretation of Jersey Shore meets a classic novel. It could be the idle gossip of Emma or the raging drinking and marauding of the Three Musketeers. First write identify the classic novel you’re parodying and then write three or four lines that you could imagine the Jersey Shore cast might say in this time period. Three winners will be selected to win a free book from HarperTeen.

4 Responses to “Jersey Shore Yourself!”

  1. Carolyn said

    i chose pride and prejudice, by jane austen (:

    “I say, Elizabeth, do look at that dashing young man over there,” Jane smiled, and turned closer to Elizabeth. “Do you know his name?”
    “I’m afraid I don’t,” Elizabeth said, and stopped a waiter in his tracks. “Excuse me, sir, but could you tell me who young man in the- ah, interesting hat and blue pants is?”
    “Why, my lady, that is the man of the house- the, ahem, Situation, as he goes by.”
    Elizabeth turned back to Jane, but she was traipsing across the room, towards her new love. Sighing, Elizabeth followed her eager older sister, avoiding women in hoop skirts and men with tail coats. The “Situation” was standing next to a young woman, who was wearing an obscenely odd pair of shoes, and- horror of horrors- a pair of tight pants. Unlike all the other girls in the room, whose hair was up in pristine buns, she had taken a unique stye, and had it flowing down her back, the front part rising much higher than one would expect. She was extraordinarily short, and Elizabeth wondered if she had some sort of disfiguration.
    Elizabeth held out her hand to the Situation and began to speak, but was cut short by the young woman next to her, who grabbed a champagne glass out of a man’s hand, and stumbling away suddenly, shouted, “I’m in Pemberley, bitch!”
    “That’s Snookie,” The “Situation” said. “Sorry about that; but at least you didn’t get punched like the guy at the beach.”

  2. Niki said

    Well, I chose Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare.

    “Oh my babies!” gasped Snookie.
    “Anything wrong with them, may I inquire?” ‘The Situation’ grunted, eying the couple before him.
    “Oh, refrain from speaking!” glared Pauly D, “That Montague sure has an abundance of spunk in him.”
    “You’d think the time he had with the female dog would make him feel a little bit of…abashment.” Snookie stated, peering from her hiding spot of a bush.
    “Oh,” snorted ‘The Situation’, “And so says you? The girl with not an ounce of shame?”
    “Who are we talking about, may I ask?” Pauly D spoke.
    “That Rosalie and the hopeless lover,” whispered Snookie, “Now look at him professing his undying love for the Capulet. And now, look at her . Accepting his claims and wanting to be his.”
    “Enough of the constant commentary, Snook,” whispered ‘The Situation’, “Let’s have our fun with the lovers.”
    Awaiting in silence, the group watched the ongoing drama before them.
    After a while, Pauly D spoke up, “Oh, my fellow conspirators, this is infatuation. Total infatuation.”

  3. Niki said

    oops…I meant Rosalind not Rosalie.

  4. Niki said

    Hmm…when will this game close?

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