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New inkpop: You Asked, We’re Answering

Posted by inkpopbecki on June 3, 2011

As announced last Friday, June 16th we are rolling out the brand new inkpop. Along with some new features like Badges, Critics Leader Board and the new sections, we are modifying the Project Ranking.

For those of you who do not know this is how the CURRENT inkpop (like the one you’re sitting on right now at this very moment) works. In order for a project to receive it points, a user has to pick a project and keep that project on their list for a 30 days period. That means that users who were putting projects on their list and taking them off their list really quickly were not helping the project’s score they were only helping their own trendsetter score.  Once a project was on a user’s list for 30 days, the project would receive points. The number of points a project would receive was based on a user’s trendsetter ranking. If a user’s trendsetter ranking was #5 then they might give ten points to each project that was on their pick list for over 30 days. Once a project received points after the 30 day cycle, they would keep those points forever.

The NEW inkpop (i.e. the one that will launch on June 16th) will have a similar point system with a few tweaks.

Now when a user with a Trendsetter score of 5 puts a project on their list, that project receives the points  that day. BUT if that user takes the project off their list, the project loses those points that day.
As stated above, users apply more points to a project based on their Trendsetter score. So a user with a Trendsetter score between 1-100 give a project  may give ten points when a project is on their list. That is how the current site (the one you’re on right now) works and how the new site (the one launching on June 16th) will work.

Uses earn Trendsetter ranks  by having projects on your list. If you can imagine a pyramid, the first person who adds a project to their list receives a point towards their trendsetter ranking for each person below them who adds a project to their list. This occurs in 30 day cycles. The 30 cycle begins when a project is first uploaded. The moment a project is uploaded it has 30 days to give out (for example) 1000 trendsetter points. The first person to add a project at the beginning of those 30 days has the potential to earn all 1000 points. At the end of 30 days, all users who added a project in that period stop earning points and the 30 day cycle begins again. Which means the first person to add the project to their list at the beginning of the new 30 day cycle has the potential to earn 1000 points. When a user takes a project off their list they stop receiving points.

This is the system currently working on inkpop right now and the system that will carry over to the new inkpop.

The only different is we have split trendsetters into 3 categories. Now that we have three pick list—Fiction, Short Writing and Poetry—we have 3 Trendsetter Leaderboards and scores. So when the new site launches, some users may have lower Trendsetter scores in Fiction because some of the projects on their pick list are now listed as Poetry or Short Writing. But those users will have new Trendsetter scores in Short Writing or Poetry.

So in essence your Trendsetter score in Poetry could be #1, but your Trendsetter score in Fiction could be #101 if you do not have a lot of popular projects on your Fiction Pick List.

Got questions? Ask them here or join our inkpop forum discussion on inkpop changes.

30 Responses to “New inkpop: You Asked, We’re Answering”

  1. Lithiawood said


    Seriously, everyone freaking out over a non-changing system was really starting to bug me.

  2. Otaku said

    So IF, Elegance, and all the other poor souls scrambling off private aren’t in extreme danger? By the way, is it possible to put a project on private on the new site?


    • Yes we now have three displays for projects on the new site. It can be private (which means only you can see it), it can be public (which means every one can see it, comment on it and can put it on their list) or it can be a work in progress (which means everyone can see it and comment on it, but no one can put it on their list)

    • As long as Elegance and IF are on lists, they will have points. If they are not on peoples lists, they will not have points.
      All the points they currently have because they were on peoples list for 30 days, but are not on those list any more will go away. So they will drop in points. If they had remained private, when they moved over to the new site and went public again they would not have any points.
      That is why they’re scrambling. They DO need to be on list in order to have points.

  3. Laura said

    I’m so confused….

    • The system is difficult to fully comprehend, we understand. We don’t want people to easily game it. We want to most deserving projects at the top and we want to reward those readers on the site.

  4. Nella said

    I’m still a bit confused.
    On here, you can take off picks without hurting the project.
    O.o but if you take them off they’ll lose their points? Right?

    • On here you have to have a project on your list for 30 days before you give it any points what so ever, but once you do give it points it has those points forever.
      On the new site, the minute that you put a project on your list you give it points. BUT the minute you take a project off your list those points are taken away from the project.
      Make sense?

      • Nella said

        I think so.
        😮 this leaves me with one more question, currently , if we have to wait 30 days to give them points, then how come it rises right away? (Currently).

  5. Eowyn said

    Hmm, I didn’t konw you had to keep a project on your picks for so long for it to recieve the points…I’ve always just picked projects for a few days. It’s always seemed as if a project’s popularity bumped up when I picked it, but isI guess that’s not the case…:/

    • Eowyn said

      Oops…didn’t mean to misspell those words.

    • The reason it “seems” like it bumps is because everyone picks a project at different times. So someone who picked a project 30 days prior to you might have their time kick in the day you pick it, so it looks like it goes up.
      This 30 day cycle has always been in place on the site.

  6. Jesse said

    my only question is the similar to Nella’s – currently, on the inkpop right now, if someone picks a book, we immediately get points, and it they take the book off their picks after 24 hours, there is no downside effect. But, if i’m reading this correctly, in new inkpop, if someone takes it off their picks in say, 24 hours, our rank will go down as well?

  7. Samantha said

    I don’t get this at all. Since when did a project have to be on a picks list for 30 days for it to recieve it’s total amount of points? That’s just so unfair. Who wants to keep a single project on their list for a whole month? People change every few days. And now in the new system if we take a project off before then, then it’ll take all the points away that we gave it? If that’s the case, then that’s a bunch of malarkey. That hardly gives lesser known projects a chance. It’s basically a slap in the face. Cool.

  8. junebug:] said


    I will miss the green though. Still, I’m excited for the changes.

  9. Hana Rain said

    One question. . . . So if in the new Inkpop, if you pick a project, it gains points, but as soon as it’s off your picks it loses the points it gained, right? But then, wouldn’t we therefore have to keep a book on our picks until they had their review before we would be able to take it off and not hurt the book?
    I mean, won’t it be a little. . .frustrating?

    • RaRaRavenclaw said

      That seems more than frustrating to me, it seems unhelpful and counterproductive. What if your pick list is full, but you see a phenomenal project that you want to add? I don’t mind bumping something from my list, but if it was good enough to put there in the first place I hardly want to HURT it…

      • Seems to me you would have had the same problem before. I mean 30 days is a pretty long time to keep a project on your list in order to “help” it.
        Just saying.
        You can still put projects on your watch list and rotate in. Plus you have 15 slots to fill now. That is a lot of opportunities for picking good projects.

      • Tabbsy said

        It does make it a little better if we’ll have more slots to fill, but I still feel like having to keep a project on our lists (if we don’t want to hurt the project by taking it off) until the project reaches the Top 5 will become very frustrating. I’m still not sure if I’m understanding it correctly, though: in the new system, when we add a project to our list, the project will immediately recieve points, but as soon as we take the project off our list, all of those points will be taken away from that project?

  10. Esme said

    See, this is gonna make me want to leave this place again. Great! :/

  11. Spirrow Magnus said

    Thank God. Then the rumour that everyone would have to start from scratch and make new accounts is untrue? That’s a relief for those who worked hard to get where they are.


  12. ted said

    can anyone help me?! what does this mean?

  13. Amaya said

    Alright, so, when we put a project on our picks, it receives points, but as soon as we take it off, those points go away.
    -__- So my book will be fluctuating up and down A LOT, and it will get nowhere because I know no one who will keep a 656 ranked book on their list until it gets in the Top Five. How was this thought through for those of us less popular Inkies that won’t end up getting anywhere with this new system?
    And I’m seriously having trouble believing that we have the 30 day thing, now, since RIGHT AFTER someone picked my book, when I just put it up, it got points.
    OH, and since my messages have been ignored, will the ability to copy and paste stories in Safari Reader be fixed? Or am I going to have to take my story down since I don’t want it to be stolen?

  14. Finnick said

    So your new home page is going to feature “Read. Write. Connect.” in block letters across the screen. Kind of like how’s homepage features “Read. Write. Connect.” in block letters across the screen.

    But this clearly isn’t a desperate, reactionary measure! You’re making badges!


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