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inkpop Fundamentals: April 26, 2011

Posted by cat eyes & skinny jeans on April 26, 2011

Primrose Everdeen has been cast! Despite pleas from billions to cast fan favorite Elle Fanning (Dakota’s younger sister) in the role of Primrose Everdeen for the upcoming Hunger Games film adaptation, Lionsgate has announced that the actress selected for the coveted role is none other than newcomer, and New Mexico native, Willow Shields. ‘It’s so exciting to find an amazing young actress like the one we just met,’ director Gary Ross said in a statement about the casting. ‘Prim is an emotionally demanding role and in many ways she is the cornerstone of the story. Willow Shields will make an amazing Prim and we’re very lucky to have her.’ Entertainment Weekly.

Alexandra Bracken’s not-yet-published ‘Black Is the Color’ on its way to theaters Alexandra Bracken’s YA dystopian novel Black Is the Color may not be scheduled to hit bookstores until the summer of 2012, but that hasn’t stopped Twentieth Century Fox for scooping up movie rights to the piece. Bracken landed on the radar of readers with last year’s debut Brightly Woven, which told the tale of a rogue wizard; but Black Is the Color goes in a completely different direction. “The story centers around telekinetic teen Ruby, who after being placed in a government-run rehab camp, teams up with a group of similarly gifted kids to escape, eluding those who want to take advantage of their powers.” Black Is the Color is said to be the first title in a three-book series. Hollywood Crush.

‘Glee’ cast member scores writing project! Though he’s won critical acclaim for his acting and vocal chops in the role of Kurt Hummel on TV’s Glee, there’s more to Chris Colfer than meets the eye…like a love for writing. The Glee star has just inked a deal with the Disney Channel to write a pilot entitled The Little Leftover Witch, based upon the Florence Laughlin children’s book of the same title published in 1971. The story “tells the tale of a witch who is taken in by a new family after her broom breaks and she drops out of the sky.” Hollywood Reporter.

Over to you…are you happy to see a newcomer, as opposed to a well-known Hollywood starlet, cast in the role of Primrose Everdeen? Who would you have liked to see play the role of Prim and why? Have you read Brightly Woven? Do you plan on picking up a copy of Black Is the Color when it hits bookstores and/or will you be seeing the film when it arrives in theaters? Are you a Chris Colfer fan? Are you excited to see his writing projects come to life?

Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Erika (aka inkpoperika)

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inkpop Fundamentals: April 7, 2011

Posted by cat eyes & skinny jeans on April 7, 2011

Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth confirmed as Peeta Mellark and Gale Hawthorne! After months of anxiously waiting, fans can finally rest easy, for the roles of Peeta Mellark and Gale Hawthorne in the big screen adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games have been officially confirmed. Just a few weeks ago we learned that Jennifer Lawrence was cast as Katniss Everdeen; now, Josh Hutcherson has been confirmed in the role of Katniss’ fellow District 12 tribute Peeta Mellark, and The Last Song’s Liam Hemsworth has been confirmed in the role of Gale Hawthorne. Now that the main casting is complete, Director Gary Ross is working on getting the film laid out and shot in preparation of its March 23, 2012 release. Just Jared.

New York City’s ‘Harry Potter’ exhibit opens its doors! Though, in the past few months, we’ve heard much of the creation of various Harry Potter tours opening in London; little has been said about New York City’s very own Harry Potter exhibit…until now. Just two days ago, on Tuesday, April 5, 2011, Harry Potter the Exhibition opened its doors in New York City’s Discovery Times Square. Aside from the handful of interactive segments available to visitors, the exhibition displays settings, props, and costumes from the eight films. “ Featured costumes include Hermione Granger‘s yule ball gown, Cedric Diggory‘s quidditch uniform, and Professor Albus Dumbledore‘s wizard robes. We spotted three horcruxes, including Salazar Slytherin‘s locket, Helga Hufflepuff‘s cup, and Tom Riddle‘s diary (basilisk fang included). Dobby the house elf, Fawkes the phoenix, and the Hungarian Horn Tail dragon also appear.” GalleyCat.

Spin-off secrets revealed by ‘Vampire Academy’ author Richelle Mead Despite the fact that YA author Richelle Mead’s Bloodlines – the spin-off of her bestselling Vampire Academy series, which concluded last year with Last Sacrifice – isn’t slated to hit bookstores until August 23, 2011; the author recently sat down to discuss the new series, divulging a few secrets for what readers can expect – including whom the books will revolve around – “I’m very pleased to report that Sydney the Alchemist will be our lead and narrator, supported by Jill, Adrian, and Eddie.”. Mead also goes on to discuss her additional writing projects, and provides tips to aspiring young writers. Check out the complete interview here. MediaBistro.

Over to you…what do you think of the casting of Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth as Peeta and Gale? Are you excited to see The Hunger Games hit theaters? Do you have plans to visit Harry Potter the Exhibit? If you could see one thing from a Harry Potter film up close and personal, what would it be and why? Are you a Richelle Mead fan? Will you be reading Bloodlines when it is released in August?

Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Erika (aka inkpoperika)

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inkpop Fundamentals: March 8, 2011

Posted by cat eyes & skinny jeans on March 8, 2011

Your first look at Gayle Forman’s ‘Where She Went’ Since its debut in April of 2009, Gayle Forman’s If I Stay has won the hearts of readers and critics alike – even earning praise from Entertainment Weekly in the form of the simple…“Beautifully written.” Now, two years later, Forman is gearing up to release the long-awaited sequel, Where She Went. “ Told from Adam’s perspective, the action fast-forwards three years later. Mia has left Oregon (and Adam) to pursue her dreams in New York City, but a chance meeting in the Big Apple reunites the two former loves and, well…you’ll have to pick up a copy of the novel on April 5 to find out what happens.” Of course, if you can’t wait until April 5 to learn more, check out the recently discovered Where She Went book trailer here. Hollywood Crush.

‘The Hunger Games’ director Gary Ross inks deal for children’s book Though most recently he has made headlines for his title of Director of the much-anticipated film adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games, Gary Ross is not just capable of transforming the children’s literary work of others into box office hits; he also has the prowess to pen it himself. Though originally begun as a bedtime story for his twins; Ross’ tale of Bartholomew Biddle has expanded over the years into a 30,000+ word epic – which you will soon have the chance to read yourself as Candlewick Press recently acquired the rights to publish the volume, aptly titled Bartholomew Biddle and the Very Big Wind. The book is set to hit bookstores in 2013. Entertainment Weekly.

Three Oscar-nominated actresses in the running to play Katniss of ‘The Hunger Games’! With Director Gary Ross stating that he wants The Hunger Games big screen adaptation in theaters by March of 2012, the heat is on in regards to casting the film’s heroine – one Ms. Katniss Everdeen. Though countless actresses have expressed interest in the role, “‘Variety’ is reporting that the casting search is heating up, with three Oscar-nominated stars in Lionsgate’s crosshairs: Abigail Breslin, Jennifer Lawrence and Hailee Steinfeld.” Though no final selection has been made; sources say that Jennifer Lawrence has garnered the most interest thus far – despite the fact that, in reality, she is four years older than the 16-year-old Katniss she would be playing. MTV.

Over to you…what do you think of the Where She Went book trailer? On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you for the release of Where She Went? Do you plan on reading Bartholomew Biddle and the Very Big Wind once it is published – why or why not? Out of the three front-runners for the role of Katniss Everdeen – Jennifer Lawrence, Hailee Steinfeld, and Abigail Breslin – who do you think would make the best Katniss, and why?

Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Erika (aka inkpoperika)

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inkpop Fundamentals: February 22, 2011

Posted by cat eyes & skinny jeans on February 22, 2011

More from J.K. Rowling on the horizon! It has been little over two years since J.K. Rowling published The Tales of Beedle the Bard, but fans of the Harry Potter author have been eagerly anticipating her next move in the publishing world, and now news, though minute, has surfaced about it. “I don’t know when you’ll be able to read it. I’ve got several things on the go at once, so it’s hard to know which will be the first that appears in print,’ Jo told BBC News on the BAFTA red carpet. ‘But yeah, I’m writing hard.” The question is, what, exactly, is Rowling working on? Hollywood Crush has come up with a few theories – check them out here. Hollywood Crush.

Homemade ‘Hunger Games’ movie trailers hit the web Though Gary Ross, the director of the upcoming Hunger Games film adaptation, has already announced that he hopes to bring the movie to the big screen by March 23, 2012; the date, little over a year away, is still too far-off for diehard fans who are itching to see the bestselling Suzanne Collins trilogy brought to the big screen – thus, they have taken matters into their own hands. YouTube is currently buzzing with hundreds of thousands of homemade movie trailers for The Hunger Games, each one more popular than the last. Click here to watch four of YouTube’s most-viewed movie trailers, as compiled by GalleyCat. GalleyCat.

Brittany Robertson selected to star in L.J. Smith’s ‘The Secret Circle’ adaptation Just a few weeks ago we announced that Kevin Williamson, The Vampire Diaries executive producer, was hard at work at creating a pilot script for a planned small screen adaptation of L.J. Smith’s The Secret Circle series. Now, further reports have been released, stating that Brittany Robertson, the star of Life Unexpected and the Avalon High made-for-TV movie based on Meg Cabot’s novel of the same title, has been offered, and accepted, the lead role of Cassie in The CW pilot. “‘Secret Circle’ is based on a series of books by author L.J. Smith about a young woman who moves to a new town and discovers that not only is she a witch and part of a secret coven, but she’s also the key that will unlock a centuries-old battle of good versus evil. It’s from Alloy Entertainment, Warner Bros. Television and CBS Television Studios.” Entertainment Weekly.

Over to you…what do you think J.K. Rowling is working on right now? Are you excited to finally see a new book from Rowling? Which homemade Hunger Games movie trailer is your favorite and why? Are you eagerly awaiting the release of The Hunger Games film? Do you think that Brittany Robertson would make a convincing Cassie in The Secret Circle? Are you excited to see The Secret Circle brought to the small screen?

Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Erika (aka inkpoperika)

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inkpop Fundamentals: February 3, 2011

Posted by cat eyes & skinny jeans on February 3, 2011

Alex Pettyfer most likely NOT starring in ‘The Mortal Instruments’ Though British actor Alex Pettyfer has been the frontrunner (and fan favorite) for the role of Shadowhunter Jace Wayland in the big screen adaptation of Cassandra Clare’s City of Bones, the first book in her bestselling The Mortal Instruments series; bad news hit the web a few days ago when it was unofficially announced that Pettyfer will likely not be starring in the film, having reached an impasse with Screen Gems regarding a price for his performance. “ To be clear, nothing has been officially announced by Alex or Screen Gems, meaning for now, the deal is still on the table. Vulture’s earlier report intimated that Screen Gems may not produce ‘The Mortal Instruments’ if they can’t secure Alex, so today’s news is a bit troubling for fans not only rooting for Alex, but rooting for the franchise’s film debut.” Hollywood Crush.

‘The Hunger Games’ film gets a release date! No, Katniss Everdeen and the rest of The Hunger Games characters have yet to be cast; but that hasn’t stopped Lionsgate and Director Gary Ross from announcing that they hope to have The Hunger Games – the first title in Suzanne Collins’ bestselling trilogy of the same name – in theaters by March 23, 2012. “ Director Gary Ross recently revealed to EW that he aims to go into production of the first installment of Collins’ trilogy later this spring.” Entertainment Weekly.

What does Stephenie Meyer’s publicist moonlight as? YA author! Being the publicist for Twilight Saga author Stephenie Meyer is a full-time job in and of itself – but Elizabeth Eulberg, the individual whom holds such a title, still makes time for moonlighting on the side…as a YA author! That’s right; when she’s not working for Meyer, Eulberg has a thriving career as a YA author herself. Last year she published The Lonely Hearts Club, which debuted to rave reviews, and in January she released Prom & Prejudice – a novel based loosely on the classic Jane Austen piece Pride & Prejudice. Check out an interview with Elizabeth Eulberg here. Entertainment Weekly.

Over to you…if Alex Pettyfer turns down the role of Shadowhunter Jace Wayland, who do you think would be the next best choice to play the character? Do you hope that a film based upon The Mortal Instruments still makes it to the big screen – why or why not? Do you think that Gary Ross will be able to bring The Hunger Games to the big screen in little over a year – why or why not? Have you read either of Elizabeth Eulberg’s novels? Did you know that Stephenie Meyer’s publicist was a YA author?

Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Erika (aka inkpoperika)

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inkpop Fundamentals: January 13, 2011

Posted by cat eyes & skinny jeans on January 13, 2011

Lily Collins talks ‘Mortal Instruments’ It hasn’t been long since actress Lily Collins snagged the role of a lifetime in playing Clary Fray in the upcoming film adaptation of City of Bones, the first title in Cassandra Clare’s bestselling The Mortal Instruments series; but already the 21-year-old has hit the media circuit to chat about landing the role, and what names are being tossed in the mix to play the coveted role of Jace Wayland, and the oft-times shy, Simon. Read the entire interview with Lily here to find out more secrets about the City of Bones film. MTV.

‘The Hunger Games’ gets PG-13 rating Though casting is yet to be complete, and production is still quite a ways in the future, with each passing day, more and more questions regarding the big screen adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ bestselling The Hunger Games comes into play – one of the biggest being what the film will be rated. While many were rooting for an R-rating, Director Gary Ross recently revealed that the film will be rated – much to the chagrin of many – PG-13. “‘It’s not going to be an R-rated movie because I want the 12- and 13- and 14-year-old-fans to be able to go see it,’ Gary told EW. ‘This book means too much to too many teenagers for it not to be PG-13. It’s their story and they deserve to be able to access it completely. I don’t need to have a huge prosthetic budget or make this movie incredibly bloody in order for it to be just as compelling, just as scary, and just as riveting.’” Hollywood Crush.

Cover reveal for The Decemberists’ Colin Meloy’s debut YA novel! Though the release date of Wildwood, the debut novel of The Decemberists’ Colin Meloy, isn’t set to hit bookstores until Fall of 2011, Entertainment Weekly has acquired an exclusive sneak peek of the cover, showcasing illustrations by Carson Ellis. The first title in an expected trilogy, “‘Wildwood’, is a middle-grade fantasy (middle-grade is publisher-speak for Young Young Adult) set in an alternate-reality version of Meloy’s hometown, Portland, Ore., in which adventure and magic have replaced flannel and independent coffee houses.” Entertainment Weekly.

Over to you…are you excited to see City of Bones come to the big screen? Do you think that Lily will make a good Clary? If you could cast City of Bones, who would you select to play each character, and why? Do you feel that The Hunger Games should have an R-rating – why or why not? Will you be reading Wildwood when it is released later this year – why or why not?

Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Erika (aka inkpoperika)

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