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Valentine’s Day Haiku Contest

Posted by inkpopbecki on February 11, 2011

Unless you live under a rock, you’re sure to have noticed the heart-shaped-boxes full of chocolate that are lining the shelves of grocery stores. That’s right . . . Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! We thought we’d get into the Valentine’s Day spirit with a little poetry contest. And when we say little, we mean it—3-line poetry only!

Whether you’re celebrating love with chocolate and flowers or inducing a self-inflicted sugar overload in the hopes of drowning out that disgusting red-and-pink motif, we want to see your best haiku. From now until the big V-Day, write your own haiku for a chance to win a prize pack full of four awesome love stories.
So what is a haiku? A haiku is a traditional form of Japanese poetry that is made up of three unrhymed lines. The first line has five syllables, the middle line has seven syllables, and the third line has five syllables. Each of our featured authors has written an example haiku, check them out below!

How to Enter:

Write a haiku and post it in the comments section of this post or on Twitter with the hashtag #VDayhaiku between February 11, 2011-February 15, 2011. If you’re going the Twitter route, make sure you’re following @inkpop [link:] so we can Direct Message you if you win!

The Theme:

Any haiku about Love! Whether it’s first love, puppy love, love-at-first-sight, anti-Valentine’s Day, or a break-up haiku we want to hear it!

The Prize:

Five (5) winners will be selected at random from entries received to win a prize pack that includes books from debut authors Anna Humphrey and A.M Robinson, as well as Catherine Clark and New York Times bestselling author Maureen Johnson. Read more below about these authors and the books in the prize pack below!

Check out some haiku examples from our prize-pack authors below!

Anna Humphrey
Got dumped via txt
by my chickensh*t boyfriend.
Virtual <3break.

A.M. Robinson
Impromptu to-do
for Vampire Valentine’s Day:
Buy new turtleneck.

The  vampire swore that
the candy heart said “Bite me.”
Beth, dead, was doubtful.

Judy soon found out
Better no Valentine’s date
Than a zombie one

Catherine Clark
Time to trade up when
You get no rose, no candy
Hallmark won’t do it.

He’s so adorbs when
He goes into sugar shock
Thinking about me

Maureen Johnson
On Valentine’s Day
It is acceptable to
Eat someone’s heart

More About the Prize Package

Rhymes With Cupid

Goodman’s Gifts & Stationery Store
February 14
Cashier: Elyse
3 boxes of heart-shaped chocolate . . . $12.00
Chocolate is the only good thing about this nauseating holiday.
4 containers of candy hearts . . . $5.00
Ever since my ex cheated on me, I’ve sworn off love. Too bad my new neighbor Patrick didn’t get the memo.
1 Valentine’s Day card . . . $4.50
I’m not interested. Although, he is pretty cute. And sweet. And funny.
1 singing Cupid doll (promotional item) . . . $0.00
Stupid Cupid! Point your arrows at someone else. . . .
Subtotal . . . $21.50
It’s going to be a complicated Valentine’s Day.

Anna Humphrey lives in Toronto, Ontario with her husband and kids.

Vampire Crush
I swear, my life was always totally normal.
Normal house, normal family, normal school. My looks are average, I don’t have any superpowers, no one’s showing up to tell me I’m a princess—you get the picture. But when my junior year started, something not normal happened. There were new kids at school . . . new kids with a wardrobe straight out of a 19th-century romance novel, and an inexplicable desire to stay at school until sundown.
And on top of that, James Hallowell showed up. James, who stole my sandwiches in fourth grade and teased me mercilessly through middle school. James, who now seems to have the power to make my heart race any time he comes near.
But something weird is going on. Because James rarely goes out during the day. And he seems stronger than your typical guy. And he knows the new kids, all of whom seem to be harboring some kind of deep secret. . . .

A. M. Robinson grew up in Indiana, but now lives in New York City, where she works in the publishing industry. She graduated from Indiana University with a double major in English and Chinese, but she is obviously only using the first one. Vampire Crush is her first book.

Maine Squeeze

Two irresistible and hilarious love stories (and really cute boys)!
In Maine Squeeze, eighteen-year-old Colleen Templeton can’t wait for summer. She’s going to share a house with her best friends, earn money for college, and spend every free moment with her boyfriend, Ben. It’s the perfect plan. At least until she discovers that she’s going to be working side by side with Evan, the guy she dated last summer—the best summer of her life . . . until he broke her heart. Will Colleen be able to keep her cool when this summer starts heating up?
Courtney Von Dragen Smith didn’t plan on being single her senior year. But in Banana Splitsville, thanks to her now-ex-boyfriend Dave, single is exactly what she is. And miserable. That’s okay, though, because she has a plan: steer clear of boys for the rest of high school. Oh, and stick to a new vegan diet. But it turns out that ignoring all guys (well, really one guy in particular) is about as hard as keeping away from sundaes when you work at Truth or Dairy. Is Courtney falling in love again? (With more than that dish of scrumptious ice cream?)

Catherine Clark is the author of several novels for teens, including The Alison Rules, Picture Perfect, and Maine Squeeze. Originally from western Massachusetts, Catherine now lives in Minneapolis, and works as a bookseller in Saint Paul at the renowned Red Balloon Bookshop. She occasionally teaches and even more occasionally goes running. She always loves hearing from readers through her website and corresponding with fans via e-mail.  She and her husband have two children: a daughter, and a 10-year-old Australian shepherd.

13 Little Blue Envelopes
Inside little blue envelope 1 are $1,000 and instructions to buy a plane ticket.
In envelope 2 are directions to a specific London flat.
The note in envelope 3 tells Ginny: Find a starving artist.
Because of envelope 4, Ginny and a playwright/thief/ bloke–about–town called Keith go to Scotland together, with somewhat disastrous–though utterly romantic–results. But will she ever see him again?

Coming April 26, 2011: The Last Little Blue Envelope
Ginny Blackstone spent last summer traveling around Europe, following the tasks her aunt laid out in a series of letters before she died. But when someone stole Ginny’s backpack—and the last little blue envelope inside—the journey came to an abrupt end. Months later, a mysterious boy contacts Ginny from London, saying he’s found her bag. Ginny heads overseas and gets caught up in a whole new adventure, filled with old friends, new loves, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Ginny must hold on to her wits . . . and her heart. This time, there are no instructions.

Maureen Johnson is the author of The Key to the Golden Firebird, 13 Little Blue Envelopes, The Bermudez Triangle, and Devilish. She lives in New York City.

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inkpopper of the Week: Leigh Fallon

Posted by cat eyes & skinny jeans on November 29, 2010

“School? Me? That’s all a little bit in the past for me unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you’re looking at it). I’m all grown up now…well sort of, I’m sure there’s a little wiggle room for maturity growth. LOL. I’m living between counties at the moment, but I spend the majority of my time in the US in a small town outside of Boston, MA. In terms of hobbies, I love horse riding and ice-skating. I’m also a mom of four crazy kids, including identical twins so with them and my obsessive writing tendencies, time for hobbies is scarce.”

Though she may not have time for hobbies, Leigh Fallon has certainly made an effort to feed her “obsessive writing tendencies” – and the obsessive reading tendencies of her fans here on inkpop – via her projects – specifically her books The Carrier of the Mark (which received a Gold Star here on inkpop), and Haunting Jenny (which is currently ranked at # 94). Writing, however, isn’t the only passion in Leigh’s life – traveling is also an important aspect of who she is.

You grew up in Dublin, Ireland; lived in West Cork, Ireland; and recently moved to the U.S.? Do you feel that these experiences have influenced your writing in any way? If so, how and why?

Leigh: Travel is the ultimate way to experience life, and I’ve travelled a lot. Not just Ireland and the US, I’ve worked all over Europe. I’ve met amazing people and sampled so many different cultures. Every country is different, every person unique. Getting a taste of such diversity has really added depth of understand of people which I think has helped my character development. In writing it’s the subtle differences that can turn a person from just a flat character to a real person that jumps off the page and has a life of their own.

Since moving to the U.S. do you feel that your writing has changed in any way? If so, how and why?

Leigh: The Carrier of the Mark, Dawn of the Knights and Haunting Jenny were all written while I lived in Ireland. With my move to the US my writing time has been squished into practically nothing. I’ve been working on edits of Carrier and I’m about to embark on a re-write of Dawn of the Knights. I guess, if my writing has changed I’m about to find out all about it!

You run your own blog – Leigh Fallon. In your opinion, how does blogging differ from writing books/short stories/poems – the things you are known for on inkpop? Do you prefer one over the other? Why or why not?

Leigh: Blogging is fun. It’s another outlet. I’ve mentioned before, I’m short on time these days, so it’s a great way to express myself without committing to a lengthy process. It’s like an instant gratification thing. But blogging can be tough. When you’re writing a novel and you’re having an off day, you simply walk away from it and come back to it when you’re feeling inspired, but with a blog, people expect you to post, and if you let them down, they’ll go elsewhere. If you want to stay in the game, you have to post regularly and be witty and inspiring and sometimes that’s just not possible. Bloggers are a tough crowd to please, but do it right and they’re the best audience in the world.

Your project The Carrier of the Mark was named a Top Pick, and received a glowing review from the HC Editor’s; you are now working on a new book – Haunting Jenny – which recently broke the Top 100. What goals do you have for Haunting Jenny? How do these two projects differ from one another?

Leigh: Yeah, Carrier got an amazing review; I was walking on air for quite some time after that. I’m still working on the edits suggested by the HC reviewer. I started writing Haunting Jenny while I was waiting for Carrier’s review. I wanted to do something a little different. It’s in the third person, which is a first for me. Haunting Jenny is a little different as it tells the story from two perspectives. Jenny’s soul which is trapped in a spirit realm reliving the past until she can unravel its secrets, while Jenny’s body, occupied by a ghost walks about hell bent on revenge.

What makes your writing unique? What sets it apart from other inkpop projects and books that have already been published?

Leigh: Ooo, that’s a toughie! I’d like to think my writing is fresh and light. I try not to get too bogged down in heavy description and narrative. I like my dialogue to tell the story in a natural and easy flowing way. Fingers crossed I’ve achieved that.

If you had the chance to star as a character in any book what book would it be and why? Would you be a character that has already been created, or a new one?

Leigh: Nice question! Do you know what? I’ve always had a soft spot of Mariah Lucas in Pride and Prejudice. Now, there’s a story that holds potential. She was such an overlooked character, and even left out of the Hollywood remake! If Jane Austen was still around Mariah would make a fantastic spin off. Charlotte, was really holding Mariah back, once Charlotte had been married off it would have opened the door for some good old fashioned bodice bursting passion for Mariah. Oh yes, I could play Mariah!

If you had to create a soundtrack for either The Carrier of the Mark or Haunting Jenny, which songs would you include and why?

Leigh: I have one! Music inspires me more than anything. I wrote Carrier listening to Radiohead, Moby and Elbow. All of their music is so amazing. As I’m listening, the scene just pops into my head. My playlist for Carrier is on my website. Go have a listen, and be prepared to be inspired.

Who is your favorite character(s) in any of your work and why?

Leigh: Again, a toughie! I have so many. If I had to single one out right now, I’d be leaning towards Áine DeRís in Carrier. She’s so spunky and funny. She’s had a sad life and has a very daunting future. She’s restricted in everything she does and has a betrothed waiting for her when she’s old enough, and hasn’t even had a boyfriend yet! But despite all this, she is full of hope and fun and she has the best one liners and sarcastic sense of humor.

What are your crazy writing quirks? What do you need in order to get inspired and kick yourself into the mood to write (i.e. a bag of Cheetos at hand, blasting music, etc.)?

Leigh: My major writing quirk would be handwriting! Yes, I’ve written all my books in longhand. I scrawl them out in notebooks in horribly undecipherable handwriting and then when they’re finished they get transferred to my computer. Though, that’s changing. I’m finding myself leaning towards the computer more and more. I think it’s a confidence thing. Before, I used to think there was magic in the pens. Like magic ink! I know…crazy. When I’d see the ink running out on the pen I was writing with, I’d begin to panic and have to scouring the shops looking for the same type of pen in order to continue. My other writing requirement is black coffee on tap. If they administered it intravenously, I’d be first in line.

If you weren’t writing, what would you be doing?

Leigh: Ummm, I’d be going insane! Yip, I’d be rocking back and forth in a white padded cell mumbling incoherently and shrieking ‘the bells’ intermittently. I started writing to create another reality for myself, a reality that I could escape too when I needed too. Escapism is a way of life for a mom of 4, trust me.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Leigh: I want to say a big thank you to all my buddies on inkpop. You guys have been amazing. There are too many to mention, but I want to put a big shout out for Morgan Shamy AKA MIC, author of Shadow Watchers. She is the most awesome online friend anyone could hope for and a super talented author to boot.

Pop, Pop, Pop! Rapid Fire Questions:

Favorite movie? Pride & Prejudice (BBC Version).
What’s on your iPod? Weird Fishes – Radiohead, Mirrorball – Elbow, My Weakness – Moby.
Ron Weasley or Harry Potter? Ron Weasley (redheads have to stick together, we are after all facing extinction!).
Cake or ice cream? Cake, I’ve never been into ice cream
Favorite season? In Ireland we don’t have seasons…we just have weather.

Over to you…who do you think should be the next inkpopper of the Week?

Erika (aka inkpoperika)

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inkpopper of the Week: Curtis Rainey

Posted by cat eyes & skinny jeans on September 13, 2010

“I’m a 13 year old male drama queen. I live in Northern Ireland (and I’m not a redhead) with my mom and older brother. I am currently entering my third year of Secondary Education here in my favourite city in the world – Belfast! My main hobbies . . . Hmm, well obviously I love writing. It’s what helps me escape (that and a glass of cold milk and cookies). I also love reading, playing tennis, making covers . . . and my favourite: sleeping! I have a cute little 10-month-old black mixed Yorkie named Buttons (I say mine but my auntie actually owns it . . . hehe). My other favorite thing to do when I’m not on inkpop is watch re-runs of my favourite TV Show Friends. It’s my secret love!”

One of Curtis Rainey’s not-so-secret love’s, however, is inkpop itself. A member only since July; Curtis has made his presence known from the getgo via his numerous works – his book Elements: Gifts of Nature is currently ranked as # 16; friendly demeanor and quite frequent appearances in the forums; and, most recently, as an interviewer of some of inkpop’s most popular members. Now the tables have been turned and he is taking on the role of interviewee!

You are a very devoted inkpopper, spending countless hours each day on the site leaving comments, participating in live author chats, etc. Where do you find the time? What is it about inkpop that makes you keep coming back for more?

Curtis Rainey: The time, the time, the time . . . where do I find the time? Where do I not find it more like? I literally do nothing else. If I’m not forced to clean by my mom or aunt, or not reading a really good book I’ll be on Inkpop chatting with friends, swapping and promoting at the same time. Basically it’s the people and their projects. I have made really close and special friends on this site, and found some really amazing projects. inkpop is just something that will make you want more. There hasn’t been a day since I joined where I haven’t been off it for more than 24 hours. I just love getting messages saying ‘Hey, I love your profile and your stuff. You rock!’ It really puts a smile on my face. 🙂

You have conducted interviews with many of inkpop’s most accomplished authors –from Evie J to TomW. What gave you the idea to begin interviewing inkpoppers; and what goes into your selection process of potential inkpoppers to interview?

Curtis Rainey: The idea behind the interviews came when I was sitting on my sofa, and of course it was raining here in Belfast. Then something popped into my head (Interview by an inkpopper for the inkoppers). It was just a way of entertaining myself and the inkpoppers (and I am a very nosy person). It originated from questioning the Top 5 then it expanded when it became popular and people were suggesting who I should interview next! I was so happy that all the Inkies liked it and they are a very active part of the interviews. 🙂

Your project Elements: Gifts of Nature is currently ranked as # 16. How does it feel to know that your project is so close to making it into the Top 5? What is going through your mind?

Curtis Rainey: It’s really, really crazy knowing that Elements could actually be a Top 5 pick. Lots of things whirl around in my head. The main thing is editing. If my book is ever going to make it to the Top then it has perfect. So editing is a main priority at the moment. Also that and swaps, swaps. . . OH! And more swaps. I want people to really like this and help me get it there. It’s my ‘baby’ and my first serious writing project. I’m so happy with all the great comments and criticism it has been getting. 🙂

Which character from Elements: Gifts of Nature do you feel you identify with the most and why? Did you base any characters from this book upon yourself or people you know?

Curtis Rainey: I feel like my MC Alexa is the female version of me. I put a lot of myself and my characteristics into her. When people say in their comments that they felt really connected with Alexa I feel like they connected with me because Alexa and I are so alike. I do want her to be her own character though; a strong independent female character. If she really did exist I would go insane. We all would love to meet someone who is exactly the same as us and agreed on everything.

A lot of people in the book are based on actual people I know. I use a lot of family member’s names in this and in some cases the person is fully based on someone I know. Then I can go the total opposite way, and say that the other half of my characters are just themselves and not based on anybody, really. I love all my characters, because if you didn’t then you wouldn’t be able to write about them.

If you could have a dinner party with five of your favorite authors who would they be and why?

Curtis Rainey: Hmm, that’s a toughie. I’d have to say Roald Dahl, Jane Austen, A.A Milne, Cassandra Clare, and Stephenie Meyer. We would have a casual Sunday Roast prepared by my auntie. We would compare our books and writing; and compare what it is like to live in different times. Plus we would all talk about are favourite Hollywood crushes while complimenting the chef at the same time.

What do you think makes good writing?

Curtis Rainey: I think writing has to have three things to make it good: enthusiasm, descriptive writing and a good plot. If a book has all three of these things intertwined greatly and done well, then I will really like it. But that’s just me.

Pop, Pop, Pop! Rapid Fire Questions:

Favorite quote? “If you want to receive e-mails about my upcoming shows, then please give me money so I can buy a computer” – Phoebe Buffay
What’s on your iPod? PARAMORE!!! Train, Glee, Muse, Florence and the Machine, The Script, and maybe some Gaga. 😉
London or Paris? Neither. Los Angeles! WOOOOOOOO!
Favorite pizza topping? Def. Pepperoni and Cheese. 😉 I’m so original.
If you were granted three wishes from a genie what would you ask for? Invisibility, free books whenever I wanted, and three more wishes!

Over to you…who do you think should be the next inkpopper of the Week?

Erika (aka inkpoperika)

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inkpopper of the Week: entropist

Posted by cat eyes & skinny jeans on August 23, 2010

“I’m 23, recently graduated from college in Western NY with my degree in Sociology. I just moved back to Central New York after five years of school, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with that. I’m so excited for winter and the snow and blizzards and warm drinks and lots and lots of warm clothes. I spend most of my free time either writing, painting, or knitting. I’ve been knitting for almost ten years now, and I think that it’s the one hobby I’ve picked up that will stick with me forever. There’s nothing I love more than being able to present my friends or family with a warm knitted hat, a sweater, or a pair of mittens. Not only that, but there’s no feeling better than being warm in the middle of winter and knowing that you were the one who provided that warmth for yourself.

“When I’m in the middle of writing and I can’t quite get the ideas down, I’ll take a break and juggle for a little while. It’s absolutely calming and centering, even if when you’re just picking it up, it makes you crazy.”

Crazy is a very fitting word – especially if you’re discussing Meagan’s (aka entropist) inkpop project The Cycle. Why? Each of its 43,000+ words has left readers quite a bit crazy over her characters. Some love them; others hate them; and one even has the urge to punch the male protagonist, Matt, in the face. With reactions such as that, it’s impossible not to see why The Cycle is steadily clawing its way to the top.

You state in your profile that you “live in a world of perpetual cloud coverage and woe.” What exactly do you mean by that? Do you believe that feeling such a way has any impact on your writing?

Meagan: Well, I really just meant that where I live is perpetually cloudy. Really, you might see the sun for three months out of the year, if that. It has actually had an impact on my writing—you’ll never find me writing about summer or spring, and certainly not about the stereotypically cloudless, blue sky forever days. I’m all about seeing that blanket of grey and watching individuals brighten things up.

You have a degree in sociology. Do you feel that having such an educational background assists you in creating believable, relatable characters and plotlines?

Meagan: My father always told me that if I wanted to be a writer, I needed to have a background to build from. With Sociology, you have the ability to get in deep to some of the grittier facets of human interaction, and I love it. I really think that studying so much about people has definitely helped me create way more realistic and relatable characters. There are as many unique stories as there are people in the world, and sociology helps uncover some of the threads between them all. Not just that, but it helps teach a lot about how society as a whole works for and against us.

What is it about human relationships that fascinates you so much?

Meagan: There are always so many different facets to them. You can take two couples with very similar circumstances, but their personalities create all kinds of different scenarios. It’s fascinating to see how people interact with one another, how one person can bring out an entirely different side of someone than anyone else has.

The Cycle deals with first love, as well as physical and mental abuse. Did you find that it was challenging to write about such a difficult, upsetting topic? Why did you choose this particular topic to write about?

Meagan: It was definitely challenging to write about physical and mental abuse in a way that would still manage to engage anyone. It’s easy to get wrapped into an intense scene where two people are going at it, but it’s hard to keep the reader engaged after they realize “Hey wait, that’s her boyfriend. Run, Bonnie!” A lot of people still don’t understand how people get trapped in abusive relationships because they could never imagine it happening to them.

I have first-hand experience, but that’s not why I wrote this. Statistics show that one in four women has experienced some form of domestic violence in her lifetime. Three out of four women simply know someone who is or has been a victim of domestic violence. That’s just counting women and reported cases. No matter what, the numbers are too high. I feel like it’s something that everyone needs to know about.

Is there any particular message you are trying to get across to those who read The Cycle?

Meagan: More than anything, I want people to understand that situations like this don’t only happen to a specific kind of person. There’s no one set kind of person who gets wrapped up in an abusive relationship, and there’s no one set kind of person who escapes it. Both things can happen to any person. It sounds depressing and cynical, but it’s the truth.

Extremely important is the idea that anyone can escape it. I know it’s easy to say when you’re on the outside looking in, but every man and woman has the power to overcome whatever holds them back. It takes strength and it takes support, but it’s possible. There is hope for each and every person out there.

Who is your favorite character(s) in any of your work and why?

Meagan: Even though I feel strongly for Bonnie in The Cycle, I absolutely love Viola from Believe Me. She was the easiest character that I’ve ever come up with. I had the idea for a story about two people, and suddenly this ostentatious, weird girl popped into mind. I couldn’t get rid of her. I had to battle with myself to finish writing The Cycle before I got down with who I quickly named Viola Reid.

She’s my favorite because she’s all over the place. She’s weird and ostentatious and somehow a little ball of sunshine, even when she’s driving people crazy. Like Bonnie, she’s very dedicated to some things, but she takes it to a completely different level. You’d have to read to find out.

What do you think makes good writing?

Meagan: At the base of being a good writer, I think being a good storyteller is the key. There are some people who are born with a gift for telling stories, and there are some people who drag their feet the entire time. I believe the best writers are the ones who tell the most convincing stories. You can throw down words like an artist, but it won’t feel like there is anything behind them.

If you weren’t writing, what would you be doing?

Meagan: I’d probably be pursuing my dream of owning a coffee shop / bakery that specializes in gourmet cupcakes. I absolutely love baking cupcakes, and I love coffee, and I love coffee shop atmospheres. It would be a dream to own my own store, have my staff in adorable little aprons and serve only the finest cupcakes on the block. I’d even name it Jitters, like the coffee shop in The Cycle. I have sketches of my dream shop and everything saved for if my Sociology degree doesn’t work out for me.

Pop, Pop, Pop! Rapid Fire Questions:

Chocolate chip cookies or cupcakes? Cupcakes. Always, forever, undoubtedly cupcakes. I’m not that big on chocolate anyhow.
What’s on your iPod? Wolf Parade, Bob Dylan, The National, Handsome Furs, and Sunset Rubdown.
Batman or Superman? Batman!
Favorite book? Stick Figure by Lori Gottlieb
Dream destination/vacation: I’d love to take a few weeks and just soak up Seattle again.

Over to you…who do you think should be the next inkpopper of the Week?

Erika (aka inkpoperika)

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inkpop Fundamentals: August 12, 2010

Posted by cat eyes & skinny jeans on August 12, 2010

Print a book while you’re waiting for your coffee! One can do a lot while they’re waiting in line for their Double Chocolaty Chip Frappuccino. If you’re armed with a BlackBerry or iPhone you can check your e-mail, surf the Web, and even indulge in a little retail therapy. But thanks to Nolita’s McNally Jackson Books, soon you may be able to print an entire book while awaiting your morning cup of java. Come 2011, the Espresso Book Machine, a print on demand contraption, not unlike a Xerox machine, is said to be appearing in coffee shops all over the world, giving readers the chance to pick up a warm drink, and print out a copy of the newest New York Times bestseller in one location. The New York Observer.

Sue Sylvester…the autobiography! If everyone’s favorite Princess of Genovia, one Miss Mia Thermopolis, taught us anything about the publishing world via the release of her book Ransom My Heart, it is that even fictional characters have the power to pen bestsellers; which is why it should come as no surprise that Glee’s Sue Sylvester will be releasing one of her very own in the form of a fictional memoir. Though no release date has yet been announced; New York magazine recently reported that producers are hard at work writing a fake autobiography for the famed head coach. Better yet, Jane Lynch (the actress who plays Sue Sylvester) herself will be sent out on tour to promote the book once it hits stores! GALLEYCAT.

Here kitty, kitty… For years the independent and quiet-as-a-mouse personality of felines has been largely associated with libraries, bookstores, and readers, in general. They make numerous appearances in mystery novels, and seem always to be found curled up on bookshelves in movie and TV scenes; thus the reason many bookstores around the world have welcomed them into their quiet shops where they charm customers on a daily basis. Now you can meet eight of Northern California’s finest bookstore kitties. San Francisco Chronicle.

Over to you…what do you think of a print on demand service? Do you think that coffee shops are the best location for a print on demand machine – why or why not? What do you think of fictional characters becoming authors – yay or nay? Would you buy a book written by one of your favorite pop culture characters? What is your stance towards bookstore and library cats? Do you feel that all libraries and bookstores should be required to have a cat in residence?

Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Erika (aka inkpoperika)

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inkpopper of the Week: danakay

Posted by cat eyes & skinny jeans on July 5, 2010

“In school, I play on the field hockey team. I had never played a sport before trying field hockey and it was a totally new and fun experience. I have totally fallen in love with it.

“Being on a team is a lot like being a part of the inkpop community, actually. A whole group of people who understand exactly what you’re going through and working for. It’s a very special thing, a team or close knit community and I am so grateful for inkpop for that reason. They’re kept me inspired to write and edit.

“I am sure you can guess what hobby I am about to speak of next. Writing. It happened sort of as a mistake. I had always written academically but had never tried my hand at creative writing. I had been reading my best friend’s short story and was insanely jealous of her skill and creativity. She was the one who really got me started.

“As for home life, I live on a teeny tiny island off the coast of Massachusetts – there is only one regional high school and four towns. Again, I am enclosed by a close community. I do love it though, even when you know everybody and their cousin when dropping by the grocery store.

“I have one pup named Miles, who is an Australian Shepherd. He is full of energy.”

Though even Miles’ energy cannot compare with that of Dana’s (aka danakay). Once she began penning her novel Cadence (pronounced kay-dense), she was determined to make it as amazing as possible. With hard work, and a lot of input from all of her fellow inkpoppers, she was able to do just that – even going so far as to snag herself a gold star and a stellar review from the HarperCollins Editor’s when she was named a Top Pick!

Your inkpop project Cadence was recently a Top Pick, and received a wonderful review from the HC Editors. How do you feel that this review, coupled with your popularity on inkpop has affected you?

danakay: I am going to say something really cliché here, so prepare yourselves: I would be nowhere without inkpop. You can all sigh and roll your eyes now. It’s been said a thousand times over but it’s still true in my case. My manuscript was a mess when I first submitted Cadence to inkpop and look how far it has come! That is thanks to all the awesome commenters and friends here at inkpop. They have gone over and over my story and had patience with me. I thank them for that.

The HC review made me step back and look at Cadence in perspective. Rather than focusing on one scene, I looked it as a whole. Their advice was right on and I agree with everything they said. I could slap myself for not seeing it before! Cadence is an incomplete, work in progress but the HC review was really encouraging. I reread the review and it makes me want to revise, write and publish! Though I know I have a long way until publishing is a option, that is where I would ultimately like to end up, whether I am 18 or 81. The HC review is certainly going to help me get there.

Freya, Avah, Parker…many of your characters have very unconventional names. How do you choose the names for your characters?

danakay: Coming up with names is my favorite part! Before I can even begin writing a scene, I need the perfect name. To find them, I scroll through baby name websites for days, even months. It took forever to find Avah and even longer to find Parker. I had the most trouble with him, but now I can’t imagine anything different. Freya was the only one who didn’t come from a baby name website. We were talking about Norse Gods in Language Arts class and my teacher was talking about how she represented love, beauty and fertility. Since I had always pictured Freya as the motherly type, I thought it fit perfectly so I scribbled the name on my hand and ran home to write!

What made you fall in love with writing?

danakay: My characters and story. Cadence is my only piece of writing over 5 pages and I am so engrossed in the plot and angst that Avah is going through. I love that my friends Bella and Annabelle (known on inkpop as triplebeeebella and Ladedada73) and I can talk about her as if she is a real person.

Do you hope to make writing a career; or do you have other aspirations?

danakay: Cadence has been the only thing I have been dedicated to. I love the characters and I love the plot and there is no way I will stop writing about them but I don’t feel like writing is a career for me because I’m not sure of my ability to write more stories and be able to churn them out. While I would love to be published, I don’t feel like I need to write professionally. I see it as a hobby that I love.

If you had the chance to star as a character in any book what book would it be and why?

danakay: I would have to be Belly in The Summer I Turned Pretty, one of my favorite books. She is so relatable and funny and while her life is not perfect by any means, she works through it. I imagine the set for The Summer I Turned Pretty would be amazing were it made into a movie and the rest of the cast would be equally as beautiful as the set. Though the title does lend itself to being labeled as trashy chick-lit, it is a book that could teach everybody something.

What is your favorite theme or element in writing?

danakay: Personally, I love when I am reading a book and I read something that makes me think, “Wow, I do that too!” or I find something I can totally relate to, so I try to make sure everyone can find something in my characters that represents them. I want my readers to fall in love with my characters.

Pop, Pop, Pop! Rapid Fire Questions:

Favorite quote? You write such pretty words but life’s no story book. I’m not entirely sure where I found this quote, I think it was on We ♥ It (best website ever; you can find me under the name danakay) but I feel like it’s something that all writers can think about.
What’s on your iPod? Modest Mouse, MGMT, Snow Patrol, Owl City, The Billionaires, The Kooks.
New York City or Los Angeles? LA, although huge cities aren’t really my thing. At least in LA you can escape to the gorgeous beach.
Favorite pizza topping? Just cheese, I’m a vegetarian. Or pesto.
If you were granted three wishes from a genie what would you ask for? Uh oh! This is a hard one, but I would have to go with: more time in a single day, better memory (I hate when I can’t remember something, or recall a day in the past), and a cure for the common cold since I am sick right now and not allowed to go to the beach!

Over to you…who do you think should be the next inkpopper of the Week?

Erika (aka inkpoperika)

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inkpopper of the Week: Shirley R. Kleiner

Posted by cat eyes & skinny jeans on June 28, 2010

“Hi ya’ll! It’s Renee from a little tiny town in South Carolina (which explains the ya’ll, I hope). Would you like to visit my little town real quick? Okay so here we go. Churches are on every corner. Main street holds all kinds of shops and country meat ‘n’ threes and home cookin’ restaurants (where the cooking is either amazing or…not so great). We have a whopping two grocery stores, some fast food, zero nice restaurants, and well that might be it! The biggest thing is our Flea Market that’s open every Wednesday, and has just opened on Saturday. Best form of transportation: old pick-up trucks blaring country music with the windows rolled down (their A.C. quit working decades ago, or just never was installed :D) The driver is a red-neck, pretty common here, and is a typical half-naked male with no shirt, a pair of cargo shorts, and of course, his trusty cowboy boots caked in mud….okay, enough about my small town 🙂

”Just a blurb about me, my name is Renee, as stated above. I’m 15 and going to be a junior in high school. My username, Shirley R. Kleiner, is just a pen name 🙂 Shirley stands for my Gram’s name, who passed away a little over five years ago. We were pretty close. The ‘R.’ is a bit of myself, and stands for Renee. The Kleiner, well, it was just a last name I liked…and it means little. I’ve always been called short, so I thought it fit. Outside of inkpop and writing, I’m a Christian, which many of you who have read my book-in-progress, The Mercy Seat, have probably guessed. My faith is very important to me. In addition to writing, I also love music and spend a lot of time playing the trumpet, hence my profile picture 🙂 It’s something that will always stick with me, but more on that later.”

As evident from her brief bio, it is obvious that Renee is a very proactive person, dabbling in a variety of different activities to keep herself busy – from music to writing and a little humor in regards to her hometown. Perhaps that’s why it is no surprise to see that she is the brainchild behind inkpop’s Certified Good Critter; a title which many inkpopper’s have already labeled themselves with given their outstanding critiques right here on inkpop!

You recently created inkpop’s CGC (Certified Good Critter)…can you please give us more information on what the CGC is? How did you come up with the CGC? What inspired the name – CGC?

Shirley R. Kleiner: Certified Good Critters is all about recognizing people who have shown that they give great critiques. If a person is going to spend a lot of time writing out a good critique in the interest of helping the author, in addition to reading the set amount, they should receive notice for it. This will also provide a list of people that inkpop knows they can swap with in order to get good feedback.

When I was thinking of all the other groups that had been started with a goal similar to this, groups I had joined and tried to help, I realized that the key difference was that in those groups, anyone could join. If there was no process to see if the people joining the group followed what it had in mind, then the group would fall flat. That is why CGC has a reviewing process. To become a member of the CGC you must submit your comments for review by our Staff. The Staff have devised a rubric (props to Fairytaled for that idea) on which to rate the comments that we review.

The purpose of CGC is not to form an exclusive group, but merely to recognize hard work. If anyone is not quite ready to become a member, we encourage them to re-submit their comments again and give them pointers for improvement. Our sole purpose is to help inkpoppers receive better feedback on their work.

So how did I come up with the idea and the name? The idea had been rolling around in the back of my mind for a while, as a group /just/ for critiques, and where people would need to be reviewed. The name took a bit more thought, as I wanted it to be fun, and now we are Certified Good Critters, yay, we’re like little animals, but at least we’re Certified 😀

What are your crazy writing quirks? What do you need in order to get inspired and kick yourself into the mood to write?

Shirley R. Kleiner: Sometimes I just start writing, at my laptop in my room with the overhead light off, and only lamps for light. If I really need to get into the mood, or am about to try and crank out a rather difficult section, I add music. The music must NOT have words, and must fit the mood of what I’m about to write. If it’s dark, I’m going for the Dark Knight Soundtrack in a heartbeat (and I haven’t even seen the movie xD) if it’s light and fun, or just carefree, I’m going for Azucar: Magic of Spanish Guitar (don’t laugh, I listen to interesting music when I write) and if I want something peaceful and in the background, I go for A Flavor for Every Taste: Jazz Meets Hymns (again, don’t laugh). Last but not least, if I want loud and in your face, it’s Big Band Favorites (3 Disc Set! I love my Jazz!) Okay, now that I’ve embarrassed myself, moving on 🙂

What’s on your summer reading list?

Shirley R. Kleiner: Lots of Nichols Sparks:
1. Message in a Bottle
2. The Last Song (before I see the movie)
3. Dear John (before I see the movie)
Oh, I would love to be able to make it through Walden by Henry David Thoreau, but haven’t done it yet 🙂
…and other for fun ones as they come along 🙂 I’ll be reading a lot, and am open to recommendations 🙂

For school:
1. Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck
2. A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson

You have an amazing amount of poems, shorts stories, books, and essays posted here on inkpop. What piece is your favorite and why? In general, what format do you prefer writing in – poems, short stories, books, or essays?

Shirley R. Kleiner: Oh wow, tough question. Okay, so right now, my favorite project is The Mercy Seat. I am finally actually working on a book! I’ve tried and failed to start/work on/finish them so many times and I’m now actually doing it! I have reached Chapter 13 in my Word Document, the farthest I’ve ever come by a long shot on any book, and just can’t believe it. I just love the story this time, feel so into it, and love writing it. I only felt a teensy bit of writer’s block once, but I knew what was holding me back 🙂

Form to write in? That’s easy, poetry 🙂 If I need to vent, reflect, or am just sitting to randomly write, it’s going to be in poem form, I don’t even have to try. I find that I just can’t write in any other form at this point 🙂 That being said, Short Stories are difficult for me. It’s so hard for me to keep a story so short, to complete it like that, and also I just…I don’t know, I don’t think of stories that way, I think of book ideas, not short story ideas. The only reason I have one up (the only one I’ve ever written) is because it was a true story that was so unbelievable it /had/ to be written down 🙂 So back to the thing I was talking about, Poetry is my preferred form, it’s stream lined, you can express so much, people are encouraged to read between the lines, and will even read a hidden message you didn’t know was there. I found this to be true when I did a bit of an experiment, writing a horribly abstract poem an asking people to figure out the meaning 🙂 (see Grave of Water if you feel like it, though the comments are more interesting than the poem :D)

Anything else you’d like to add?

Shirley R. Kleiner: I’ve thought long and hard about what I could help people with, what I understand the most. And I finally realized that I am a big supporter of books in Short Story form. I know it isn’t the most convenient, but while we have it, we have to look at the bright side: the author has an early exposure to amazing help from us at inkpop if we’d only give it! So I’d just like to say, if you have a book in Short Story format, please message me and let me know, I’d love to swap with you and see if I can help you out. The more you get your draft edited before it is in book format, the better off you will be 🙂

Pop, Pop, Pop! Rapid Fire Questions:

Favorite ice cream topping? Cookie dough!
What’s on your iPod? Uhh! You’re asking a music freak to pick a FEW!? Chris Botti and Wynton Marsalis (trumpet players), Chicago, lot’s of Christian (love Barlow Girl and Kutless, oooh and Switchfoot too, and Casting Crowns) this is horrible 😦 I also love Phantom of the Opera, the ones mentioned above ^^ and Canadian Brass? Okay, I’ll stop, but that’s barely making a dent…
Hidden talent? Trumpet player 🙂
Favorite cartoon character? Daffy Duck! *secret fact* I know one of the animators who drew a lot of the Looney Tunes and created Gumby 🙂
Favorite vacation spot? That I’ve been to? Jekyll Island, GA That I haven’t: Italy! Always wanted to go 🙂

Over to you…who do you think should be the next inkpopper of the Week?

Erika (aka inkpoperika)

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inkpopper of the Week: cyc

Posted by cat eyes & skinny jeans on June 14, 2010

“I am a 25-year-old girl (yes, girl, because I still feel like a teenager) who graduated from NYU with a bachelors in English and a masters in English Education. I’m certified to be an English teacher and I hope to find a job soon! Even though I plan to have a career in New York City, I can never root for any New York sports teams! I’m a Philly girl and always will be. Sorry, NY, but the Philly all the way. (Mandy in Summer Friends is a baseball fan of the Phillies.)

“I was never given an English name and I chose not to make one up like other Asians I know. Instead I stuck with my real first name Chen. If anyone’s wondering, ‘cyc’ stands for ‘Chen Yan Chang’ which means ‘morning-beautiful.’

“Who are the loves of my life? My baby turtles! Billy Starmaker and Raspberry ‘Ras B’ Biscuit are 3 ½-year-old red eared sliders who love to eat, sleep, and hide in various spots in my home. They are way too adventurous, and my girl Ras B must have 9 lives because she’s already used up 3!”

Though Chen (aka cyc) is devoted to Billy Starmaker and Raspberry ‘Ras B’ Biscuit; she is also extremely fond of not only the characters featured in her books, but a certain time of year that spells being released from rules and regulations and simply enjoying life for what it is…summer.

Your book Summer Friends was named an inkpop Top Pick for the month of May 2010. Another book you’ve written, Summer of Firsts, is currently ranked at # 33. What is it about summer that inspires your writing? Do you feel that the fact that your projects take place during the summer season, a time of freedom, has contributed to the popularity of your projects?

cyc: Summer has always meant fun and freedom, especially when the school year is over and you want to relax. (In my situation, I’m certified as a teacher so I will continue to have summer off!) In my books, summers give my characters the opportunity to do things they wouldn’t have normally done when they’re in school. Adventure, new boys, summer love, etc. Because it’s almost the start of summer, I feel readers can live vicariously through my characters as they read something light, summery, and romantic. My two summer books are that! Shocker shocker, I have 2-3 other summer book ideas, one which will be a sequel to Summer of Firsts called Summer of Second Chances.

You mention that Vanessa Carlton’s song White Houses inspired your book Summer of Firsts. In what ways? Can you tell us more about this? Have your other projects been inspired by songs, as well?

cyc: When people listen to songs, they come up with their interpretations of what the lyrics are about and how they can relate to their lives. In listening to White Houses, I see a whole story in the four minute song. It’s about a girl who goes on a trip, meets new friends, falls in love, and gets her heart broken. I wanted to expand on the song and develop this girl’s story who I later named Grace. I wanted to flesh out her new summer adventure story and put her in a situation where she gets the opportunity for a love story. It’s fun to see what elements from the song I would incorporate and what new things I could bring to the story.

I have always been inspired by music so, not surprisingly, I have two books and a bunch of short stories inspired by songs. My 2nd book Lucky Lucy was inspired by songs by this indie artist named Darcie Miner. My 3rd book Bottled Sunshine, Empty Jars was inspired by Lillix’s song Dirty Sunshine.

If you had to create a soundtrack for Summer Friends, what songs would you include and why?

cyc: 1. Paramont – Bliss 66: It relates to Sam and Mandy growing up and changing.
2. Summer Stars – Graham Colton Band: A fun summer song.
3. Sam’s Song – Dave Melillo: It relates to Sam missing Mandy when he’s at home.
4. Sadly Beautiful – Jessica Riddle: It relates to Mandy’s loss of her father and growing up.
5. You Found Me – Kelly Clarkson: It perfectly fits the hospital scene when Mandy hides.
6. Fall to Pieces – Avril Lavigne: It relates to Mandy’s romantic feelings for Sam.
7. Another Day – Lene Marlin: Sam makes Mandy feel good and she’s falling for him.
8. Shout – Ross Copperman: It’s what love can do to people.
9. Girlfriend – Avril Lavigne: Isn’t it obvious? Mandy wishes to be Sam’s girlfriend.
10. If Only She Knew – Michelle Branch: Mandy wishes Sam’s girlfriend knows how she feels.
11. In Another Life – The Veronicas: This song always makes me cry. Listen and you’ll know why.
12. Best Thing – Graham Colton Band: Then this song cheers me up because Sam does care.
13. Mandy – Barry Manilow: Mandy’s namesake!
14. Toasted Skin – The Academy Is…: A fun summer song.
15. Daydream’ – Boomkat: It relates to Sam and Mandy’s childhood and the things they used to do.

If you could have a dinner party with five of your favorite authors (dead or alive; no inkpopper’s this time) who would they be and why?

cyc: I would have a dinner with William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Francine Pascal, Ann M. Martin, and Richelle Mead. I fell in love with Shakespeare and Austen’s writing in school, in love with Pascal and Martin’s writing as a kid/teen, and Mead’s writing now. The conversation would probably consist of writing and love although I feel I would have trouble understanding Shakespeare :P. We would have cheesesteaks b/c I’m a Philly girl and I want to see Shakespeare and Austen kicking back with some messy food!

What room is your favorite to write in and why?

cyc: I can write anywhere because my green laptop goes everywhere with me. If I have to, the living room is my favorite room to write in because of the TV. When I want to take a break from writing, I can just turn on the TV and relax!

Pop, Pop, Pop! Rapid Fire Questions:

Chocolate chip cookies or cupcakes? Cupcakes – Red Velvet from CRUMBS!
What’s on your iPod? I have over 1800 songs that include music by Glee, The Academy Is…, Tyler Hilton, Lene Marlin, etc.
Batman or Superman? Superman because I grew up on Dean Cain’s version of this hero.
Favorite book? Pride and Prejudice.
Dream destination/vacation? Hawaii, because it’s so beautiful there. I’ve been there once and I want to go there again!

Over to you…who do you think should be the next inkpopper of the Week?

Erika (aka inkpoperika)

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inkpop Fundamentals: May 25, 2010

Posted by cat eyes & skinny jeans on May 25, 2010

We’re off to see the wizard Since their release in June of 1997, readers and non-readers alike have found themselves sucked into the vortex known as the world of Harry Potter. The seven-book series has been devoured over and over again by fans; allowing them to find themselves lost in the land of Hogwarts amidst Harry, Ron, Hermione, and a slew of other characters. Come June 18, 2010, however, fans will no longer have to use their imaginations to be a part of the Wizarding World. They need only stop at Florida’s Universal Orlando Resort to experience the magic firsthand. Visitors will have the opportunity to break bread at The Three Broomsticks; savor butterbeer at The Hog’s Head Pub; choose a wand at Ollivander’s; take a ride upon the Dragon Challenge – a twin, high-speed rollercoaster – and so much more! MTV.

I read; therefore, I draw The Neverending Story, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, The Hobbit, Sabriel…chances are that your childhood was a whirlwind of afternoons spent lazing about your front porch hungrily reading many of these titles. Now you have the chance to see the words you adore so much transformed into art by some of the best illustrators in the biz! Picture Book Report is an ode to books which consists of drawings posted on a daily basis depicting scenes from your favorite forms of fiction, created by fifteen amazing illustrators – including Laura Park and Lucy Knisley. Pop Candy.

‘The Perks’ to light up the big screen! Stephen Chbosky made jaws drop when he released his debut novel The Perks of Being a Wallflower back in 1999. Though the novel was quickly banned from several schools, and even found itself in the midst of controversy via its inclusion in both the 2006 and 2008 American Library Association’s 10 Most Frequently Challenged Books Lists; it retained massive popularity with readers. Now the book is set to hit the big screen with Emma Watson in talks to play the female lead – Sam – and Logan Lerman up to possibly play the male protagonist known as Charlie. Fans will be happy to know that Chbosky not only wrote the script for the film; but will be directing it, as well. MTV.

Over to you…will you be visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter when it opens? What attraction are you most looking forward to and why? What do you think of Picture Book Report? Is there a book you would love to see adapted into art – which one and why? What do you think of a film version of The Perks of Being a Wallflower? Do you think Emma Watson and Logan Lerman are good candidates for the lead roles?

Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Erika (aka inkpoperika)

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inkpopper of the Week: Evie J

Posted by cat eyes & skinny jeans on May 10, 2010

“I’m a nineteen-year-old stuck in a twelve-year-old body, or at least that’s what everyone else seems to think. I still get into the movies as a kid. Hey, it saves money! I live with Dorothy in Kansas, but she has yet to take me to Oz or give me her slippers, and I find that incredibly rude considering I dressed up as her when I was four. And although I have a dog, he’s no Toto. He’s Snickers (AKA G Homie Dog) and my spoiled little child that messes with my grumpy cats, Gummi Bear and Hershey, who are both bigger than he is. Together, they’re always causing a ruckus. Only my turtle, Skittles, and the fish behave.

“When I’m not doing boring real-life stuff, on the computer, writing, or yelling at the animals to calm down, I’m reading, secretly hoping for a thunderstorm, or hanging with my family and watching a movie. I’m an OCD perfectionist down to the T, so everything better be where I put it, in color order, in even numbers, the food better smell good — if it stinks or smells weird, I’m not eating it; I’ve even turned down pizza! The best food in the world! — and you better hope your TV’s volume doesn’t have numbers, or I’ll harass you until it’s on a multiple of five. I’m ambidextrous, and think with both sides of my brain. And on top of all that, I’m always bouncing off the walls. Enthusiastic Evie: No need for sugar, she’s naturally hyper!”

As she needs to be. Though still in her teens; Evie J has accomplished more in her nineteen-years than many hope to accomplish in a lifetime – including having written six entire books, one of which (Revealing Colors) was an inkpop Top Pick, and a second (Lost Spirits: A Charmed Souls Novel) which is currently ranked as number one. Nevertheless, she’s nowhere near finished – thus the reason her naturally hyper personality is a complete necessity to reaching her goals and achieving her dreams.

You run an entire blog called Autumn Dreamer. What can people find on Autumn Dreamer? How do you find the time to keep up with inkpop, Autumn Dreamer, all of your different writing projects, school, and a social life?

Evie J: The time…oi, the time! I don’t know where it comes from. Honestly, I don’t. I surprise myself. However, it helps that my social life is almost non-existent and I’m not in school at the moment. The computer and writing appeal to me much more than going out with friends to the movies or whatnot – I’m not a social butterfly by any means. But if you were to ask anyone, they’d tell you I need to get out more. As for keeping up with the blog…phew…it’s hardly kept up like it used to be. It went downhill once inkpop entered my life, and once I started working more on my books.

Autumn Dreamer is just my personal website, where I have some writing samples, and where I keep my friends and others updated on my projects. I also share my book reviews – which have also been lacking thanks to this little addictive site called inkpop – and let people know what’s happening, and what’s not, of course, in my writing world. For my new projects, I put my book pitches and covers I make on there first, before I share them with anyone else. So, if you visit, you’ll find Rambling Evie talking about her books.

If Lost Spirits: A Charmed Souls Novel was made into a movie, what actors/actresses would you like to see star in it and why?

EJ: I think if Lost Spirits was a movie, I’d shoot my foot off. I’m not a fan of books-to-movies because there are so many now; Hollywood needs to get original. But if I ever allowed Hollywood to take it, they’d have to search the nation for the perfect actors/actresses. No one in Hollywood could pull off my characters. I don’t like when they put famous people in movies. Although, Sandra Bullock would have to be in it just because she’s amazing! Proud Bullock Fan right here!

What is your favorite place for thinking and why?

EJ: Outside. I love to sit outside and just think. It’s even better when no one’s around, and no cars are flying down the road. The birds, the wind, the leaves, everything. I just love it…until a bee comes along. I’m not friends with Mr. Bee. -_- Or Mr. Wasp. Or whatever those big, fat things are, you know, the ones that look like mutant flies?

You have written numerous books that are quite lengthy. Which is your favorite one to date, and why? What is it about that piece of work that not only makes it stand out from the rest of your projects, but makes you so proud, as well?

EJ: Oo, that’s a tough one. They all have a special place in my heart, as does everyone’s work. With my newer books that aren’t quite finished, I’m becoming more attached, so I might have a different answer to this in the future. Silent Screams (The Forbidden Bloods Series) was my first book, and I co-wrote it; Claudia was my first character and story. I wrote the second, Familiar Strangers, on my own, which was interesting and fun. Lost Spirits is one I don’t mind reading over and over. But Revealing Colors was my first solo book, so I’d have to go with that one.

Autumn just reminds me so much of myself in ways, and it’s so interesting to read her story – yes, my characters write their own stories; they talk to me – as I write. Even I don’t know all about Autumn, her gifts, and this mystery that’s unraveling. And that’s so exciting for me. All of my other books have their beginning, middle, and end because they’re single books, or books that don’t necessarily need a sequel, but Autumn’s story evolves over three books. And I won’t know how this story pans out until the very end. That’s also something I love with this series; it’s the kind where you need the sequel.

If you were to recommend one book that you feel everyone should read at some point in their lives, what would it be and why?

EJ: Gah, this is definitely a tough one. For YA, I’d have to say Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver. It was full of everything you look for in a book. It really leaves you thinking about everything. Life, friends, family. Any day could be your last. It’s definitely worth getting and taking a day to read it. After reading this, I felt like I should go back to all the other reviews I’ve given and take away a star.

Pop, Pop, Pop! Rapid Fire Questions:

What’s on your iPod? Will anyone hit me if I say I hardly ever listen to music? But my iPod only has showtunes, Glee, Idina Menzel, Kristin Chenoweth, and other Broadway Stars. Oh, and Adam Lambert! Last time I listened to it, I listened to the first season of Glee.
Vanilla or chocolate? CHOCOLATE! Come on, now! Vanilla? No, no! Although, the only things I ever eat with those two choices is ice cream, and that’s rare. None of that cake crap. Blech.
Hidden talent? So, I sat here for ten minutes trying to figure out what my hidden talent is, but I think I finally have one! It’s not really hidden, but I’m super flexible. I used to be called Rubberband. I can bend any which way pretty much; like a contortionist. Although, it’s not that insane. I can’t fit inside a box or anything like that.
Favorite cartoon character? Angelica from Rugrats! I will never be too old for that show. I still tape old reruns. “You dumb babies!”
Favorite vacation spot? I’ve only been to Florida for vacation and New York City for a weekend, so I have to say…Australia! If I don’t get to go to Australia, like, right now, I’m going to go insane!

Over to you…who do you think should be the next inkpopper of the Week?

Erika (aka inkpoperika)

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