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Editing a Manuscript: Inside the Editorial Process

Posted by inkpopbecki on June 8, 2011

So many of you have asked, what goes into the editorial process? Well as inkpop author Leigh Fallon will tell you, Carrier of the Mark went through A LOT of editing. Want to hear more or ask a real live HarperCollins Editor about publishing? Join us for a live chat today at 5 p.m. EST in the inkpop forum events.

Until then, check out some of the work that went in to making Carrier of the Mark the fantastic novel that will be published on October 4, 2011

Eric performed two rounds of line  edits on Carrier of the Mark. These were the first line edits, done by hand. Line-Edits

The second line edits were done through  Track_Change.

Want to see more or want to find out more about the editing process? Psst a comment or a question in our  inkpop forum events.

4 Responses to “Editing a Manuscript: Inside the Editorial Process”

  1. Woah! I’ve never seen professional line edits. This is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever seen on the inkpop blog. Thank you so much for sharing, Leigh. This really gives writers who are far off from acquisition an idea of the writing process!

  2. Lithiawood said

    This is even better than what I mentioned in the email! This is so cool to see. 😉 I love how so many people think when *they’re* done editing there isn’t any more work to do, but that’s so not true. No matter how much you love your manuscript other people are going to find things you never even thought of. And a LOT of things, haha. XD

  3. Lydia Bloomfield said

    I’m so excited to do that to my own manuscript.

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