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It’s Finally Happening: The New inkpop

Posted by inkpopbecki on May 27, 2011

So the day you thought would never come (I know we didn’t either) is finally approaching. The new inkpop will be revealed on June 16th.

Before you get up in squee (or start screaming at us about what did wrong) we thought we’d give you some warnings about what you will find when the new inkpop turns over. The first thing that you should be aware of is that inkpop will be down June 13-15 to get the new site up. We’re sorry. We know this is upsetting, but it is necessary to get the new site launched. After that, these are some of the things you can expect.

Project Ranks

When the new site turns over you may find your project rank is a little different than your old project rank. We apologize in advance for this. From our test station, this rescoring has mostly impacted projects positively, but for some, you may see you rank drop as much as five spots. Again we’re sorry in advance.

You’re probably wondering why this occurs. Well the short answer is the new leader boards. We have now broken all writing up into new sections Fiction, Short Writing and Poetry. This means that there are now going to be more chances to receive a HarperCollins review. Our editors will be reviewing the top five projects in all categories. While this sounds exciting, what you should know is this change has also impacted trendsetters. We have split the trendsetter leaderboard into three sections as well. So now trendsetters who may have been contributing more points to your project because their trendsetter score was #5 on the old site, may be contributing less points to your project because they are now #16 as a fiction trendsetter. Sound confusing? Please refer back to our old post about the trendsetting leader board.

Project Upload: Easier but Not Immediate

So one of the biggest complaints we’ve heard is about the uploading process. With our current uploader you have to cut up your projects. Regardless if you’re uploading or writing in the text box, you receive a lot of errors. Well, goodness, we fixed that. Our developers have worked hard to create an easier uploading experience for you. The bad news is, it takes a little while to render. After going through the steps to upload your work, you’ll see a little spinning bicycle that tells you where your project is in respects to the rendering process. You probably won’t see your project in the preview field, but don’t worry just hit publish. Even when it’s published, it may still be working on rendering your project. DON’T FREAK OUT! Get a cup of coffee. It could take up to ten minutes for your project to render, BUT if you do not receive a 404 Error message (which happens immediately) be assured that it IS uploading.

We’re working on speeding up this process, but for the moment, this is the best we can do. Please don’t hate us because we’re not perfect.

You Screamed, We Listened

Other changes from the original announcement include the following:

Short Writing Not Nonfiction: Since most of you complained that there is more short writing than nonfiction on the site, we adjusted to fit your needs. Now there is a section for Short Writing. There are Nonfiction types in the Short Writing section for all of you who still write nonfiction.

Now I realize there are going to be some problems and some complaints about this new section. Some of you may think that people will start labeling their work Short Writing to game the system and get to the Top Five faster. This is unlikely. First there are more Short Writing projects currently on the site than Fiction, so it’s going to be a lot more difficult to game that list. Second some of you maybe thinking, but my Short Writing IS Fiction. We understand. The Fiction section, in the future, will be relabeled Books, but it is harder than you might believe to change these categories, so for the moment, this is what we’re launching with.

Watch List: We previously said we would be doing away with Watch List. This is not the case. We now have Watch List again.

inkpop is Slow: So a lot of you complained that the current site is too slow and that often you will try to post a forum post or a comment and the page will time out. We’ve improved the performance of the site, so that it runs faster for you. When the new site launches, we’re going to be working on this even more. So all the promises that we made that inkpop will be fast WILL come true. This just might not be the case when the site is first up.

Questions? Concerns? Comment here or go to the inkpop forum we’ve set up to discuss these changes. Please be respectful and helpful. Just saying you hate all the new stuff and don’t want anything to change will not be helpful. Discussing the features you see (or don’t see) and making constructive suggestion will be incredibly valuable to us and we will try to keep up and respond to all of your thoughts.

23 Responses to “It’s Finally Happening: The New inkpop”

  1. Nella said

    Do you know how much a project will drop?

    • We don’t know specifically how much each project will drop. There will be changes to scores. That’s all we know for sure. It really depends on which people have which projects on their pick list.

  2. Lithiawood said

    I personally like most of the changes; I think that dividing it up into three Top 5s/trendsetters is a great idea. I’m glad good poetry will have a chance at the forefront.

    For me the problem is more the asethics, in that I am just not a fan of orange, and I feel like the boxy advertisements are poorly placed on the layout. I shall get over that though (I hope).

    Oh, and the main concern raised by people who saw the site was the fact that copy&paste as well as print features seem to be available for the projects…will these be disabled by the launch date?

    • There is definitely some misinformation out there. We received a worried post that copying, pasting and printing functions have not been disabled and that’s just untrue. We know the uploader we’re using NEVER allowed copying and pasting and we disbanded the print function on it before we even put the new uploader on the test site. So we don’t know what that user saw, but it certainly wasn’t an inkpop demo!

    • Carian Els x said

      …There are no advertisements there o___o
      Or are you going along with the demo site we saw?

  3. Polina said

    i’m actually excited about the new layout and the changes.

  4. Carian Els x said

    I think the trendsetter thing is a little weird, but we no bad comes from it, y’know? XD I think it’s cool :3 Probably less responsibility (and read requests) on our current Top TS’s. KUDOS INKPOP!

    *screams* THANKS! You brought in a short writing board :DD D’you know how epic that makes you know? NYAHAHA MY PROTEST WENT… HEARD!
    Still… I’m a little confused… I know you said that you will be changing it to “books”, but where do the books that aren’t fiction going? I know there aren’t much, but will they not have a shot at a review? Where do they go, fiction, short writing or poetry? Still, as most nonfiction on this site is ACTUALLY fiction, and the author just label them wrongly, it’s all good ^_^

    Glad the site is faster now πŸ˜€

    Hehe, I like the current layout better XDD But the new one is more modern, and you shouldn’t go along with MY opinion as I am extremely bad at getting used to changes XDD

    Thanks inkpop πŸ™‚

  5. Carrie said

    I’m sorry, but (in my opinion) the new site has both unfriendly colors and designs. I’m generally upset by it right now. 😦

    I do like the idea of the seperate top 5’s, but why did the layout have to change so much? It doesn’t even feel like inkpop anymore.

    • HobbitFeet said

      I agree with this. I’m glad the changes are FINALLY happening (it’s about time!) but it doesn’t look like Inkpop anymore. This, however, could probably be something to work out later. But I assure you that this will become a rising complaint as time goes on, and one day (hopefully before the year 3000) will need to get dealt with. But for now, I am glad that these changes are finally happening and I am looking forward to all these horrible glitches and errors that I never thought would get fixed finally get fixed. I’ll post real comments and opinions when the new site is up, or maybe tomorrow when I’m more awake and ready to post opinions.

      But just for the record, I am with the people that think the site should stay with a similar layout to what it currently has. I dislike the new layout.

  6. Lena Le said

    I don’t really see what’s wrong with current inkpop besides the slowness.

  7. Lena Le said

    Oh, and what’s going to happen to the happening now box?

  8. Lexie said

    I like some of the changes, am not so fond of others, but I’m sorry, I’m not fond of the layout. 😦 To be perfectly honest, it reminds me a lot of Figment, and I never liked the layout there. I love the current inkpop layout.

  9. PaigeD said

    My project is going to be in the top 5 next month. Is there still a chance that it might drop and I’ll lose that? 😦

  10. Beatrix Renning said

    I love the new colors, against popular opinion. I really do. When the new site is launched, I’m never gonna leave Inkpop. I can’t wait!

    Although, I do hope the project ranks won’t drop. I mean, by my estimate, my project would be a June top pick.

  11. Laura said

    While I agree, the colors are bland, I think the horizontal version looks nice. Of course, it’ll be hard to fully decide until the new site is up.

  12. Hana Rain said

    I am so late in responding. Haven’t been on here in almost a week. Anyway, I don’t completely hate the new layout. It’ll definitely take some getting used to. . . . Honestly the orange and stuff doesn’t make it feel like the inkpop we know and love.
    As for the rest of it, I’m confused. Glad that all the projects, including poetry and short stories, will have a chance now.
    Faster? Great. Amazing.
    So, that’s pretty much all I have to say. =) Can’t wait to see what it looks like!

  13. Charlie Michelle said

    I would like to know if the genres are still changing.
    Like the historical romance and vampire… are those coming or are the genres remaining pretty much intact?

    Because frankly that was what upset me the most. Were the genre changes.

  14. […] announced last Friday, June 16th we are rolling out the brand new inkpop. Along with some new features like Badges, Critics Leader Board and the new sections, we are […]

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